October 2020
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The Manchester murderers – first pictures?

The police claim to be hunting for anyone responsible for the Manchester massacre.

They’ll no doubt try to look incredibly busy for a few days. They may even invite the TV cameras and press photographers to film them dramatically arresting a few people (before quietly letting them go a couple of days later). And after this flurry of activity the politically-supine police will no doubt conclude (in the interests of multi-cultural inter-community harmony) that the perpetrator was a “lone wolf” with “psychological problems” and therefore the attack wasn’t really caused by any particular group in our society and, in fact, could have been carried out by anyone.

This will then allow our rulers to claim that the Manchester massacre “had nothing to do with Izlum” which is (as we all know) “a religion of peace” and that the real problem we must deal with in our society is indigenous British prejudice against all the millions of wonderful folk who have chosen to make Benefits Britain their home.

So, perhaps snouts-in-the-trough can help the police as they hunt (or pretend to hunt?) for those behind the Manchester massacre?

Here are our first suspects:

This bunch of (IMHO) traitors, liars and scum deliberately flooded our country with violent, low-IQ, intolerant, West-hating subhumans in order to “rub the noses of the middle classes in diversity”. The delightful Mr Mandelson is quoted as having said something like “we sent out search parties to get them to come”.

Under these people the number of migrants pouring into Britain went up from about 100,000 a year to around 500,000 a year. The trouble is that the middle classes just fled from the British Third-World cesspit cities the Britain-loathing New Labour government created and so instead New Labour ended up rubbing the noses of ordinary working families in the blood of their own children.

In the above pictures you might notice a certain Mr Burnham – now the well-paid mayor of Manchester. If I remember correctly a few years ago there were many people who believed that the same Mr Burnham covered up the appalling death rate at the Mid-Staffs NHS Trust (something the charming Mr Burnham denies) and so the death toll reached over a thousand before the truth started to seep out. Mr Burnham, of course, emerged from the episode squeaky clean and continued to successfully live his gilded multi-millionaire lifestyle at taxpayers’ expense.

And here are some more suspects:

These people could have stopped the Third-World invasion of our country. Instead they did nothing.

In these pictures you’ll spot a Mrs Theresa May. She was the longest-serving Home Secretary with responsibility for immigration and border control. As we are unfortunately members of the undemocratic, wasteful, utterly corrupt EU Mrs May could not prevent any EU citizens coming to our country. But she could have reduced the number of Third-Worlders from 250,000 a year to the promised “tens of thousands”. But Mrs May seems to have done nothing.

However, snouts-in-the-trough believes there were even more people involved in this conspiracy to destroy Britain and cause the “rivers of blood” Enoch Powell so accurately predicted.

Here are some more suspects:

I believe (and this is just my very humble opinion, M’lud) that by crushing anyone who dared to worry about the effect of flooding our country with Third-World trash and by branding anyone who dared mention a possible “clash of cultures” as a “racist” and “bigot”, these people aided and abetted the Manchester massacre.

But these are just my personal (possibly politically-incorrect) opinions M’lud.

No doubt I’m wrong as I so often am.

6 comments to The Manchester murderers – first pictures?

  • Chris

    Our Government response is a perfect display of impotence. Meanwhile in Dubai the Union Jack is displayed in lights on Burj Kalifa. I wonder how the locals see that, sympathy or victory.

  • Joginder

    Expect the usual sympathy crap from our so-called leaders, leftards, our joke of a police force and the MSM. And we will get the same thing when not if the next act of terrorism carried out by a muslim comes along

  • david brown

    Deciding to support Theresa May leadership bid the Telegraph pulled an article on her time as Home Secretary. She let in more migrants than any previous Home Secretary in British history. Can we now trust her manifesto promise to reduce net immigration to 100,000 a year?
    After the 2003 Iraq invasion so Blair could be rewarded by the Americans, Labour was concerned about the Muslim vote. So before the 2005 Election it took out specific adverts in all UK Muslim press saying what it had done for them.One of these was speeding up the processing of UK visa applications in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Jack Straw went out there to do a tour of the major mosques.

  • Chris

    I am definitely not supporting Mrs May. In the Brexit negotiation I bet she will wobble on free movement and give in.

  • zx80

    Guilty as charged, take em out the back and give them a peerage.

    They deserve it.

  • Colin Smith

    The correct term is not ‘psychological problems’ it is ‘mental health issues’. 99% of ‘lone wolves’ (oxymoron?) are said to have ‘mental health issues’; such news reports are then usually followed by a piece about ‘fighting the stigma’ of such ‘mental health issues’ — The BBC News people really are just a bunch of scamps.

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