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Tory Remoaner liars – don’t be fooled by them

(Thursday blog)

OMG – not Brexit again!

You’ll probably feel like losing the will to live if I write a blog on Brexit and Boris Johnson’s new government. But I’ll go ahead anyway as I haven’t seen any of the mainstream media report what I believe is happening.

I hope Boris Johnson will succeed in delivering Brexit. But I fear he will be destroyed for two main reasons:

  • the lying, europhiliac Tory Remoaners will block everything he does
  • Boris Derangement Syndrome

These may lead to a situation where many Tory MPs would rather enable a Corbyn/McDonnell government than let Boris Johnson succeed where they have so obviously failed.

Let me try to briefly explain

The Tory Remoaners are (IMHO) blatant liars

There are whole bunch of Tory MPs who claim they are blocking a ‘no deal’ Brexit as this would supposedly be “a catastrophe” for the country were we to “crash out” of the EU without a deal. They never use the much more balanced expression “leave on WTO terms“. And they keep accusing Johnson of being intent on a ‘no deal’ departure. I haven’t the energy to name them all here – Grieve, Soubry, Clarke, Hammond etc etc. In my humble opinion they are all liars.

I believe that what they really want is to keep the UK in their beloved EU. They know the best way to do this is to weaken Britain’s negotiating position. And the best way to weaken Britain’s negotiating position is to convince the EU that Britain’s threat to leave without a deal is just empty bluff.

The scenario will then be that the EU won’t improve the terms offered to the useless, treacherous, incompetent May; Johnson will be seen to have failed; Johnson can then be forced to resign and the Remoaner liars can then claim everything is so difficult that we would be better off remaining in the EU.

The Tory Remoaners are (IMHO) liars. Don’t be taken in by their lies.

Boris Derangement Syndrome

Many Tory MPs loathe Johnson because he is seen as an ‘outsider’ who is more intelligent and charismatic than they are. The idea that Johnson could sweep into power, deliver Brexit and then win an election is anathema to them. After all, if Johnson were to be successful, this would make them look like the small-minded, incompetent, self-serving, worthless nobodies that they are. This would be a massive blow to their over-inflated egos. I would single out the (IMHO) impeccably arrogant Sir or Lord (or whatever he is) Alan Duncan as a prime representative of this particular breed. But hey, that’s just my personal opinion. I’m sure many other people consider Lord Sir Alan Duncan to be the most wonderfullest human being alive.

With Johnson, we have a situation slightly similar to the USA where normal political opposition has been replaced by a visceral loathing of the democratically-elected president Donald Trump. The idea of outsider Trump being a successful president horrifies his opponents. So Trump’s opponents are unable to put together any coherent policies as they’re all stricken down by Trump Derangement Syndrome. And the only way they can oppose him is by insulting him with profanities – “impeach the motherfucker” and “deport this asshole” – and by conjuring up ludicrous conspiracy theories like Trump colluded with Putin. Trump’s opponents have been driven to mouth-frothing, lunatic ravings by Trump Derangement Syndrome.

I worry that many of those Tories who see a Johnson success as a threat to their hyper-inflated but fragile egos would rather bring down a successful Tory government than allow Johnson to succeed.

Such is the illogicality of anyone driven to madness by Boris Derangement Syndrome.


I hope Johnson is successful. But I fear that the liars and those driven mad by Boris Derangement Syndrome will sabotage all Johnson’s efforts and make him fail.

I merely offer these opinions as I haven’t seen any of the above views mentioned in any of the mainstream media.

4 comments to Tory Remoaner liars – don’t be fooled by them

  • Stillreading

    Well said and I fear that your predictions are horribly accurate!

  • Chris Dark

    I met remainers last night who absolutely hate Bojo. They have no understanding of what it would mean for Britain to be really free, they have swallowed the EU-is-wonderful pills. I also think that he will be targetted relentlessly; we are in for fireworks.

  • A Thorpe

    The entire situation is unpredictable. Michael Portillo thinks that we will leave but not by 31 October and that MPs do not want an election. It will be interesting to see his programme on Channel 5 tonight. I certainly think Boris has done the right thing by kicking out the last team but the new ones are not experienced. I think all the MPs and the EU want is absolute power over all of us and it does not matter how they achieve it. The masses like it because they think the promises of more money will be met without them having to work for it, and the masses will win. There is still a sort of democracy in the EU but in the UK democracy will end if we do not leave the EU and that doesn’t bear thinking about.

    Everything seems to be against him and these days there is no debate. Those opposed just turn to insults. This is happening in the USA and it happens to those who argue against man made climate change and the MPs listen to one teenage girl. Rational debate no longer exists and I am sure social media has a lot to do with it. Any idiot can now have their views flashed round the world. Our brains evolved in a hunter gather environment with no change. We are not capable of dealing with our fast changing world. We assume everything must always get better. I think we are in for a shock.

  • david brown

    Lord Heseltine, who has profited out of EU set aside land grants, said openly what the remain camp think. ” Better a Labour Government damaging they economy, that can be corrected by a future Conservative Government, than we leave the EU.”
    He also in the past called the EU a United States of Europe.

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