June 2024

Thank God for British Moozerlums! Thank you for all the benefits they have brought to Britain!

(weekend blog) When you think of British Moozerlums, some people – stupid, stupid, ignorant, racist people – think of murder, mayhem, intolerance, bombings, beheadings, violence, oppression of females, FGM, interbreeding (first-cousin marriages), benefits-scrounging, cruel slaughter of animals, women dressed like Darth Vader on a bad hair day, refusal to integrate, rape gangs, continually claiming victim status and a cancer on our society.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

So we should be grateful to the Lincolnshire police for producing this wonderful video explaining to us – stupid people included – that Moozerlums coming to Britain is probably the best thing that has happened to our country since the invention of the bacon sandwich (oops, sorry, I meant “best thing since the halal bacon sandwich”. Oh, you can’t have a “Halal bacon sandwich”. Well, how about the “best thing since the doner kebab”?)

Well anyway, here’s a link to the Lincolnshire police’s fabulous video.

Some people might think that at almost 13 minutes it’s a bit too long. But Moozerlums have made so many amazing contributions to British life, it would have been difficult to squeeze these into a shorter time.

Here it is then – a guide from the Lincolnshire thought-police helping us to know which opinions are politically acceptable and which are supposed ‘hate crimes’. It’s amazing that the Lincolnshire police have so much money and so little crime that they have time and cash to make films helping us all understand how to think:


3 comments to Thank God for British Moozerlums! Thank you for all the benefits they have brought to Britain!

  • Julia Green

    Another corker David! I’m sure you heard about one police force being duped into giving the ISIS one finger salute as part of a ‘better community relations’ campaign.

  • Елена

    English writers have written so many novels-dystopia. Now dystopia came to you by itself.

  • Tommy's pal, Mad Brian

    I am really glad to see another side to Mooozelumz.

    I thought they were all a collection of ignorant backward murdering scum. Now I knows I wuz wong !

    Silly old me !

    Must try harder.

    On the other had , the cops what made this video never bothered to mention 1400 systematically raped underage girls that Mr Plod contrived to ignore, in the Rotherham area alone.
    Could this be because of the heartless Tory cutbacks or because Mr Plod thinks we are as stupid and ignorant as he are ?

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