October 2020
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Our Religion of Peace friends taking the piss! Literally!

(weekend blog)

Come on admit it. You didn’t know that the Prophet, blessed be His name and cursed be His infidel enemies, discovered a cure for cancer 1,400 years before we stupid, backwards Westerners started to deal with the disease.

But not only cancer. Apparently the Great Prophet, all praise be unto Him and death and destruction rain down upon the unbelievers, discovered the cure for many other diseases that so-called, much vaunted ‘Western medical science’ is still grappling with.

Yet another proof, were one needed, that the Religion of Peace is not some backwards, primitive, death cult hostile to progress. But in fact the Religion of Peace has made a massive contribution to human scientific advancement.

You think I’m taking the piss? No. They’re taking the piss. Camel piss to be precise. Yup, it seems that one of the most popular cures for a whole series of maladies (as the short video below shows) is camel urine.

A few months ago, I featured a video in which a leading, high-IQ, Muslim ‘thinker’ explained that the Earth didn’t rotate. After all, as the Religion of Peace genius explained, if the Earth rotated there would be no need for planes to fly anywhere – they could just go up in the air and their destinations would come to them. Obvious, isn’t it? I’m surprised this brilliant man hasn’t received a Nobel Prize for his great discovery.

And today I’m proud to present a video explaining the many health benefits of camel urine. Give thanks to the Prophet, Peace be upon Him and death and destruction be upon His foes, for finding the cure to many of the world’s worst illnesses long before stupid, blasphemous Western so-called ‘scientists’ were born.

Incidentally, initial scientific studies have linked MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) to camels, but disease experts say it is not at all clear how the infection passes from the animals. Many people infected in the community and in hospitals report no contact with camels, they note. MERS causes coughing, fever and breathing problems, and can lead to pneumonia and kidney failure, and even death.

While many of these people may not have access to camels, there is an abundance of camel-based products on the market, not the least of which is camel urine for human consumption. Oh, could there be a connection between MERS and camel piss? Duh!

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