June 2024

Dumb, dumber and the Religion of Intelligence

Much has been written about the incredible cultural enrichment that the invasion of millions of violent, unemployable, rape-obsessed folk from the Religion of Peace and Hatred will bring to our tired, defeatist continent.

But little attention has been paid to the enviable intellectual contribution that millions of illiterate, inbred, low-IQ semi-morons will make to our society.

So here’s a very short video helping to show the intellectual enrichment that mass immigration of our favourite people from our favourite religion is bringing to our once great country.

The video features a lady from the Religion of High IQs and Nobel Prizes mowing her lawn with an electric lawn mower.

It’s a pity nobody told her that the electric lawn mower tends to be more effective if you plug it in.

You’ll see the electric cable and plug dangling uselessly as the good lady works up a good sweat under her tent-like clothing

And it’s a pity she isn’t intelligent enough to realise the her ‘lawn-mowing’ is pretty ineffectual as not a blade of grass is actually being cut.

When she has the usual 5 to 10 or more children with IQs similar to their mother’s (65 or lower?), how are we meant to educate these idiots to be useful productive members of our society?

4 comments to Dumb, dumber and the Religion of Intelligence

  • NoMore

    I see the cheese-eating submission monkeys voted more for the globalist, open borders, bankster tool than for a continuation of their culture and a future for their children. Interesting East-West split though. And did the Dordogne really vote for Melenchon?! I suppose that’s their equivalent of Islington voting in Corbyn.

  • CeST lA vIE

    Enoch said we must be Mad And was vilified for it.

    quote:His speech strongly criticised Commonwealth immigration to the United Kingdom and the then-proposed Race Relations Bill,

    As politics stood at that time if he had not made the speech he would probably have been Prime Minister. He was sidelined for Edward Heath a rabid Europhile that got us into the Common Market.It was meant to be for trade only but morphed into the EEC ,EC and then the EU, we were conned of course but thats what Politicians do best ,Heath later admitted it.

  • nick

    They can’t use escalators either!

  • Go East

    The End of Fake Anglo-American Financial System, I know its the Dollar but we are tagged on as a so called Hard Currency, what a joke.The rest of the world as had enough of the West printing and spending at their expense, Our wages will catch down with theirs not they will catch up to us.

    Major-General Qiao Liang.

    “By issuing debt, the U.S. brings a large amount of dollars from overseas back to the U.S.’s three big markets: the commodity market, the Treasury Bills market, and the stock market. The U.S. repeats this cycle to make money: printing money, exporting money overseas, and bringing money back. The U.S. has thus become a financial empire.”

    Russia knows about the Dollar too.

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