June 2024

Harsh laws for us – no laws for them?

(Friday/weekend blog)

Hooray for Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)!

I found the video below about FGM quite difficult to watch. In fact I felt quite squeamish and stopped watching during the first couple of minutes.

The NHS in England recorded 5,391 new cases of FGM in the past year.

Almost half involved women and girls living in London, NHS Digital found. A third were women and girls born in Somalia, while 112 cases were UK-born nationals. Most of the cases were spotted by midwives and doctors working in maternity and obstetric units. The majority had originally had FGM done to them abroad and as a young child.

The practice is illegal in the UK , has been illegal for around 30 years and it is compulsory for family doctors, hospitals and mental health trusts to report any new cases in their patients.

FGM – intentionally altering or injuring the female external genitalia for non-medical reasons – potentially carries a sentence of up to 14 years in jail. But as far as I know, there haven’t been more than 2 prosecutions, if that. Yet you would have thought that it would be something that was fairly easy to prove.

One law for us – no laws for them?

Once again, it seems that under our ever-so-progressive, ever-so-liberal libtard politicians and police, our laws are applied selectively. If white indigenous Brits commit animal cruelty, we are prosecuted by the RSPCA and the authorities. Yet our friends from the Religion of Progress and Peace (ROPP) are allowed to continue with their cruel Halal slaughter and nobody bleats a word in protest. In fact, they are helped by our rulers’ refusal to force retailers to mark whether meat has been humanely or barbarically slaughtered

If a white, indigenous Brit was to rape an underage girl (especially a girl from migrant racial group) there would be all hell to pay. Yet for over 14 years gangs of supposed ‘Asians’ (actually members of the ROPP and mostly from Pakistan and Bangladesh) were allowed by the politicians and police to rape over 50,000 white under-age British girls in towns across Britain and nobody did anything. Eventually, when the scandal broke, there were a few token prosecutions.

Under the (IMHO) inept, UK-hating Director of Public Prosecutions, Alison Saunders, any white Brit expressing any views any other person finds ‘hostile’ can be prosecuted for a supposed ‘hate crime’. But preachers from our favourite religion are allowed to go on spouting their hate-filled bile week after week and the police and authorities do absolutely nothing.

When a Brit leaves a bacon sandwich on the steps of a mosque, that’s a ‘hate crime’. When one of our friends from the ROPP blows up children and teenagers at a Manchester concert, the police and authorities claim there is no evidence that this was a ‘hate crime’.

We Brits are subject to British law and cannot claim any exemptions. But there are at least 30 Sharia courts operating in the UK. These should be illegal as the testimony of a woman is worth less than the testimony of a man. This means Sharia courts are guilty of sex discrimination. Plus they undermine British law. But you won’t hear the libtards and feminists protesting about Sharia courts and you won’t see the authorities acting to close them down.

Clitorises away!

I’m no expert on female anatomy, though I am always trying to improve my knowledge. So, for people like me, here’s a guide to the female vagina:

And apparently when you get your clitoris chopped off, you’re not going to have much fun having sex. Like wearing Darth Vader outfits and Sharia Courts, this is just another medieval practice enforcing male domination over women. But, of course, nobody ever thought about enforcing our laws against this barbarity.

And here are some ladies talking about the joys of having their bits cut off:



10 comments to Harsh laws for us – no laws for them?

  • Stillreading

    But David, what these women describe, painful as it is to watch, is the most moderate form of this repellent practice, resulting merely in the loss of sexual sensation. In many cases, particularly I believe as practised in Egypt, Somalia and other similarly enlightened areas of the African continent, not only the clitoris, but the entire internal and often external labia are hacked away as well and the remaining bleeding edges of the genital tract cobbled together with whatever comes to hand – thread, wire, thorns, you name it! – leaving only the smallest orifice through which urine and the monthly bleeding can be expelled. On marriage, the male may have to take a sharp weapon to his wife’s genital area before he can gain entry. Many girls of course die from shock during the procedure or subsequently from infection consequent upon the use of unsterilized implements. Almost all suffer for the rest of their lives from urinary tract infections and in areas where no hospital is available, many die during childbirth because they cannot expel the infant through the butchered genital tract. Since I first learned of this practice several decades ago, what I have never been able to understand, as a woman, mother and now grandmother, is how these girls’ FEMALE guardians can bring themselves to submit girls to such barbarism, having suffered themselves and knowing the pain and life-changing disabilities inflicted. And let’s make no mistake, this is GOING ON IN THIS COUNTRY right now, probably on a daily basis. Where girls from certain enlightened ethnic backgrounds are not butchered in the UK, they are taken back in school holidays to their “homelands” for it to be done there. In my undoubtedly bigoted view, every girl from such a background who is taken abroad during a school holiday should be subjected to physical examination of her genital area when returning to the UK and her parents/guardians prosecuted and severely punished if she is found to have been mutilated whilst away. Won’t ever happen though, will it, because it’s their “culture” and as such, repellent as it is, must be “respected” by us unenlightened bigots. These poor little girls! How, HOW can those who govern our once great Nation turn a blind eye to this?

  • Julia Green

    I wonder what Tory, LibDem and Labour Islamapologists make of this? I’d love to hear their pathetic responses.

  • David Brown

    Re the Grooming cases these tend involve minicabs so where ever their is large “Asian” population they will usually control the cabs. The other sideline is drugs.
    The Luton police avoid any of this. However the once raided the home of then EDL leader Tony Robinson.On a fishing operation on his the found a mortgage fraud where no one had lost any money.They got him jailed where he was attacked by an Asian gang.”Asians” comprise 7% of the prison population. Still no update on the cause of death of the bacon roll man.

  • David Brown

    sorry -should read on his PC

  • Outraged Brian

    Our politicians are too busy right now trying to bully the protestant population of Northern Ireland to accept that their children should be forced to learn their schooling in Gaelic or else Sien Fein will again unleash the IRA and blood will flow in the streets of Belfast.

    This is known as a demand for “Language Parity” even though hardly anyone speaks the stupid, useless, out of date, language known as Gaelic.

    Our media harps on that the DUP are being obstructive to any agreement or accommodation and won’t agree with their opposition but fails to explain why !

    How would you like to be told that your kids are to be taught in an extinct language from a foreign country who’s government recently supported terrorism ?
    “Poge ma hone” if you don’t agree with me !

  • Alan Thorpe

    You should have watched the video to the end where you find out what they think about it. You also mention that FGM is often carried out abroad so this tells you why it is difficult to prosecute. I do not know the details of law but it should allow parents to be prosecuted for allowing it to happen to their children. But why do you only consider circumcision of girls. Boys should not be circumcised for religious reasons.

  • Stillreading

    When it comes to stopping the practice of FGM world wide, for a start NOT ONE SINGLE GIRL born in the UK (or indeed the rest of Europe) should ever have to suffer such mutilation. All normal baby girls are born with their genitalia intact and this is either implicit in the health record which is generated immediately after birth, or should be recorded specifically. All girls – and in the interests of protecting girls at risk I doubt most Caucasian parents would object – should from then on be regularly professionally examined by a doctor, midwife, practice nurse or health visitor. Any mutilation found to have occurred should be rigorously prosecuted and those found responsible subjected to the harshest sentence of the Law. As I stated earlier, girls born here but taken “abroad” subsequently for a “holiday” should be examined on return to the UK, with similar prosecution and punishment applied if harm is found to have occurred.
    While I concede that Alan Thorpe has a valid point, in that mutilation of boys’ genitalia is undesirable for any reason other than medical necessity, to compare the swift circumcision of a baby boy, just a few days after birth, which if efficiently performed has virtually no deleterious long-term effects, with what is done to older girls is perhaps somewhat to attenuate the horror which is FGM. The two are scarcely comparable – indeed, I believe in the USA all baby boys are routinely circumcised within a day or two of birth unless their parents specify otherwise. It is perhaps because Caucasian males, who do not require their partners to have undergone FGM, are so ignorant of the brutalities of the practice, that it has continued unchallenged by European governments for so long.

  • brian rodney

    The countries to which these unfortunate girls are taken for FGM, are the very countries from which their parents fled to the UK seeking asylum.

  • Stillreading

    Exactly Brian – which is just another demonstration of what so many of us already know; that people from certain cultural and ethnic backgrounds come to the UK only for the goodies we so generously hand out, not from any desire genuinely to integrate with the indigenous population. Whether or not many of us any longer actually observe specific religious practices, the customs of the indigenous UK population derive from centuries of Judeo-Christian belief and practice and as such most certainly do NOT include hacking off the genitalia of the female child. As I wrote yesterday, circumcision within the Jewish faith of the male baby is, while abhorrent to me and many others, fairly minor on the scale of trauma and permanent damage. Any immigrant to the UK should be expected – forced by example if necessary – to adhere to our UK laws concerning cruelty to children and the infliction of corporal damage. In my opinion, parents who subject their young daughters to barbaric destruction of the genital area should be immediately deported, without quarter, to their country of ethnic origin (even if they were themselves born here) and their little girls taken into our Care system. Just what are we, as a nation, thinking of, when an indigenous parent can be rigorously prosecuted if seen administering a bit of corporal chastisement to a youngster having a tantrum, yet we deliberately turn a blind eye to the routine butchering of certain young girls, even pretending it isn’t happening? All justified, I suppose, on the grounds of multiculturalism.

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