June 2024

How did the truth become a criminal offence?

(Monday blog)

Let’s congratulate the Americans

First, I think we should congratulate the Americans. If our politicians had been confronted by the mouth-frothing, eyes-bulging, screaming, deranged mobs of progressive, brain-dead libtards opposing the Kavanaugh nomination, they would have caved in immediately. But American politicians are made of sterner stuff. They seem to have spines, unlike UK politicians.

As the (IMHO) over-ambitious, self-serving, (probably Soros-supported) piece of sh*t, Trump-loathing US lawyer Michael Avenatti started producing women with ever more absurd stories of Kavanaugh’s supposed ‘sex crimes’ and as the howling, screaming mobs spewed out their rage and bile urged on by Democrats and CNN, ABC News etc, US politicians held their nerve. Instead of abandoning Kavanaugh, they demanded due process be followed that Kavanaugh was innocent until proven guilty. The result – when ‘Dr’ Ford put on her well-practiced ‘baby’ voice when claiming her life had been totally destroyed by Kanavaugh even though her memory kept failing her as she ‘couldn’t remember’ anything except that Kavanaugh had allegedly fumbled around a bit trying to remove some of her clothes about 36 years ago, Republican senators realised her whole story was a crock and defied the mob by confirming Kavanaugh’s appointment to the US Supreme Court.

If only we had politicians like that in Britain!

Truth = crime

Now to  the main subject of today’s blog. Something very odd has happened – the truth has become a criminal offence. We’re seeing this all over Europe:

UK – Tommy Robinson livestreams activity outside a criminal trial (just as the BBC and C4 News often do) and is rushed off to prison for supposedly committing a criminal offence. I have even had three useless plods visit me to warn me from writing anything that the ruling elites might disagree with

France – Marine Le Pen’s party is accused by a lefty journalist of being like ISIS. So Marine Le Pen tweets three photos of ISIS activity – someone being burnt alive in a cage and (if I remember correctly) a couple of beheadings – to point out that her party isn’t quite like ISIS. Former ISIS murderers are allowed back into France with no action taken against them while Marine Le Pen is sent to trial

Sweden – A 70-year-old Swedish woman was prosecuted for hate speech after claiming on Facebook she saw migrants defecating in the streets and setting fire to cars. According to the prosecution, the woman “expressed a disparaging view of refugees” on Facebook. Of course, no action is taken by the police against those who set fire to the cars.

And there are many more similar examples from all around Europe.

The process seems to be as follows:

  • some person or group does something that other people might find distasteful – first-cousin marriage, FGM, defecating in the street, setting fire to cars, mass uncontrolled immigration, rape, murder, beheading etc etc
  • some innocent person comments about what they saw, possibly even expressing concern
  • the person commenting is immediately found to be guilty of “inciting hostility” through racism, ageism, sexism, Izlumophobia, homophobia, transphobia and numerous other made-up -isms and supposed phobias that most of us have never heard of. No action is ever taken against those who have actually committed real criminal offences

It seems that the truth has become a crime. George Orwell would have been impressed at how accurate his predictions of our future have turned out to be.

Is democracy dead?

This seems to have happened because democracy has been replaced by a new elitist ruling class who cannot tolerate any criticism of their institutions and their policies. Twenty or even ten years ago, we still had the illusion of democracy as slightly left-of-centre parties competed in elections with slightly right-of-centre parties. But now our rulers have even given up the pretense of democracy.

For example, there used to be referendums in a few EU countries. But any country in the EU that voted the wrong way was told to vote again and again till they gave the ‘right’ answer, the answer German-controlled Brussels bureaucrats wanted. Or else, in 2005 when both France and Holland rejected the new EU constitution, the EU ruling elites just ignored the results and went ahead anyway.

With Brexit, the EU elites are determined to punish Britain and ensure that Brexit is a failure in case other countries might be tempted to break free of the asphyxiating stranglehold of the Brussels bureaucracy. And now that we have the election of eurosceptic and/or anti-immigration parties in Hungary, Italy, Austria and others, the EU is looking for ways to punish voters’ impertinence by threatening sanctions and withdrawal of funds and by taking away more power from countries – powers like border and budgetary control – so that nothing can stand in the way of the elites’ globalist policies.

I don’t normally recommended any videos longer than a few minutes. But here’s Mark Steyn giving his take on how the new ruling elites have destroyed the rule of law and democracy in order to cement their power over us.

I find he goes on too long and would be much more effective if he were brief and to the point like Pat Condell. But still, it’s probably worth listening to a few minutes of Steyn’s analysis:

6 comments to How did the truth become a criminal offence?

  • A Thorpe

    More importantly, lies are no longer a criminal offence. Today we have the IPCC creating more false alarm over the so called global warming. Joerj Roeglj from Imperial College is spreading the word. Obviously they must be concerned that their gravy train might come to an end. The weather seems to show that it has all be lies from the start and of course the science they use is only known to them and has no empirical evidence to support it.

  • A Thorpe

    A comment to one of Pat Condell’s videos pointed out that the purpose of democracy is to protect us from politicians. They have killed it off so that they can do just what they want, as their attempts to kill off the EU Referendum prove.

  • William Boreham

    Steyn is one of the heroes of the free speech world, at great personal expense to himself one might add. Here is a 41 minute speech, hilarious in parts, he gave to Australian ‘free speechers’ a couple of years ago. Incidentally, I wasn’t aware of the Nelson Mandela joke outrage – and I live here!

    Oh and the UN scare story today about 10 years to save the planet – Al Gore said the very same 20 years ago!

    Global warming a fraud:

  • Stillreading

    Freedom of Speech in the UK is dead. As increasingly it seems to be in France. They can’t stop us thinking though. I deleted my first response to today’s blog, deciding it was too risky to send. Whoever would have thought 50 years ago that such a state of mind could ever exist in the UK in an elderly law abiding citizen who has never received as much as a driving conviction?
    As for the Global Warming/energy use nonsense, if energy is so very precious and producing it such a danger to the World, why are we increasingly forced to use power-hungry electronic devices for everything, from communication, to banking, to finding a power supplier who will rip us off the least, to how the kids do their homework? Not to mention the extremely pernicious and damaging “Social Media” nonsense. Every single device uses power. Have those who preach so tediously to us forgotten that?

  • Stillreading

    Even the BBC’s mask slips sometimes, presumably when a producer fails to edit sufficiently scrupulously in advance what a visiting speaker will say. Only last week I heard a reference on a Radio 4 programme – I wish I could remember which one – to something which had happened around 1000 years ago “before the climate started to cool down”! Slipped so casually into the programme. Marvellous own goal! Well, now it’s starting to warm up again. It’s nature. It’s what happens. It’s probably to do with the variable activity of that gigantic ball of fire 93 million miles away. Felling a few fewer trees and generating less junk mail to come through my letterbox might help the carbon balance a bit though! As would rigorous birth control in some areas of the world.

  • Roy Hartwell

    Stillreading If you follow the sceptical side of social media you will see that the expected future climate is actually cooling down as the sun has entered a seriously quiet phase. I suggest we all start thinking how we’re going to keep ourselves safe and warm in the coming few years. Damn this Global Warming !!

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