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Why our farcical police no longer deal with crime?

(Monday blog)

Today, I’m almost speechless. Almost. So I’ll just reproduce word for word a new article I’ve just read on a police website.

This article, or rather this total load of bollox, doesn’t mention any silly, old-fashioned ideas like catching criminals and reducing crime. Apparently these are no longer part of our police’s work. Much more important is spouting progressive, liberal, Common Purpose gobbledigook about “diversity” and “inclusion” and “gender reassignment” and “emotional intelligence” and “Black History Month” (whatever that is).

This article is not a spoof (you can click on the link – Police Oracle – to find the original version).

Read it and despair. Weep for our once great country as you read it.

Increasing police diversity to be treated like critical incident

Police Oracle speaks to one of the chief constables behind the new police diversity strategy.

Date – 28th August 2018
ByIan Weinfass – Police Oracle

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Every force will soon have a gold group at chief officer level focused on diversity.

A new plan to make the service more representative of the public will be launched next week – and the issue will be treated like a critical incident.

Each force is to create a gold group team composed of senior officers, staff associations and community members to help meet aspirational targets for under-represented groups.

PCCs, mayors and HMICFRS are expected to hold the police service to account over their progress.

Chief Constable Gareth Wilson, chairman of the NPCC diversity, equality and inclusion committee, said: “What we’re talking about are local strategic leaders taking real ownership around this and making sure the strategy turns into action rather than being left on a shelf.”

The strategy commits chiefs to “embedding diversity, equality and inclusion” into all activities, and will be released alongside a toolkit of actions for forces to use.

Among the dozens of measures included are:

  • Introducing ‘reverse mentoring’ programmes where lower ranked officers help senior colleagues “develop emotional intelligence”.
  • Review flexible working practices to show “enhanced inclusivity” by enabling time off for cultural/religious observance.
  • Gathering and sharing exit information from people departing from the service to help improve conditions.
  • Forces should focus on emotional health and happiness and implement initiatives such as celebrations of culturally-focused events such as major religious festivals and Black History Month.

CC Wilson said: “There wasn’t an NPCC strategy before. This is not replacing one, this is a strategy that’s there to give that direction to organisations. There’s a real willingness among chiefs, so much so that it was unanimously accepted at chiefs’ council.”

The strategy applies to nine different areas: sex; race; disability; age; sexual orientation; religion and belief; pregnancy and maternity; marriage and civil partnership; and gender reassignment.

Some have already questioned why the strategy doesn’t give more prominence to race than other diversity issues, as the Home Office tends to.

But CC Wilson said: “Our ultimate aim is to ensure delivery against all nine protected characteristics because you cannot compartmentalise an individual into one category, we have to look at diversity across all nine protected characteristics.

“[But] what we have done is say we do recognise that government have prioritised race and we will support the activity that government are undertaking around that.

On the overall strategy and its toolkit, Tola Munro, president of the National Black Police Association, said: “I’m grateful we were involved in developing it. It’s going to be the result of something that’s been developed by a number of people [from different organisations] so you’re not going to get everything you want. The key thing is that there isn’t anything in there that makes sure it’s actually done.”

To chief constables what will success look like across such a wide range of issues and groups and from such a big document?

“There have already been significant steps forward in the time I’ve been in the police,” CC Wilson said, adding that the strategy will be “ever-evolving” and updated regularly. “[But] when HMIC does its inspections and they say that forces have taken this on board and taken this to heart and it’s now central to the service delivery that’s when I say this is a success. The measure of success to me is when somebody outside looks in and says ‘You’ve cracked it’.”

When I produced my satirical YouTube video “Cressida Dick Tribute Song” a month or so ago, I was just having a bit of innocent fun. But having read this ridiculous article, I realise how worryingly accurate my Cressida Dick song actually was. Our farcical police have given up on their real job and are now only interested in licking the arse of the God of Political Correctness.:

5 comments to Why our farcical police no longer deal with crime?

  • Stillreading

    God help our country! I’d like to read the 33 comments, but it seems I can’t do so without “creating and account” – i.e. giving my name, email details etc., thus making me instantly traceable, and this I am reluctant to do. While this rubbish is being produced by our Law Enforcers I and residents of five surrounding households are unable to get the local police to do ANYTHING AT ALL about the anti-social behaviour of my immediate neighbour. This includes what appears to be overt drug dealing taking place round the clock at the house and in our road. We are regularly being awoken in the early hours of the morning by cars rolling up at speed and suspicious exchanges taking place through the driver windows. The Police tell us that unless they catch them in the act, there’s nothing they can do. My response has been that they’re unlikely to catch them by sitting at desks in the nearest Station 8 miles away! Crime prevention and apprehending criminals are clearly off the Police menu. Incidentally, if a “Black” Police Officer’s Association or whatever, why not a “White” one too? Racial Equality anyone?

  • MARK

    The police fiddle while London burns. The scary thing is that London is a model for how the want the rest of the UK to “enriched”

  • William Boreham

    As I’ve said many times, it is the lack of a strong right wing party in this country that will be the ruin of us. Our political system ensures that millions of us are disenfranchised. Look how many millions voted for UKIP in their prime, resulting in just one or two MP’s in Parliament out of over 600. In Germany a new right wing party was formed in 2015 and already, it is the third largest party in Germany. Impossible in this country, so we have to suffer the garbage exposed in the article without anyone representing our (sane) opposition to all this nonsense – and there are still a few million of us left, despite the left in control of virtually all the media outlets, (BBC) education and quangos. Thank good for blogs.

  • Alan Thorpe

    Normal doesn’t seem to be a protected characteristic.

  • Eddie John

    “National Black Police Association” can white people join it ? After all isnt incluseness all part of the whole idea.

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