June 2022
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Hate, kill, hate, kill, hate, kill, hate, kill…………………

(Wednesday blog)

Deport this Asshole!

First here’s a story you won’t see widely reported in the UK mainstream media. The progressive media are howling and screaming about Trump’s supposed racism for daring the criticise the US-hating “Squad” and they’re branding Trump supporters as racists for chanting “send her back” about one of the members of the US-loathing “Squad” who was born in Somalia. But we didn’t hear a bleat from the mainstream media in 2015 when one of the “Squad” tweeted about Trump – “Deport this asshole”

This is the same ‘lady’ who screamed “Impeach the motherf**ker” at one of her rallies.

It seems that lefties think they can insult and threaten as much as they want. But as soon as someone dares to criticise them, they’re immediately branded a “racist” and worse.

Hate, kill, hate, kill, hate, kill……..

But let’s now focus on Britain. Here’s a short (3 minutes) video of a teacher at a Religion of Peacefulness school teaching the children that:

  • anyone leaving their religion must be killed
  • all adulterers must be killed
  • all homosexuals should be killed
  • they must hate the kuffars in the countries where they live
  • their only loyalty is to their religion and not the countries where they live

Will the British police be investigating this as a ‘hate crime’? Will the British police be investigating this as incitement to violence? Will the British mainstream media and the BBC and C4 News (Kathy Newman, Jon Snow and the small fat guy with the long name) be furiously denouncing this teacher and those who support her?

Don’t hold your breath:

3 comments to Hate, kill, hate, kill, hate, kill, hate, kill…………………

  • loppoman

    Do you know where this school is?
    It’s rather important to know that.

  • A Thorpe

    The last words are “a muslim should emigrate to a muslim country”. Will they learn from the teaching?

  • William Boreham

    One of my cousins is a schoolteacher and was obliged to take her class to the local mosque, for instructional purposes. One of the Inmans giving out information regarding Islam, was getting so aggressive and extremist, he had to hastily have his mike snatched off him. Turned out he was the Inman in charge of the mosque inside the local prison.

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