June 2024

Stop starving the (fat) Palestinians! Horrible Mr Trump!

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

The Capetown water crisis

First a small insight into the water crisis affecting Capetown:

With geniuses like that running the country, no wonder South Africa is falling apart and will soon turn into another Zimbabwe.

Are obese Palestinians really starving?

When democratically-elected President Trump recently cut financial aid to the Palestinians there were the usual howls of protest from the usual virtue-signalling, progressive Trump-loathing libtards. Several European countries are trying to make up for the loss of American funding and are quickly sending tens of millions of Euros to make up for the deficit. You can thank the mainstream media for this.


Here’s a typical pro-Palestinian piece of propaganda by the usual lying idiots:

Not so fast. Take a look at this video in Arabic from al-Jazeera, translated by MEMRI, which shows you the real situation in Gaza, which the mainstream media would rather you not see. 

If the situation in Gaza is as bad as many Western journalists and diplomats want you to believe, then why is Gaza’s life expectancy (74.2 years) now five years higher than the world averageThe World Health Organization has listed people in Gaza and the West Bank as among the most obese in the world, with women ranking #3 (5 places higher than the U.S.) and men ranking #8 for highest obesity rates.

So where are all the starving Palestinians?  Probably at the bustling, well-stocked glitzy shopping malls, the impressive children’s water park, the fancy restaurants and private clubs, the luxury hotels, the crowded food markets, and toy shops brimming with the latest plush toys:

(The video is quite long at 11 minutes, but you only need to watch a couple of minutes to get the real truth about the supposedly ‘starving’ Palestinians:

2 comments to Stop starving the (fat) Palestinians! Horrible Mr Trump!

  • Julia Green

    Great post, how revealing.

  • John Fields

    Once again President Trump is blamed for a situation
    that is far from the truth,because of lies and
    propaganda put out by a media that is mainly hostile
    towards him. I did notice that both business people
    and the consumers all said that the economy would
    improve if the politicians in Fatah and Hamas
    resolved their problems. These are both Palestinian.
    NOT ONE WORD about those horrible Jews.
    Thank you Mr Craig for another great blog.

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