June 2022
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Russia is our enemy! The Religion of Peace is our friend!

It’s beyond belief!

The British press is hyping up a coming confrontation with Russia. Crooked Hillary Clinton is blaming Russia for supporting Trump and for interfering in the US election. The EU (stop laughing you in the back) is sending troops (I said ‘stop laughing’) to the border with Russia to frighten off (‘stop laughing!’) a supposed Russian invasion of somewhere in Eastern Europe.

But worst of all, the US is trying to instigate conflict with Russia by causing an incident in the air over Syria when Syria’s President Assad invited the Russians to help him against the Jihadis while nobody asked the Americans to intervene.

So, here’s part of a blog I wrote just over two years ago:

Here are some Russians having a bit of fun:


They don’t look like they want to start World War III and kill us all.

Here are some other people having some fun:


They really do look like they hate us. They would like to start World War III. And they would like to kill us all.

And most absurd of all, our rulers want to start a war with Russia to supposedly protect precisely the crazy, inbred, moronic, backward, illiterate, unemployable, violent, rapist, murderous scum who hate us and would willingly give up their own worthless subhuman lives to kill as many of us as they can.

Why can’t our useless leaders realise that, instead of demonising the Russians, we should be working with them against our shared enemy (radical) *sl*m? It’s not complicated.

How the crazies must be laughing as countries in the civilised West start a fight with Russia because the West’s *sl*mophiliac rulers are afraid to admit who the real enemy is as that would lead to civil war throughout Europe and America. Our rulers would rather a war with Russia than a war between their native populations and the invading armies of the Religion of Peace.

As for the  supposed ‘slaughter in Aleppo’ – this would stop immediately if the Western-backed, bearded, Jihadist lunatics fighting Assad were to withdraw from what remains of the city and go off to kill people in the name of their God somewhere else. They leave – there is peace. It’s that simple. But that’s not a message the *sl*mophiliac Western leaders and mainstream media want to give. So, we continue to support those who will kill us after they’ve got tired of killing their own co-religionists.

Oh, and here’s a message from my Uncle Vladimir:

putin message

Sorry. I didn’t mean it. I was just joking!

Oh no! I’ve claimed that Putin has threatened anyone who won’t buy my book.


It seems like I may have just given our pathetic, lying, sabre-rattling rulers an excuse to start World War III

4 comments to Russia is our enemy! The Religion of Peace is our friend!

  • Chris

    Unfortunately, the elite who want a war to steal Russia’s resources, are unconcerned over the likely wipeout of millions of Europeans. The fact that such a war makes no sense to the populations of Europe and Russia is irrelevant to Soros and his ilk.

  • tonyM

    The Mayor Of London: “My Side” Versus Reality.

    Mayor Khan’s presentation seemed designed to pacify Westerners and enable the spread of the rule of Islam.

  • Chris

    I am quite appalled at the blatant war mongering of the press. Every day Russia/Putin is pilloried in preparation for the false flag event to be perpetrated (like 9/11) to justify yet more war.

    Who are the journalists who actually get salaries and write such propaganda? Obviously the likes of Murdoch and the corporate owners just want to repeat the scheme (lies upon lies) used to falsely justify the Iraq war. But who are the quisling hacks who put fingers on the keyboards. Are their jobs worth the destruction being promulgated? Are they even in this country?

    The Iraq war was a long way away from us and Tony Blair. Contrarywise, a war with Russia will initially be in eastern)Europe or Syria, but who will be the first to use tactical nuclear weapons as a prelude the ICBM’s?.

    Sadly, I await the news that Russia has started a war. Just like Saddam, Russia will be framed and falsely accused of some heinous event so as to justify retaliation. Remember the burning down of Reichstag?

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