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Rejoice!!!!! Trump cuts all aid to the corrupt, barbarous, hate-filled Palestinians

(weekend blog)

The latest wonderful news from the US will have the progressive, Izlumophiliac libtards at the BBC and C4 News foaming at the mouth.

First President Trump froze $125 million in aid to UNRWA. (The full name of the UNRWA is United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East).  Then Trump cut $300 million from the annual $365 million that the U.S. had been giving UNRWA since its inception in 1949.  Then he cut another $200 million in annual financial aid given directly to the Palestinians. Finally, he has now cut the remaining $65 million from UNRWA. And the Arab world and Europe don’t seem willing to make up the entire difference.

UNRWA was established in 1949 after some 500,000 Palestinians left or were forced out in the run-up to the establishment of the state of Israel. The Arabs told them the war they were about to wage against the new state of Israel would be over in a matter of weeks and they could all return to Israel Palestine once the Arabs had slaughtered all the Jews and took control. Unfortunately for the Palestinians, tiny Israel defeated the 5 Arab armies that attacked it and the Israelis have since turned what was excrement-covered, barren, unproductive scrubland with a few mangy (and sexually-exploited?) goats and sheep into a wealthy, fertile, technically-advanced country.

As for the displaced Arabs, their population has grown to over five million now and they think they ALL have a right of return to a country most of them have never visited.

Until this announcement, the US was the largest donor to the corrupt, hate-filled Palestinians:

The Palestinians, of course, hate America and all Americans and are forever burning US flags in protest against something or other. Moreover, much of the money given to the Palestinian authorities is stolen by the multi-millionaire Palestinian leaders. After all, when you consider that the Palestinians have been given over $1 billion a year for 70 years, you might wonder where all the new schools and hospitals and roads and universities and power plants are. You might wonder why everywhere there are Palestinians, the place is turned into a Third-World, excrement-filled, poverty-stricken, hate-fueled sh*t-hole.

Moreover, the little money that isn’t stolen by corrupt Palestinian bosses is paid to families of terrorists killed while trying to murder Israelis or used in schools that teach Palestinian children to murder Israelis:

Part of the reason Trump has cut funding is that he believes the UNRWA is corrupt, ineffective and prolongs the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and Trump would like the slightly less corrupt and slightly less politicised UNHCR (the UN’s main refugee agency) to take over the UNRWA’s work.

Palestinian officials have sharply criticised the US decision to halt funding to the UNRWA, calling it a “flagrant assault” against Palestinian people. Yes, apparently stopping giving money to people who hate you, want to murder your allies and steal most of the money is a “flagrant assault” on those who hate you, want to murder your allies and steal most of your money!

Instead of using the West’s money to provide a better life for their people, for the last 70 years Palestinian leaders have wasted close to $100 billion pursuing their campaign of hate and violence against Israel.

And now they’re surprised that the US is fed up of their constant hatred and violence!

Rejoice at yet another wonderful achievement from President Trump, a man who does what he promises, that will have the liberal, progressive, Israel-loathing media apoplectic with rage. The BBC, the Guardian and CNN are already claiming that cutting money to the Palestinian murder machine will lead to more violence and as usual they’re all blaming Trump rather than the bloodthirsty, Jew-hating, corrupt, worthless, often inbred, often low-IQ Palestinians.

What fun to watch the mainstream media screaming and howling in impotent fury!

7 comments to Rejoice!!!!! Trump cuts all aid to the corrupt, barbarous, hate-filled Palestinians

  • Julia Green

    Trump knows, you cannot appease with money, all you do is feed the problem.

  • Roy Hartwell

    Isn’t it strange that when we see hundreds of thousands (millions ?) of Muslim refugees looking for shelter or poorer arab countries looking for financial aid, it’s never the richer Arab countries coming along and offering it, it’s always the hated infidel countries !

  • Bad Brian

    A great article David, well written as always.

    Why can’t our British politicians grow a brain cell and follow Trump’s example ?

  • John G Fields

    Great Mr Craig. Your blog and cornflakes are my
    everyday necessity. He is the best leader on the
    planet. First, they try to bring him down with the few
    remarks he made about women. Which are everyday common
    utterances among people in pubs, clubs etc. Join the
    Navy and President Trump looks like a choir boy.
    The American economy is booming,which is good for most
    countries. He has seen both North Korea and Russian
    leaders. No other American president has done that.
    Best of all,he takes no crap from anyone.
    The way he was treated here was shameful. For Christ’s
    sake , the man is our best friend.
    I hope he has another four years. He can give leadership
    lessons to a certain woman I know.

  • Baroness Bonkers

    You are not thinking about the BBC when you write this blog.
    They will be very upset about this dreadful action by Trump, they will spit his name out with even more disdain. Like the day when the EU referendum result was announced grown (albeit pathetic leftie (put here your chosen noun)) will be crying. Well done.

  • Michael Turton

    It’s OK Corbyn will make up the difference when the leftards vote him in if the Maybotch doesn’t beat him to it.

  • English Patriot

    Fantastic article.

    The library’s wil be going crazy.

    However Trump has a strange idea that if people burn your flag and threaten your country shouting death to America you obviously don’t fund them. Well there’s an idea!

    Our leaders are weak useless Libtard Barnier’s gimps.

    Could we get a leader like mr Trump please?

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