November 2022
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“Feelings are the new truth and truth is the new blasphemy”

An interesting event in tiny Denmark. Just like in Britain, the opinion polls failed to predict an election victory by centrist parties who actually dare to be against mass immigration and the *sl*misation of Europe.

Why did the opinion polls fail yet again? Because we’ve all been so cowed by the politically correct in the media (BBC, Channel 4 etc) and all the supposedly ‘progressive’ opinion leaders, that we’re afraid to admit our real feelings about the M*sl*m invasion of Europe and the destruction of our countries and our identities. But when we get into the privacy of the voting booth, that’s the only chance we have to express our real anxieties about what our rulers are doing to our countries

Here’s the brilliant Pat Condell on YouTube ( 5 mins video) lamenting how we are giving up our right to free speech because of our fear of upsetting the lunatics and fanatics from the increasingly oppressive, fascist and triumphalist Religion of Peace:

5 comments to “Feelings are the new truth and truth is the new blasphemy”

  • NoMore

    What has been happening is free speech has been going underground and people are careful to only air their true thoughts to like-minded folk on sites such as this or friends that know think as they do.

    However as regards Islumization (sic) and excessive 3rd world immigration for the first time in decades people are feeling somewhat freer to voice their true opinions, even journalists in national newspapers, without being ostracized.

    The internet has helped enormously with both of these – you only have to read the comments under such articles in mainstream newspapers to see the sheer amount of growing rage at, and understanding of, what the “progressives” have done, and are still doing, to us. This further gives people confidence to speak out more as they see finally they are not alone or in a small minority.

  • Keen Reader

    Yep – he’s got it in 5 minutes’ courageous honesty. Most of us in the UK are now afraid publicly to voice our true opinions for fear of actual prosecution on grounds of inciting racism. Racism for its own sake is abhorrent; justified fear of invasion and takeover by an alien culture of one’s native land is not. Unfortunately when expressing distaste for the latter, one is liable to be accused of the former. Actual fear is a factor. Before our recent election I wasn’t surprised when, having openly declared on numerous occasions my intention to vote UKIP, my interlocutors looked at me conspiratorially and replied “So are we.” Similarly, when post-election I’ve told people whom I voted for, they’ve acknowledged, half shamefully, that Yes, they also voted UKIP and isn’t it unfair how few actual seats they’ve got? Free Speech in the UK is effectively dead because fear has taken over. We are watched, listened to, monitored in every aspect of our daily lives and I’ve little doubt that there’s a watchful eye on what I and other responders write here in response to the daily blogs. Probably, when some days no responses appear, it is because there is genuine fear amongst your readers of what could be the consequences of endorsing your opinions.

  • Simon

    “I’ve little doubt that there’s a watchful eye on what I and other responders write here in response to the daily blogs.” Apparently you are absolutely correct; this & other sites are regularly monitored. Personally I think those observing what we say & how we think can simply be classified as pathetic servants of a failed socialist state.

  • david brown

    its true the the internet has given people freedom to talk about one of the greatest issues confronting our England and many other western countries. Maybe a reason for Cameron enthusiasm for an opt in to access adult sites.As filters such as net nanny also block access to what they falsely class as hate sites eg
    The political correct state seeks to intimidate the people into silence on immigration by making examples of individuals read the story of Emma West on

  • John Fields

    I put my name on my comments because I believe, that as an Englishman ,
    freedom of speech is my birthright. If that is taken away or compromised, as old as I am,
    I will leave this country.

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