June 2024

Warning! Panic! Earth warming! Earth cooling! Earth warming! Earth coo…..

(Tuesday blog)

Massive yawn. Here we go again. The bunch of supposed ‘scientists’ on the totally discredited IPCC have yet again warned us that we only have 10 years to save the Earth from catastrophic Climate Change. Not only have they been having multiple, knicker-drenching orgasms at the BBC and C4 News, but even supposedly respectable newspapers like the Times have been taking the latest IPCC ‘warning, panic’ report seriously.

There are so many reasons why the latest IPCC report is only useful as toilet paper that I couldn’t possibly list them all here. But let’s just deal with a few:

The climate changes – the Earth’s climate changes, has always changed and will always change. Of course, Climate Change is real. But to claim that humans can adjust the Earth’s temperature like adjusting a radiator is totally spurious

Hot, cold, hot, cold – In the 1950s we were warned of climate catastrophe due to rapidly melting ice caps. Didn’t happen. In the 1970s we were warned about climate catastrophe due to a supposed new Ice Age which would lead to massive crop failures and millions dying from starvation. Didn’t happen. In 1989/90 we were warned about climate catastrophe due to supposed Man-Made Global Warming (AGW). The Himalayan glaciers and much of the polar ice caps were to have melted by the year 2000. Didn’t happen.

Ten years left so save the planet – If I remember correctly, it was around the year 2000 that we were told we had “only 100 months left to save the planet from AGW”. I guess that means most of us should have died from AGW around 2010. Didn’t happen. In fact, every ten or so years we’re told we only have 10 or 7 or whatever years left to save the planet and the predicted climate catastrophe never happens

Is CO2 a ‘Greenhouse Gas”? – we’re constantly told that the process leading to our destruction is due to CO2 being a Greenhouse Gas. In fact, CO2 is a Greenhouse Gas in the sense that it improves plant growth and many large industrialised farming companies install CO2 generators in their greenhouses to improve crop yields. Here’s a Johnson CO2 generator designed for greenhouses

But what about increasing CO2? – the Warmies claim that increasing CO2 is leading to increasing temperatures. But are they confusing cause and effect? Could it be that increasing temperatures (due to natural variations in climate) are causing more CO2 to be released by the oceans and that massive deforestation means this CO2 is not being absorbed by trees?

The “97% of scientists” fraud – we’re repeatedly being told that 97% of scientists agree that Global Warming is due to human activity. But this is a totally fraudulent number. As I have explained previously, this figure was arrived at by reading the abstracts of articles (not the actual articles), removing from the sample all the articles where the writers didn’t take a position on the cause of Global Warming and then claiming that 97% supported the AGW theory. If you were intellectually honest and included all the articles in the sample, the real number who supported the AGW theory would be around a mere 8% – somewhat fewer than the “97%” claim

What about population? – the Warmies keep claiming that Global Warming is due to human activity. Therefore it follows that to control warming we should control the size of the human population. But this would be a crime against political correctness, so the Warmies never mention this. Yet more proof that the whole Warmie thing is a politically-motivated, biased, unscientific scam.

Then there were the leaked emails showing how ‘scientists’ had been fiddling the figures, the discredited ‘hockey stick’ diagram, the ships sent to show the polar ice caps were melting getting stuck in thick ice, the………… Oh God, I’m so bored of these Climate Change ‘warning, panic’ reports that I’ll let someone else explain why the whole thing is a massive fraud used by the ruling elites to increase their control over us:

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  • A Thorpe

    No, that cannot be right. The politicians are too stupid to organise such a mass fraud. The problem is that the masses are even worse, perhaps due to the abysmal education in most countries. It seems as if climate change has replaced God as a religion. The new heresy is not to believe in climate change and believe that we are responsible for every natural event that causes problems. In about 20 years we have gone back 2000 years to the times when we thought disasters were a sign that the Gods were displeased.

    Perhaps we should blame the politicians since we elect them to run the country but it is the “science” community that concerns me. They have forgotten the basis for science, which is evidence, not consensus. There is no empirical evidence that CO2 is causing the earth’s temperature to increase. Hardly surprising when people believe idiots like Al Gore, who knows nothing about science.

    Today the BBC is again telling us that CO2 in the atmosphere acts like glass in a greenhouse. How do they get away with this rubbish? Because the masses have stopped thinking. Add in “scientists” like Prof Brian Cox who spreads nonsense such as a consensus of scientists and correlation between CO2 and temperature and it all becomes real. Then we have Iain Stewart with his candle experiment which was just a magic trick using a thermal camera tuned to detect CO2. Another scientist from Imperial college, Andrea Sella performed another trick using gun cotton. The BBC says today that the earth is hotter than it should be. How do they know how hot it should be?

    The average temperature is a meaningless concept but because everybody thinks they know what an average means they accept it. Temperatures cannot be added together to give new temperature that means anything, unlike mass and length. Two different size cups of water at different temperatures when mixed together will not not be at the average temperature. Temperature is not thermal energy. Consider two drinks on a table, one hot at 34C and one cold at 2C. The average temperature is 18C. Now assume the room temperature is 20C. In time the two drinks will be 20C. According to climate scientists they will both have increased in temperature, but that is clearly nonsense. Apply this concept to different regions of the earth such as the equator and the poles which have vastly different climates and it is easy to see that an average temperature and changes of the average of any places on earth is utterly meaningless.

  • twi5ted

    “Nuclear energy,” write IPCC authors, “can increase the risks of proliferation, have negative environmental effects (e.g., for water use), and have mixed effects for human health when replacing fossil fuels.”

    Nuclear, IPCC authors claim, is an example “of where real-world costs have been higher than anticipated… while solar PV is an example where real-world costs have been lower.”

    In truth, places like California & Germany that added the most solar and wind have seen electricity prices rise greatly from the high cost of intermittency which must be dealt with through expensive solutions like batteries that more reliable sources of energy don’t require.

    In other words, solar energy is so expensive in part because it produces electricity at less than one-third of its rated power over a year, whereas nuclear plants run at full power over 90 percent of the year — something the IPCC report never explains.

    Extracts from this twitter thread

  • William Boreham

    Falling for the global warming (climate change) fraud hook, line and sinker, our idiot government stopped our biggest, most efficient coal burning power station (Draz) from burning coal from a coal mine a few miles away and forced them to burn wood from forests in North America, 3000 miles away! And paying them half a billion from the pockets of we poor consumers as a subsidy to pay for all that idiocy. So to save the planet, Drax didn’t burn 9 million tonnes of coal annually – meanwhile the Chinese yearly consumption of coal in the same year (2013) was 4.24 BILLION tonnes!

  • chris

    All this nonsense propaganda like dangerous global warming, defies common sense. It is left uncriticised in the media because the majority of the media is owned by a self appointed clique who can spin any old lie as the truth beceause dissent is never published. Just like most religions they keep repeating a lie until its accepted as truth and heretics are punished.

    Obviously there are enormous profits for those companies like Siemans in perpetuating the lie. There are so many examples of fakery recently, Skripal, Kavanaugh, fracking, Russian spies, Trump, Corbyn, EU, Brexit. Lie upon lie from TV presenters and journalists who are given the veneer of credibility and trust by provenance and production quality. Despite this, newspapers like the Times, Guardian and Telegraph cannot meet their financial obligations and now have to be given away free in supermarkets..just to attract advertising! Few buy them. Few people under 30 watch television or use it as a news source, thank goodness.

    The clique behind the owned media have woken up to this sea change and have introduced sites like Bellingcat. This is a so called conspiracy theory website but controlled by (perhaps) M fifteen or sixteen. Now newspapers quote this as though it was a citizen journalist doing investigative journalism, but it’s clearly fake. U tube is banning or demonetising many channels because they are telling the truth about the corrupt infiltration of all aspects of Government, Judges(TRobinson), media, science, transport, power generation and religion. The Deep State is ahead of the news/media/information/power curve and the only way to find truth is to spend a lot of time looking (online) and using logic to question whatever fake narrative is being pedaled by the so called main stream media.

  • Roy Hartwell

    I was inclined a good few years ago to believe the impending Global Warming crisis until I started seeing ‘concensus’ used to justify it. As a scientist this immediately raised my suspicions as science NEVER operates by concensus. In fact it must always operate sceptically, though now anyone who is sceptical who raises their head above the parapet is immediately denounced as a heretic (recognise the term ?)
    Anyway, one bit of good news today (Tuesday). The Daily Telegraph report on the IPCC launguishes on page 15 and is about a third of the size of a lovely picture of a baby turtle emerging from it’s egg !! Just about right I’d say.

  • G. Pasman

    “97% of scientists agree that Global Warming is due to human activity”? It’s worse than that. The Messiah in the White House declared in 2015: “99.5 percent of scientists and experts [and] 99 percent of world leaders” agree human-caused climate change needs to be reckoned with.” You can find this in the official White House site:

  • chris

    Copernicus showed…being right has nothing to do with consensus

  • Seawood

    Cats out the bag folks, they are preparing to put particles into the atmosphere (summer 2019) just as we approach a solar minimum and heading into a cooling period, what a great time to prove this system works and time to pay up for more and suffer the reduced crop collections for 2-3+ years due to the un-warranted meddling interference with nature…

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