June 2024

We are at war! And we are losing! Still, who cares? Not our rulers!

Question: “How do you fight a war if you don’t admit you’re at war?”

Answer: “Badly – in fact, you lose”

Hopefully, following the Manchester massacre, all my readers know the proper procedure for reacting:

Step 1: Treacherous Izlumophiliac politicians and police quickly get on TV to announce “our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families” and “we are united, terrorism will never divide us”. We believe their crocodile tears and claims we’re “united against terrorism”

Step 2: Media desperately try to find some heroes, preferably Moozerlum ones, to divert attention away from the attacker and the reason for the attack. One magazine (Cosmopolitan) even used a photo of a Sikh Manchester taxi driver to claim that local Moozerlums were offering free taxi rides to those caught up in the massacre:

Fortunately for Cosmopolitan, their readers are too stupid to know the difference between a Sikh and a Moozerlum.

Step 3: Pointless hashtags appear in the Internet for idiots to gush on

Step 4: Public buildings lit up around the world to show solidarity – those blue, white and red lights are really coming in useful nowadays!

Step 5: Candlelit vigil with a few token Moozlums and with the usual lefty libtard idiots holding banners with messages like “hope not hate”

Step 6: Supposed experts and our treacherous politicians tell us that the “I-love-my-snackbar” yelling murderer has “hijacked Izlum which is a Religion of Peace”. We believe them.

Step 7: Blame the messenger – outpouring of hysterical bile and accusations of “racism” at anyone daring to point out that this attack, like all the others, was carried out in the name of the Religion of Peace, Mayhem and Murder

Step 8: Police quickly raid a few houses and arrest a few people. Police ensure massive media coverage of the arrests. All those arrested are later quietly (no media) released due to lack of evidence

Step 9: Our rulers tell us that we must show our resilience by “going about our normal daily routines as that’s how we can defeat the terrorists”. We believe them.

Step 10: Our rulers promise firm action, but do nothing, secure in the knowledge that people soon forget and life goes on. Meanwhile, every week over 4,000 violent, West-hating, benefits-scrounging, low-IQ, illiterate, deeply criminal, unemployable Third-World scum (more than 200,000 a year) pour over our non-existent borders.

Step 11: Repeat the above when the next Moozerlum massacres yet another bunch of innocents.

So, you now know what to expect and what to do when the next attack and the next attack and the next attack and the next attack…..happen as they inevitably will.

Peace be with you!

2 comments to We are at war! And we are losing! Still, who cares? Not our rulers!

  • John Fields

    Ignore the EU on open borders, we are in desperate
    times. Forget all the wailing and crying let us go to war.
    All those on the suspect list, instant deportation.
    Muslims in prison, deportation with their families and
    relations. Give the police orders to take no more crap
    from Muslims. Arrest then possible deportation.
    Of course none of this will happen. Our leaders are crap.
    All these beautiful children die in Manchester and the
    bastards send troops to the Houses of Parliament and
    Buckingham Palace.
    In passing I would just like to mention our labour
    leaders Mr Corbyn and Mr McDonnell. To these two men
    that piece of scum who blew up our children is a freedom
    fighter not a terrorist. So if labour win the election
    we will be further up the creek.

  • george hill

    Channel 4s Answer , we are lost.

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