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Is Jeremy Hunt just another lying Tory Remoaner sc*mb*g?

(Monday blog)

Can anyone trust Remoaner Hunt?

This story comes from the Guido Fawkes website.

We all know that Jeremy Hunt voted for the UK to Remain in the EU. However, now he wants to become PM, he seems to have slightly changed his mind and so claims he wants to lead Britain out of the EU.

Guido Fawkes reports that some of the most generous donors to Jeremy Hunt’s campaign to become the next Tory leader have also contributed to Remoaner groups.

Of the nine major donors to Hunt’s campaign in May, seven have also donated to pro-Remain groups and parties in recent years, accounting for almost £75,000 of Hunt’s £104,000 raised. Almost three quarters of Hunt’s total funding in May…

Some have even donated to the Lib Dems and a Labour Remain MP within the last two years:

Overall that’s over £225,000 Hunt’s backers have donated to anti-Brexit campaigns, parties and politicians, before sticking their financial clout behind him.

Tory members listening to Hunt promising to take the UK out of the EU might well be wondering what he’s telling his hardline Remain donors that he isn’t telling them…

‘German’ rapists

Here’s a brief story from Germany and Spain. Four ‘German’ men have just been arrested for raping an 18-year-old girl on the holiday island of Mallorca. We even know the four alleged rapists’ ‘christian’ names. No, they’re not Kurt, Wolfgang, Fritz and Franz. The ‘christian’ names of the alleged rapists are Serhat, Azad, Yakub and Baran. Oh, and they all have dark hair and beards. So they’re probably not pure Aryans.

It’s interesting to see how the authorities cover up the extent of migrant crime by our friends from the religion of fantasticness by referring to members of the religion of fantasticality as ‘Germans’.

(By the way, do our friends from our favourite religion have ‘christian names’ or will the expression ‘christian names’ be expunged from our language so as not to cause offence to those whose life is dedicated to being offended?)!/v/vladtepesblog/QmdVdBPDQdKAuW8PENRD4wn55r89pfE13Ke9eFmVKzutXz

7 comments to Is Jeremy Hunt just another lying Tory Remoaner sc*mb*g?

  • William Boreham

    Hunt lost it for me when he pledged another £15 billion added to the defence budget to combat the Russians! The only last chance to save Western civilisation is of course, to ally ourselves with Russia to fight the barbaric hordes and regain our former supremacy. I wish!

  • A Thorpe

    This is another warning to us that democracy is an illusion created by universal suffrage. We had a referendum that our supposed MP servants have either ignored or failed to support in other ways. Now we see where the real influence is, it is with those who have the money and big corporations and their lobbying.

  • brian rodney harwood

    Here is how Jeremy Hunt climbed the political ladder – with a little help from – his relatives.

  • Stillreading

    Most informative brian Rodney. So THAT explains how such a characterless, ineffectual, prissy trotter out of platitudes, shamelessly bending his sails to the prevailing wind, has got where he has! Not much chance though, thankfully, of him becoming PM! Is there?? (Boris may have his faults but he doesn’t seem to be ashamed of his antics or seek to justify them, which as far as I at least am concerned is a refreshing change – or a blessed relief – or both!)

  • Mark

    The British press are a disgrace. The lengths they goto to hide the description of the suspects. I really do think they think we are stupid or don’t have eyes. As for the police in Rotherham….

  • dave h

    In moments of reflection, as now, i just feel so downhearted and sad to think all this nonsense and stupidity has been inflicted upon us buy our own……
    Very sad state of affairs.

  • Julia Green

    What a vile mess the Tory party is.

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