June 2024

Europe’s three tribes?

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

Simplifying the situation slightly, it seems that there are three quite distinct tribes developing in Europe:

1. Anywheres

There are what have been called the “Anywheres”. These are the supposedly ‘progressive’ liberal elites. Their jobs and families aren’t under pressure from the tsunami of Third-World garbage pouring into Europe. In fact, they see migration as a benefit as they get cheaper plumbers, electricians, cleaners etc from Eastern Europe and never come into contact with the often in-bred, often criminal multi-cultural enrichers pouring over Europe’s non-existent borders.

The Anywheres would see things like patriotism and national pride as old-fashioned and bigotry. In Western European countries the Anywheres control politics, business, policing and the media. The Anywheres are more concerned about ‘issues’ than their countries.

Most of the laws made in Western European countries are made by the Anywheres for the benefit of the Anywheres. Hence the seemingly endless focus on equality and legalising gay marriage and promoting transgenderism and other such crap – issues which are alien to most ordinary people. The Anywheres are the people who invented the concept of ‘hate crimes’ and ‘hate speech’ to criminalise free speech and prevent anyone protesting about their plan to use mass immigration to erase national borders and force us all into one single, centrally-controlled EUSSR.

And, of course, the Anywheres are avid supporters of new taxes and restrictions to fight supposed ‘Climate Change’ (or Global Warming or whatever it’s called this week) even though these taxes and restrictions are leading to hundreds of thousands of job losses for ordinary people as our factories become uncompetitive and production moves to China and India.

In Britain the Anywheres are Remainers and they constantly hector us about the supposed financial consequences of leaving their much-adored European Union. Perhaps the Anywheres  can be summed up by Oscar Wilde’s phrase as “people who know the price of everything and the value of nothing” as the Anywheres, while bleating about the costs of Brexit, place no value at all on things like sovereignty, controlling your own borders, making your own laws and preserving communities.

2. Somewheres

A second group are the “Somewheres”. The Somewheres still value things like patriotism and national pride. The Somewheres want their countries to be ruled by their own politicians and not corrupt, unelected, self-serving bureaucrats under the control of the German Chancellor. Many Eastern European countries (Hungary, Poland, Austria etc) are ruled by the Somewheres.

The Somewheres are worried as they see their communities being destroyed by uncontrolled immigration and by de-industrialisation as their jobs move to China and other countries.

The Somewheres are people who want to belong to recognisable communities in recognisable countries with borders and their own laws, languages and traditions. The Somewheres see their cities and towns being taken over by a hostile, largely parasitical, often criminally violent invading army and their schools, health services and policing collapsing under the pressure of all the newcomers many of whom take and take and take without ever contributing anything.

The Somewheres understand the value of national sovereignty, proper  border control, community cohesion and belonging to a clearly recognisable group. The Somewheres in Britain, of course, voted to leave the EU and now see their Anywhere politicians and business leaders and media reneging on their promise to abide by the results of the UK EU Referendum. Laws in Western European countries are seldom made for the benefit of the Somewheres. The politicians supported by the Somewheres are always sneeringly dismissed as “right-wing” and “populist” (and even “fascist”) by Anywhere politicians and the Anywhere media.

3. The Ummah

Then there is a third tribe which will soon be the most populous ‘country’ in Europe even though nobody dares talk about this due to the Anywheres’ laws criminalising any criticism of any specific group. The members of the Religion of Progress and Peace (ROPP) form the Ummah. There are probably about 25 million of them in Europe now. By 2040 there will be over 50 million and by 2060, probably over 100 million.

From a very young age they are taught that their loyalty is to their religion and NOT to the countries where they happen to live. They are also taught that anyone outside their religion is inferior and should be conquered and forced into submission. As for the Jews, the ROPP has some very clear teachings on what should happen to them.

The ROPP does not believe in integration and accepting Western values, traditions and laws. Instead it teaches that the ROPP’s values, traditions and laws are superior to those of the West and should be imposed on the West.

The Anywheres and the Somewheres are in demographic decline due to falling birth rates among indigenous Europeans. The members of the Ummah are increasingly rapidly due to uncontrolled immigration and high birth rates.

Who will win?

These three tribes have virtually no understanding of each others’ beliefs and values and little interest in understanding each others’ beliefs and values.

It will be interesting to see which of these three tribes ends up victorious in the cultural, political, religious and probably military battles that lie ahead of us in Europe.

4 comments to Europe’s three tribes?

  • Joe Carter

    David, Excellent summation of the world today.

  • Roy Hartwell

    A very interesting take on this subject but I have one criticism……I think there are only two tribes not three as the Anywheres and the Ummah would seem to me to be becoming one tribe, with the Ummah being the dominant grouping of course.

  • A Thorpe

    Who is behind all this? Western Governments. The Anywheres are the way governments get the power because the Anywheres are easily brainwashed by government promises.

  • Stillreading

    One thing you can be certain of; the Anywheres will swiftly become the Nowheres and ultimately the Nobodys when the proverbial hits the fan and the Ummahs take over! Unless they swiftly convert to the ROPP and welcome Shariah Law.
    Such naivety on the part of those who profess to know better than we ordinary mortals who still retain some national pride, is almost unbelievable.

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