June 2024

We’re drowning! We’re doomed! It’s global catastrophe! Oooops!

(Friday blog)

Time to lighten up?

I could use today’s blog to write about the latest brutal slaughters around the world carried out by our favourite religion in the name of peace. Or I could write about how the German city of Cologne – once famous for the largest mass rape of European females by migrants – is now home to the largest mosque in Germany.

Or I could move closer to home and write about how Uber driver Rahman Ullah from our favourite religion treated his ex-wife.

Here’s Rahman the multi-cultural enricher:

Rahman has been jailed after livestreaming himself punching his wife and hitting her with a shoe while saying ‘I’m going to kill her today’. Uber driver Rahman Ullah, 38, hit his wife Raja, 34, with the heel of his shoe until she was left with two black eyes in the video streamed to relatives in Pakistan. He held on to a kitchen knife throughout the attack and mimicked stabbing her with it during the brutal assault at their home in, Croydon, south London, on May 9.

But as it’s Friday, I thought it might be time to lighten up and write about the weather

Weather = global catastrophe?

Apparently in the US they have at least one Weather Channel. It sounds rather boring, but I guess all the Weather Channel does is broadcast the weather. But fear not, with Global Warming or Climate Change (or whatever it’s called this week) bringing total catastrophe to mankind, the Weather Channel has plenty of shock horror stories to peddle to its viewers.

But sometimes, it seems that the Weather Channel exaggerates ever so slightly. I imagine this is both to attract viewers and to convince us about the seriousness of GlobalClimateWarmingChange.

Last week, I included a Weather Channel report where the broadcaster was caught pretending a storm was a few thousands times worse than it was in reality. Unfortunately for the broadcaster, the people wearing shorts wandering calmly by in the background exposed the presenter’s lies.

Anyway, here’s another presenter this time almost drowning in flood waters. Again, it’s the good, ordinary folk in the background, most once again wearing shorts, who unwittingly expose the fact that the presenter is talking total unadulterated bollox:

And here are some people who don’t take the Weather Channel’s apocalyptic broadcasts quite as seriously as the Weather Channel perhaps would like:


2 comments to We’re drowning! We’re doomed! It’s global catastrophe! Oooops!

  • William Boreham

    Meanwhile we in Britain are stuck with the half-witted Ed Miliband’s Climate Change Act, committing us (by law!) to reduce our CO2 emissions to a level that will bring this country’s economy to a standstill.

    As for Rahman…..

    I see in Sajid Javid’s immigration reforms, European migrants into the UK will be treated the same as those from the rest of the world. So people who look like us, have much the same Christian background, culture, traditions and heritage dating back to the Ancient Greeks are deemed the equivalent of those from societies that worship, without reservation, a creed that considers we English as infidels, must never integrate with us and must do their utmost to foster Sharia nationwide – and of necessary, slay the existing population to achieve their aims. Good thinking from our presumably Conservative government.

  • Stillreading

    The fact is we haven’t the room in the UK and most certainly not in England, for ANY more immigrants, irrespective of who they are or whence they come. I agree, if we have to have any, then let’s have people who share our religion, culture and traditions and who don’t aspire to take us over and destroy all we have achieved as a civilization and all we believe in. Can’t those who maintain that we need and must have immigrants in order to do the work our native population won’t do, see that this is just pushing the can down the road and creating even more problems a few decades hence? These immigrants are going to marry here, have families here, need education and NHS services here and, eventually, need care here in their old age. Who is going to do the caring? Yet more immigrants, until the UK has been totally submerged under the weight of so much humanity? What about quality of life – green fields, woodland, parkland, countryside untouched by road or house building? The Green Belt is now being eroded and it’s not difficult to envision a time, at least in the South East, where the entire South Coast and up to the Midlands will be one gigantic urban conurbation. And we wonder why our kids spend 3 hours plus per day staring at screens!

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