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Boris – you ain’t no Churchill!

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

Churchill’s greatness

In 2015, prior to becoming our great leader, our (IMHO) pathetic, sex-obsessed excuse for a Prime Minister published a book about Winston Churchill – THE CHURCHILL FACTOR How one man made history.

One reader reviewing the book on Amazon gave Boris’s book the lowest possible rating and wrote: “THE CHURCHILL FACTOR is an autobiography of Boris Johnson by Boris Johnson for the promotion of Boris Johnson”

There was a rather wonderful film in 2017 called “DARKEST HOUR” in which Gary Oldman played Winston Churchill. The whole film was based on Churchill’s battle in 1939 to persuade his government and Parliament to fight on against our murder-loving German friends when most ministers and MPs favoured negotiating a peace settlement with Angela Merkel’s hero – Adolf Hitler.

Churchill was great because he stood up for what was best for Britain and put his country before his personal comfort.

Boris, you ain’t no Churchill!

Now let’s look at Boris Johnson in comparison to Churchill.

If our bell-end-fixated joke of a prime minister wasn’t such a sex-obsessed buffoon he could have have been a Churchillian leader who would:

  • be doing his very best to make sure people – especially young children – weren’t being terrified into believing life’s simply not worth living because eventually they’re going to die in some ghastly global warming induced fireball, inferno or flood.
  • be pointing out that despite wildly-exaggerated computer modelling over more than three decades and a relentless stream of media hype and lies, the Earth has warmed 1 degree over the past 120 years (much less than the difference between the upstairs and downstairs of your house) and that there has been no overall global acceleration in sea level rise or increase in extreme weather events.
  • then he’d hold a short refresher course on atmospheric gases reminding everyone that CO2 is 0.04% of our atmosphere, the anthropogenic part of that is around 4%, the UK produces 1% of that, meaning it would be utterly pointless implementing Ed Miliband’s ludicrous Climate Change Act which would result in spending about £3 trillion on attempting to ‘de-carbonise’ 0.00001% of the Earth’s atmosphere (if I got my decimal places right).
  • then he would make it clear that CO2 levels in the past were 12-15 times higher than they are today and this did not lead to a mass extinction, runaway global warming, a climate emergency or a climate ‘tipping point’. If it did, we wouldn’t be here and neither would Extinction Rebellion nor Saint Greta the Gormless nor even the BBC nor C4 News.
  • he would then remind everyone that around 1,000 years ago temperatures were warmer than they are today at a time when there was no industrialisation.
  • he could also mention that we are currently in an interglacial period of 10-12 thousand years and that the Earth has been alternating with glaciations and warmer periods for the last 2.5 million years. At the point where we go back to a glacial period, nobody will want ‘global warming’ to stop, indeed, quite the opposite.
  • by this point the Green Blob and the BBC and C4 News and Sky News would be gnashing their teeth and wailing like a soiled baby, who has just been force-fed a Chicken Vindaloo, and claiming that this warmth was localised. Boris could then show that this is palpable nonsense and the Medieval Warm Period, amongst other historical periods of warmth, was in fact a global phenomenon and a hugely prosperous time for the Earth and people thrived.
  • he could provide plenty of evidence for this including recently uncovered ancient agricultural tools frozen beneath the glaciers of Norway and simple clues like Vine Street in London – named after an 18th century pub which is thought to be named after a vineyard that grew there in Roman times.

He could then remind us that we are currently in the worst national debt in 300 years thanks to him. But if people really feel the Government still has a spare £3 trillion of our money, he just wanted to check with the people he supposedly serves what they wanted him to do with it. Did they want him to:

A. Spend it on ‘fighting’ 0.00001% of a trace gas that keeps everything on this planet alive?

B. Spend it on 6,000 brand new hospitals with free parking? 750 million ICU ventilators? 42.6 million trained nurses? 230 million trained police officers? 12 million ambulances? 24.8 million affordable homes? Free university education for 60 million students? A £3 trillion donation to cancer research, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Altzheimers, AIDS, malaria or any other potentially devastating disease they could think of? Or some combination of the preceding possibilities?

C: Give everyone in the country £50,000 cash this Christmas in a ‘Bonkers Boris tax-back giveaway!!!!’.

If the answer came back B or C, he would then tell the Green Blob to go and stick itself somewhere where the sun doesn’t shine just as Churchill saw off those who wanted to appease Hitler. But knowing Boris Johnson’s stupidity and grovelling obedience to (IMHO) ecoloon Princess Nut Nut and her Green Blob chums, Johnson will probably choose A.

Sky News Australia – please come and save us

Here’s a brief video from the wonderful Sky News Australia once again debunking all the Greeny eco-crap. Sadly there isn’t any mainstream media outlet in the increasingly politically-correct, libtard, eco-fascist UK that would dare say what Sky News Australia is prepared to say:

5 comments to Boris – you ain’t no Churchill!

  • twi5ted

    But if you want to usher in global ccp style communism its useful – its marxism but just replaces the planet (or race or flu sufferers) for the proletariat you are fighting for. They are doing it for your own good.

  • A Thorpe

    Let’s hope that Boris has one thing in common with Churchill which is that he ends up in jail. It will prove they really have nothing in common since Boris isn’t capable of escaping.

    A good summary of the climate issues but we should not need a leader to point out the issues listed above. For the money spent on education and the information freely available on the internet we should be capable of seeing the fraud ourselves. As Douglas Murray pointed out, we have been educated into imbecility.

    The video presents a graph showing temperature changes and the Greta’s of this world think they can be condensed to a single meaningful average. We are seeing a similar fraud developing with the vaccine tests. This morning I have seen two news headlines about the Oxford vaccine, one claiming 90% effective and the other 70% effective. The missing words in both are “up to”. There will be a range of outcomes and what we need, as with all healthcare, is the mean outcome with the confidence limits.

    You could have included a D in the list – spending it on HS2 and another huge bailout for cross-rail. If only working from home had been thought of before cross-rail.

  • Stillreading

    A young acquaintance of mine has recently had to replace the family car, at very considerable expense, because the family lives in a part of London which is just within the zone which recently decreed by Mayor Khan to be subject to the “ultra-high emission” charge, meaning that an excruciating fine would be payable each time the vehicle moved anywhere. The previous car has been exchanged for an identical model but with a petrol rather than diesel engine. Lovely business for the car dealers! Were I so affected, I would be enraged. What never ceases to amaze me is the apathetic compliance with which the British public obey such decrees from a scientifically illiterate cohort of “rulers”.

  • Brenda Blessed

    And thanks to Boris and the other 649 MPs, the pay-day loan sharks are doing great business.

    The Bank of England base rate of interest is now 0.1%

    Set by the Bank of England, the base rate influences the interest rates offered by other banks. If the base rate goes up, then most mortgage, loan, and savings rates will go up by a similar amount – and vice versa if it goes down.

    Today I got a leaflet in the mail from provident. This is what it said: “Need a helping hand? Borrow from £100 to £1000 if it’s right for you. Representative 535.3% APR.

    Boris, why is this kind of evil usury still legal after Wonga went out of business?

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    Johnson doesn’t have a hundredth of the intelligence, drive, and initiative of Winston Churchill.

    However, Churchill may have been a great war leader, but he played a major role when the Liberal government in which he was a Minister casually dragged us into the single most appalling catastrophe this country has ever suffered – the first World War.

    The news of his decision, as First Lord, to mobilize the fleet after Franz Ferdinand was assassinated gave a major boost to the war parties in both France and Russia, who then counted on British support if they went to war. Otherwise, the conflict between Austria and Serbia could have been localized – as it was, Serbia bloodily repulsed three consecutive Austrian invasions before Christmas 1914 without anyone’s help. It was a quarrel between rival autocratic dynasties which was absolutely no business of ours, and in which we had no reason to pick a side.

    Britain not only suffered nearly a million dead in four years of war – a generation wiped out – but in those four short years we were reduced from being one of the wealthiest countries in the world to effective bankruptcy, by the misguided effort of creating from scratch both an army of millions, and the vast infrastructure needed to supply and equip it. On top of already paying for the largest navy in the world, and eventually taking responsibility for the war debts of both France and Tsarist Russia.

    The second round of that same conflict, the inevitable result of a deeply flawed peace settlement, totally finished us off financially by 1945, and left us no longer a world power – merely a political and financial client of the USA. Churchill bears a large share of the responsibility for that. Though being half-American, it didn’t seem to bother him very much.

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