June 2024

Never trust our lying, politically-correct police!

Many people may have got the impression that our police are more interested in stamping out any politically-incorrect opinions than in protecting the law-abiding public. But it has been difficult to prove this. Until now.

Here’s a heart-warming story from Britain’s most multi-culturally-enriched city, London, where only one in three inhabitants is born in Britain.

The story is about police inaction after a white girl and a male (white) friend were attacked by a multi-cultural enricher and appeared (I think) only in the London Evening Standard. I suspect that, if the story had been about police inaction after a multi-cultural enricher was attacked by a white man, then it would have been all over the press and TV with all the usual lefty, libtard, virtue-signalling, hug-a-terrorist idiots demanding action and accusing the police of “waaccciiiissssmmmmm”.

Anyway, here’s the story:

Micha Birgitta (below), 31, had her nose broken and is still suffering double vision after being set upon by a man in Shoreditch:

Ms Birgitta had just left nightclub East Bloc (in East London or should that be “Middle-Eastern London”?) with two friends when a cyclist rode into them in City Road (while riding on a narrow part of the pavement – see link to video below) and fell off his bike. “He was super angry and pushed me away to get to my friend. He was yelling about how it was our fault he fell over. My friend started arguing.”

The man confronted her and two friends before knocking out her male friend and punching her in the face (see video below). Police released CCTV stills of the attack in a supposed attempt to catch the man. Here’s one of the pictures of the attacker from a nearby CCTV camera – do you recognise him? No, I thought not – the picture isn’t particularly clear, is it?

The victim of the attack said she could not believe that a high-quality video taken on her friend’s phone wasn’t put out by officers targeting the attacker. “The CCTV is terrible quality. Even his own mum wouldn’t recognise him in that video.”

The quality of the pictures used by PC Plod were so bad that Ms Birgitta has now released her own images of the suspect.

She said she was so “desperate” for the man to be caught that she was now doing the police’s job for them. “Whenever I see someone who looks like him I feel unsafe. I’m afraid of someone running up behind me.”

Oh, look at the photo of the alleged attacker. It seems to be rather clearer than the photo released by politically-correct PC Plod. In fact, had Plod used this photo, the gentleman might have been caught long ago.

In their defence Scotland Yard said they were only made aware of the new photographs yesterday. A spokesman said: “We will always use the best images we have to appeal for those wanted for questioning by police. In our initial appeal on this case, we used the only image we had available”. 

So, what do you think?

Do you genuinely believe Plod’s claim that, in spite of interviewing the victims, Plod had no idea that there was a decent photo of the alleged attacker? Or do you think that Plod’s politically-correct bosses have instructed Plod – just as Merkel’s minions instructed German police after the Cologne sex attacks – that crimes committed by multi-cultural enrichers were to be ignored if possible and arrests were to be avoided at all costs, whereas every possible opportunity should be seized to persecute white indigenous Europeans for supposed ‘hate crimes’ against multi-cultural enrichers?

I know what I think!

3 comments to Never trust our lying, politically-correct police!

  • Gloria from Victoria

    Truly scandalous on two fronts, firstly the pathetic response from the so called ‘Police’ and secondly, the jerk riding the bike in that arrogant way on the pavement…..such a pity he didn’t do himself some harm as he went down. Pavement riding and pedestrian zone riding has got to stop, it’s far too dangerous to pedestrians.

  • Stillreading

    I’m surprised Plod didn’t threaten the woman’s friend with surveillance for having taken photo evidence of the assault, as they did me when I took photos as evidence of my neighbour’s antisocial behaviour.
    Riding the fairground dodgems, colouring their fingernails blue, declining, if recent reports are accurate, to attend what they define as “minor crimes” – e.g. burglary, break-in and theft of decent citizens’ possessions – what exactly are they for?
    Oh yes, I remember! Investigating something I may have said, in private, to another person which, overheard or overheard and passed on, may offend some individual far removed from me, of whom I have never heard, but who then chooses to launch a complaint against me.
    Welcome to free-speaking, liberated, law-abiding, modern Britain.

  • zx80

    The inevitable result of continually voting for the main 3 parties I think.

    Until people wake up and smell what theyre shovelling they’ll continue to keep being the victims.

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