June 2024

Sweden is lost. Is Germany next?

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It’s almost OK to murder Swedes if you’re a multi-cultural enricher

Sudanese/Egyptian Suleman Suleman seems to have been doing quite a bit of multi-cultural enriching since he arrived in Sweden.

In 2007 he was convicted for the first time – for car theft. Then a long series of crimes followed – 23 in total. Several crimes involved violence,  for example, when he robbed and threatened to kill two young Swedes in Gothenburg in 2011.

On another occasion the same year, he and his friends assaulted a Swedish youth on the commuter train from Alingsås to Gothenburg. The brawl started when Suleman urinated on the floor in the train. The youth confronted him about it, and was severely beaten – with among other things a bottle to his head. These 23 crimes are just the crimes we know about. There are probably plenty of other violent incidents and possibly rapes that the dopey Swedish police haven’t detected.

But despite his continued crimes, Suleman has never ended up in prison. In several cases, the courts have judged that what was required instead was “an ambitious treatment” – which basically means probation with a special psychiatric and social-orientated treatment plan.

But Suleman Suleman’s “ambitious treatment” doesn’t seem to have worked all that well. He has finally been sent to prison for murdering a Swedish student who wouldn’t give him drugs free as our friend Suleman didn’t have any money to pay for the drugs. Suleman stabbed the student 13 times and then cut his throat:

But no problem, Swedish prisons are like holiday camps and anyway Suleman Suleman will be out in 11 years or less. Then, of course, he’ll be allowed to remain in Sweden as to throw him out would breach his human rights. So he can carry on enriching Sweden with his presence for the rest of his life.

In Germany, never bash a rapefugee

Here’s one lovely story of successful integration from Germany. At the Munich Hackerbrücke train station, a 28-year-old migrant from Eritrea grabbed a German woman under her skirt on Tuesday. When her father saw the sexual assault, he punched the African man in the face to make him stop.

An employee of the German railway company Deutsche Bahn, witnessed the incident and alerted federal police. The German police decided to file two charges: One against the migrant for sexual assault and one against the father for causing bodily harm. Yup, in Germany it’s now against the law to try to protect your own daughter from being sexually assaulted by one of Adolf Merkel’s migrant masses.

Where to get the truth? The BBC? Or Russian TV?

This hasn’t been a great week for Vladimir “Vlad the Impaler” Putin. Several members of the Moscow Church Tower Appreciation Society were exposed as being GRU agents trying to bug the HQ of the Organisation for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons. I suspect that when Vlad the Impaler has finished debriefing his hapless agents, they’ll be joining their Salisbury-cathedral-admiring colleagues appreciating church towers in Siberia for the rest of their lives.

But here’s a story from Russian TV (RT) which tells us quite a bit about how Germany has been taken over by West-loathing, leftist, Izlumophiliac stooges.

During a Poetry Slam in Speyer, Ida-Marie Müller a 14-year-old girl and daughter of an Alternative for Germany (AfD) politician, dared to ridicule the German welcome culture of the left and denounce Muslim refugee rapists all in one. Her poem included the lines “From far away, the man, with a mobile phone but no passport, got to Europe with the help of human traffickers. He arrived in our hallowed German land, and because he couldn’t get a woman, he helped himself to one with a knife.”

Not only did she receive the most applause for her poem but would have won the competition because the winner was determined this way.

The left-wing organisers couldn’t have that, of course, and simply disqualified her, the obvious winner. She was barred from the award ceremony and another competitor was awarded first prize instead because a 14-year-old girl denouncing rape by people claiming to be asylum seekers is considered “Nazi propaganda.”

One of the city officials accused her of “Spiritual arson and fuelling fears”. Even the Mayor Monika Kabs(CDU) had to share her two cents on the event and accused Müller of using the Poetry Slam as a platform for the AfD.

Facebook banned Benajmin Haupt the District Association Chairman of the AfD for posting video of her in the competition. It didn’t stop there though. Their house was defaced by vandals spray-painting “Nazi” and “F*ck AfD” on the walls.

Our ‘truth-loving’ BBC reported the story using the more than slightly provocative headline: “Girl’s racist poem sparks row in southwestern Germany”.

Russian TV (RT) gave a much more balanced report of the story:

5 comments to Sweden is lost. Is Germany next?

  • Tony Bliar

    Not so Thailand,of course you wont hear about this from the British Baloney Corporation, that would be a surprise.

    BANGKOK – A Thai court on Tuesday convicted nine young Muslim men from southern Thailand of planning to set off a car bomb in the capital, in a case in which many of the defendants said they were tortured into making false confessions.

    The Criminal Court in Bangkok found all nine guilty of two offenses — belonging to an underground criminal group and conspiracy — and sentenced each to four years’ imprisonment. One was also found guilty of illegal possession of explosive devices, giving him a total of six years in prison. Their original sentences were eight years and 12 years, respectively, which were halved because of their confessions, which is normal practice in Thai courts. Five defendants were acquitted.

    The case began when at least 50 Thai Muslims, mostly students at Bangkok’s Ramkhamhaeng University, were rounded up in joint police-military sweeps on Oct. 10, 2016. They were released but 13 were rearrested the following month along with an additional suspect.

  • Itsallovernow

    How the Oiligarch snake oil salesmen,Banksters and their paid for Politicians took over the World.
    The Rockerfellers, Rothschilds,Warburgs and Bilderberg among others took over and destroyed your world for profit and they haven’t finished yet.

  • twi5ted

    Yes Russians are so evil. They are the cause of all the worlds problems. Luckily they are so inept they leave a trail so easy to find that helpful websites like bellingcat can show us the true extent of their evil doing. And all this evil from a country with an economy smaller than italy and struggling to catch up after decades of poor investment.

    Im sure Putin is happy to be made into such a major threat. But sceptical russia is the cause of our problems and more likely to look to the undisclosed agenda of our own government. And the remnants of previous american ones for the answers to what is really playing out.

    Did the UK collude to interfere in the us presidential election? That the BBC quote Bellingcat as a source without any qualification says how trusted they are.

  • William Boreham

    As Hitler said in 1945: “All good Germans are now dead.” Europe and our demise is the unforeseen consequence of this country (and France) instigating WW2 in 1939 over a ludicrous pledge to the military dictatorship of Poland to come to their aid if attacked. A pledge to a country we had no historical connection with and one we had neither the means or will to honour.

  • David Brown

    Twisted above – The UK liberal establishment wanted Hilary as President.Put unto Skripal Christoper Steele .
    It gives mainstream news media connecting the two. Steele is a former MI6 Officer who created the Trump sex dossier which purported to have been compiled by the GRU to blackmail Trump if he became President.Skripal probably helped with this.

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