June 2024

The next war is unimaginable – until it happens!

In the Sunday Times ‘Culture’ section nine days ago, I read about a new book called “The Future of War” by some great military and strategic expert I had never heard of – a Sir Lawrence Freedman. I haven’t read (and am not going to read) the book. But I have read the Sunday Times review and looked at the blurb on Amazon and the contents of the book.

The blurb on Amazon is, in my humble opinion, extraordinarily perceptive. I imagine it came from the introduction to Sir Lawrence’s book. Here’s the best part:

In 1912 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote a short story about a war fought from underwater submersibles that included the sinking of passenger ships. It was dismissed by the British admirals of the day, not on the basis of technical feasibility, but because sinking civilian ships was not something that any civilised nation would do. The reality of war often contradicts expectations, less because of some fantastic technical or engineering dimension, but more because of some human, political, or moral threshold that we had never imagined would be crossed.

For me the most important part in the above is the piece which states that the main reason we are usually unable to imagine the next war is NOT a technical one (what kind of weapons will be used for killing). The reason we are unable to imagine the next war is a human one (because the next war will cross a human, political or moral threshold we had never imagined humans would ever cross).

Before WWI, people knew what weapons would be used. But nobody imagined that their rulers would permit the mechanised, industrialised slaughter of millions of soldiers. Before WWII, (with the obvious exception of the atomic bomb) again the weapons to be used were largely known although they did improve during the war. But nobody imagined the depths of depravity our German and Japanese friends would sink to as over 60 million people – mainly civilians – were butchered for not a single inch of territorial gain.

So, what about Sir Lawrence’s great book? What stunning insights into the future of war does this erudite, forwarding-thinking genius provide? From what I can see, not too many. According to the contents list, he apparently writes about possible future nuclear wars and cyber wars and nuclear wars started by cyber wars and so on and so forth. But he seems to me to completely overlook the most likely war scenario facing us – civil wars in several European countries between the indigenous populations and the invading armies of multi-cultural enrichers.

Why would an expert like Sir Lawrence apparently (remember, I haven’t read the book) overlook the possibility of civil wars in Europe? Would it be because he’s too stupid to even imagine these breaking out? Possibly. Or could it be that political correctness prevents him mentioning such a scenario as mobs of the ruling lefty, holier-than-thou, we-know-best libtard elites would come howling and screaming and accusing him of racism and bigotry etc and would ensure his public humiliation and the end of his career?

There is another book  which I noticed and which I have bought (it’s completely free as an ebook to download on Amazon Kindle even if you’re not an Amazon Prime member). The title of this book is “The Coming War in Europe” by a Julian Langness.

Of course, I don’t know if Julian Langness’s predictions of future war are any more accurate than those of Sir Lawrence. What surprises me is – if Julian Langness even considers that there might be a series of civil wars in Europe, why does Sir Lawrence (apparently) not deal extensively with this possibility in his book?

It’s all very odd.

And to return to the blurb on Sir Lawrence’s book, I fear we are about to enter a period of the most appalling slaughter because we are currently unable to imagine the depth of depravity that will be reached and the human threshold that will be crossed when the European civil wars start. Like previous generations, we believe we are now so civilised that we could never sink to butchering each other in the millions. I think we’re about to be proved wrong, yet again.

Now, I’m not saying that most multi-cultural enrichers are violent, bigoted, inbred, murderous scum intent on conquering the West, destroying Western civilisation and taking us all back to the Stone Age. That would be stupid as most are peaceful people. But here’s Birgitte Gabriel explaining to the immensely ignorant that it only needs a small minority of people intent on war to cause the most horrific slaughter, that the “peaceful majority are irrelevant” each time mankind embarks on the mass murder of millions:

4 comments to The next war is unimaginable – until it happens!

  • Stillreading

    Many thousands of the Muslims currently living in the UK are indisputably thoroughly decent, law-abiding citizens, with good family values, working throughout society and in the professions. The indisputable fact is, though, that they identify themselves first by their beliefs, whereas I and the vast multitude of the traditional indigenous UK population, identify ourselves first by our nationality, then by our occupation and family status, lastly – if at all – by our religion. The Muslim threat to traditional UK life is that when the chips are down, Muslims will adhere first to the dictates of their belief system, as interpreted by the Imams, a significant proportion of whom are acknowledged to be extremists.
    I was putting this view recently to a purportedly well-educated 20 year old lass of my acquaintance, who was telling me how “lovely” are the “hundreds” of Muslims she knows at university. I stated that possibly she and her as yet unborn children would be living under Sharia Law in the UK in 50 years’ time. She asked me what Sharia Law is!
    This is the sort of ignorance, resulting from decades of politically correct non-education, intentionally evading contentious issues which, given the demographics of reproduction, will bring about the defeat of the traditional way of life not only in the UK but in the rest of Europe too.

  • Julia Green

    Good comment ‘Still Reading’, yes, the ignorance of our young people is staggering, aided and abetted by BBC, ITV,Sky etc that have NOTHING on their channels about life in Britain as it really is. How about a section on the New at Ten, ‘Life in the Muslim Britain today’ with various interesting reports about the latest Sharia court decisions in Luton, for example. Muslim society is a parallel world that doesn’t get a mention, so people think it doesn’t exist. But one day, when they realise what’s been going on, it will be too late. ANYWAY future war, Bill Gates recently wrote in The Times that weaponised Smallpox or other diseases could wipe out 30 million at a time…and we all know who would do that if they could, without a second thought. Moral restraint? Quite the reverse, they’d be doing it for their God.

  • Dave

    A profound piece David and very true.
    I agree totally with Stillreading and Julia Green.
    There is so much happening to our society and culture yet people either can’t or choose not to see it; Some think the swarm coming from the East and the Africas’ is just people trying to better themselves not realising this is all part of the Kalergi plan, and on from that is Agenda 21.
    I really do dread what our rulers and corporate brains have engineered to what they consider should be our future.

  • Mr J G Fields

    The only event that will save England in the future
    from the rule of Islam is the unthinkable.
    The mass deportation of ALL Muslims.

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