December 2023
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Our EU rulers are determined to crush the Greek rebellion

Everyone will have their own opinion of the Greek farce/tragedy currently being played out in Europe.

On one side: Many will feel the Greeks should pay back what they’re borrowed and then stolen or wasted. Plus they’ll feel that the Greeks need to transform their economy from a corrupt, Third-World kleptocracy run in the interests of a tiny rich elite into something more resembling a modern European country.

On the other side: People will recognise that Greece is bankrupt and has no chance of repaying its debts; that the Greeks – with the connivance of the empire-building eurocrats and the help of bankers from Goldman Sachs – fiddled its figures so it could join  the Eurozone and feel that the French and German banks which made huge loans to Greece should suffer for their mistakes and that it’s time to put together an economic recovery plan for Greece’s collapsed economy and suffering population

I normally like to write my own blogs. But this article from the Torygraph about the EU’s attempts to crush the Greek rebellion against the EU’s failing policies is so good, that I recommend it to readers as I could never write anything so accurate and so filled with righteous anger at our EU rulers’ stupidity:

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