November 2022
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Granny/Grandad, hurry up and die so we can pay for more M*sl*ms

Here’s an odd coincidence. There are probably around 4 million people in Britain over the age of 75 and about 4 million M*sl*ms.

Many of those over 75 will have worked and paid taxes most of their lives. Some will have fought against our German friends to preserve Britain as an independent country. But sadly, due to the state of our national finances, we can’t afford to give our elderly decent lives and decent pensions. In fact, we’re forever being told that our ageing population is a ‘burden on the NHS and social services‘.

Now let’s look at our 4 million M*sl*ms. According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), around half our dear M*sl*m friends don’t work, don’t make an economic contribution to our country and even admit they don’t want to work and don’t want to make an economic contribution to our country (click to see more clearly)

unemployment by ethnic group

But then why should Britain’s M*sl*ms lift a finger when they can get everything for free? Benefits, housing, healthcare, education – they can have what they want. And oddly, we’re never told that the huge number of M*sl*m babies are a ‘burden on the NHS’ and it’s never suggested that the large number of workless M*sl*m households are a ‘burden on social services‘.

Now, just imagine if we could get the level of M*sl*m economic inactivity down to the level of other ethnic groups. That would mean at least one million more people in employment and would save us at a guess about £20bn in benefits a year. Now divide that £20bn by the 4 million grannies and grandads aged over 75 and that would give around £5,000 a year extra for each of them for increased pensions and better care. Of course, many of them wouldn’t need this. So we’re probably looking at £10,000 each for the 2 million pensioners who are considered to be living in ‘pension poverty’.

But, of course, our Government’s policy is to take from those who have given and give to those who take. So we’ll carry on being bombarded with messages about how our increasing numbers of elderly are a ‘burden’ and nobody will ever mention that our increasing numbers of M*sl*ms may be the real burden that we cannot afford as to dare to suggest that would be politically incorrect and even waaaccciiiisssttttt!

(Just a small but significant aside which shows how political correctness is perverting any discussion of the problems of multi-culturalism. When the ONS produced the chart above, they titled it “Around a third of Bangladeshis and Pakistanis…..”. Here’s the original ONS chart with the original headline:

UnemploymentBy Ethnic Group

Sorry, but if you look at the chart it’s not “around a third” it’s quite clearly “almost half”. That’s why I had to replace the ONS headline with my own, more accurate headline. So, why did the ONS write “around a third”? Because “around a third” wouldn’t make much of a newspaper story, whereas “almost half” really would give journalists something to get their teeth into. Given that most journalists are lazy and mathematically-illiterate, it’s clear the ONS got away with “around a third” as no journalist made the effort to actually look at the chart and see it was “almost half”)

6 comments to Granny/Grandad, hurry up and die so we can pay for more M*sl*ms

  • david brown

    most of the non Muslim African migrants do actually work.
    I suspect the job centers push other clients into seeking work so as to hit their targets for getting people off JSA . Leaving the Muslims to collect Jihad Seekers Allowance .
    Does anyone believe the close on half of adult male Muslims are just living on benefits? On the side they will be mini cabbing , working in fast food outlets many pretend Indian takeaways are run by people from Pakistan. The there are the Somali gangs who deal drugs to boost their income.

  • NoMore

    Excellent observation about the old age pensioners v M*sl*ms in terms of perceived burdens.

    To be fair to the ONS when they say “Around a third of Bangladeshis and Pakistanis are both not in paid work and say they do not want paid work” I read that as they are referring solely to the orange part of the bar which is about a third. A third is still unacceptable even allowing for the fact most of the women would otherwise mainly be on maternity leave anyway. It is the comparison with other ethnic groups that is the story here and plainly they are way out of step.

    Most of the males will be on low paid jobs as David Brown describes above and really living off the benefits and tax credits. We never needed any of them.

  • I believe you are wrong. The ‘not in paid work’ refers to the blue part of the bar and ‘say they do not want work’ refers to the orange part”. The ONS headline’s use of “both” makes clear that the “Around a third” refers to both the blue and the orange parts of the bar. That’s why the ONS headline is so dishonest and misleading.

  • david brown

    I may get link wrong but you can find the half figure on Telegraph website

    The ONS used the fact that there is more than one spelling of Muhammad to hide the fact it was one of the most popular names to give a boy.

  • Keen Reader

    It’s a standing “joke” amongst us oldies where I live that the systematic cut-back in services for the elderly, allied to difficulties in getting a GP appointment and subsequent long hospital waiting lists, not to mention the meagre State pension, together constitute a deliberate policy to see us off a.s.a.p. in order to make our pleasant owner-occupied homes available to immigrants.
    Incidentally, can anyone explain to me why a single pensioner, living alone, requiring normal meals and with a dwelling to maintain, is expected to live on not much more than £600 per month, whilst the cost of a single room in a Care Home costs around £3,000 per month and a Nursing Home £5,000 per month?

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