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Tear down the borders! Build bridges! Welcome them in!

(weekend blog)

Let’s welcome them

I have some wonderful news for you this weekend. Our national broadcaster al-BBC Arabic Service and the Arab Barometer have just conducted a survey which has shown that more than half of the young people in the Arab world are looking to leave the area and migrate elsewhere.

The project interviewed 25,407 people face-to-face in 10 countries and the Palestinian territories. The Arab Barometer is a research network based at Princeton University. They have been conducting surveys like this since 2006. The 45-minute, largely tablet-based interviews were conducted by researchers with participants in private spaces.

The survey revealed that an average of 52 per cent of those aged 18 to 29 said that they were looking to migrate abroad.

(I do wonder why the percentage wanting to leave such hell-holes as Sudan, Yemen and Lebanon has fallen)

The most sought after destination for migration, according to the BBC, is Europe, followed by North America.

Experts have previously predicted huge waves of migrants coming to Europe, mainly from Africa, with French-American journalist and professor Stephen Smith claiming that within 30 years Europe could have a population of 150 to 200 million Africans.

Let us rejoice!

Clearly we should all welcome this latest survey. After all, with an ageing and declining population, Europe needs lots of ambitious, hard-working, well-educated, technically-advanced, law-abiding, peace-loving new citizens. As the useless Brussels Drunk, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, declared in 2017 Europe had a “clear need” for mass migration from Africa, stating that Europe “will clearly need immigration in the coming decades”.

And now that most European countries have signed the UN Compact for Safe and Orderly Migration, leaving the cesspit sh*t-holes these people come from and moving to Europe pretty much becomes a human right.

Let us ignore the cynics

Of course, there will always be horrible, Izlumophobic cynics who fear that the importation of millions of possibly inbred, possible uneducated, often criminal, often religiously-fanatical, often unemployable, often deeply criminal, sometimes sex-obsessed and violent young men won’t entirely positive for Europe:

Some Europeans may fear that many of these young Arab men don’t share Western democratic values:

Others may worry that their culture is different from ours:

There could be people who worry that the new arrivals may not respect our laws:

And there could be those who feel that the new arrivals may not agree with our religious tolerance:

But I’m delighted that so many millions (or tens of millions or hundreds of millions) have decided to come and enrich our societies.

Gay Pride and the new arrivals

There was just one thing that the survey found which might concern some people. This weekend about a million Brits will take part in so-called – Gay Pride marches. The al-BBC survey found that the young Arabs considered honour killings more acceptable than homosexuality.

Our friends from the gay community had better be careful with what they wish for:

5 comments to Tear down the borders! Build bridges! Welcome them in!

  • Stillreading

    Without doubt there’s a great deal I am confident the majority of your readers would like to say today, but we dare not. Incidentally, I guess I am one of very many UK citizens who had no idea our ports had been sold off to foreigners. Utterly deplorable. I ASSUME it is the management and, presumably, the infrastructure, which have been sold, not the actual terra firma on which they reside? (Mind, given successive PMs over the past 30 years, it wouldn’t surprise me if we no longer even own our own land!) Brexit members were handing out the first of their free newspapers in my town this morning and they were being very enthusiastically welcomed. Contrary to what Remoaners would have us believe, they were ordinary looking folk, middle-class professionals at a guess, and they didn’t have horns and forked tails!

  • william boreham

    Fertility Falls in EU, Not ONE Country Hits Population Replacement Level
    Total births in the European Union’s 28 member states in 2017 has fallen from the year before, while first-time mothers are now almost 30.
    Figures released by Eurostat on Tuesday revealed that there were 5.075 million babies born in the union in 2017, compared with 5.148 million in 2016 with the total fertility rate standing at 1.59 births per woman — down from 1.60 on the year before and well below the 2.1 births per woman needed to maintain a population.
    In terms of individual countries, France had the highest fertility rate at 1.90 births per woman, followed by Sweden (1.78), Ireland (1.77), Denmark (1.75), and the United Kingdom (1.74).
    The lowest fertility rates were in Malta (1.26), Spain (1.31), Italy and Cyprus (both 1.32), Greece (1.35), Portugal (1.38), and Luxembourg (1.39).
    These figures reveal that not one of the 28 European Union countries came close to replacement level in 2017.

  • Chris Dark

    Fertility levels are probably ok but governments don’t encourage Europeans to have children. Women have to go to work, HAVE to in many cases because the man’s wages aren’t high enough to live reasonably well. We’re told to cut down on the kids because of climate change and carbon footprints. All the while, the roper element multiply like flies on droppings, pick up shedloads of bennies and outvote us.The only country seemingly going the other way is Hungary, with its family-friendly policies. Europe has allowed itself to be fooled.
    However, I suspect this immigration lark would have still been foisted on us anyway, even if we were maintaining our numbers.

  • Stillreading

    This, surely, is what sexual equality has done for us? Women demanded equal pay and opportunity, leading inevitably in the short term to improved spending ability, but with consequent escalation in house prices until the stage has been reached when a couple cannot contemplate purchasing a home unless the woman continues to work full time. Yes, there are women whose careers provide such satisfaction that they choose to work, but there are millions who are forced to continue in soul-destroying jobs in order to hang onto the family home, whilst farming out care of their children to whomever they can find to do the job. No wonder the indigenous population is starting families later and having fewer children. But that’s fine isn’t it? All the tax which those hard-working couples are paying is providing benefits for all the gimmigrants coming into the country. (I am NOT referring to the extremely hard-working Eastern Europeans who do the most demanding jobs in care homes and hospitals or who harvest the crops our drug-taking unemployed and unemployable are too idle to do.)

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