June 2024

Lefty progressive explains why people vote Trump

The Trump uprising

Apologies if you’ve already seen this. It’s a short (4 minutes) extract from a film gravitationally-challenged, lefty, progressive, holier-than-thou, republican-hating film-maker Michael Moore made in support of crooked Hillary Clinton.

But in this short extract, Moore explains, with emotion and lyricism, to a deeply uncomfortable audience why so many people support Donald Trump.

Ironically, Trump supporters have been using this extract to rally support for Trump – quite the opposite of what fatman Moore wanted.


The coming (unnecessary) conflict with Russia

America has now tried three times to provoke a conflict with Russia. First, American NATO ally Turkey shot down a Russian fighter jet that strayed into Turkish airspace for a few seconds.

But that didn’t work. So then the US broke the Aleppo ceasefire by bombing a group of Syrian army troops killing quite a few of them.

But that didn’t work. And yesterday, a US fighter jet came awfully close to shooting down a Russian plane.

That hasn’t worked either. But soon something will finally cause Putin to lose his cool and then the bets are off

So here’s most of a comment a reader made yesterday in response to my blog about the way our rulers and the sycophantic mainstream media are beating the war drums against Russia – the country that should be our ally in the real war against our real enemy – (radical or maybe mainstream?) *sl*m:

I am quite appalled at the blatant warmongering of the press. Every day Russia/Putin is pilloried in preparation for the false flag event to be perpetrated to justify yet more war.

Who are the journalists who actually get salaries and write such propaganda? Obviously the likes of Murdoch and the corporate owners just want to repeat the scheme (lies upon lies) used to falsely justify the Iraq war. But who are the quisling hacks who put fingers on the keyboards. Are their jobs worth the destruction being promulgated?

The Iraq war was a long way away from us and Tony Blair. In contrast, a war with Russia will initially be in (eastern) Europe or Syria, but who will be the first to use tactical nuclear weapons as a prelude the ICBM’s?.

Sadly, I await the news that Russia has started a war. Just like Saddam, Russia will be framed and falsely accused of some heinous event so as to justify retaliation. Remember the burning down of Reichstag?

2 comments to Lefty progressive explains why people vote Trump

  • David Brown

    As I live in Croatia i only see the UK press online, except for The Times, which is behind a paywall. Or course you would expect The Guardian to be pro- Hilary as her stand on the need for more Transgender public WC is more important than her push for a no fly zone in Syria.Yet it seems the entire UK press across the political spectrum is sympathetic to Hilary and hostile to Trump. Metro being one of worst . Most of the press are also playing up the Russian bear angle . How many journalists are in the covert pay of the Clinton Foundation?
    The wicked with of the west is not only a threat the lives of Americans Hilary the Hawk is a threat to the very lives of millions.

  • Chris

    Take a look at this article written by a trainee reporter, perhaps because no one else would do the Express owners’ dirty work.

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