February 2024
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Why are ‘Fatty’ Fry and the lefties so quiet?

We all love Stephen Fry. Urbane, erudite, witty, cultured – a true national treasure. Though some of his more traditional fans might have slightly raised an eyebrow when the 57-year-old Fry got married to a man 30 years younger than himself.

But Stephen Fry is not just a skilled TV performer and highly successful writer. He is also a fearless (sometimes?) campaigner for LGBT rights. Prior to the Sochi Winter Olympics in Russia, he wrote a letter to David Cameron, Sebastian Coe and the head of the IOC demanding that the Sochi Olympics be moved to another country as a punishment for Russia’s supposed persecution of gays:

stephen fry letter

In his letter Fatty insisted: “The IOC absolutely must take a firm stance on behalf of the shared humanity it is supposed to represent against the barbaric, fascist law that Putin has pushed through the Duma”. Fry’s bold stance was, of course, supported by loads of other right-on lefty luvvies, Guardianistas and similar opinion leaders.

If I remember correctly, the legislation that Fatty called “the barbaric, fascist law that Putin has pushed through the Duma” just made it illegal to promote same-sex sex to underage children. So, perhaps not the most liberal of laws, but hardly “barbaric” or “fascist”.

Let’s spool forward to today. Whenever our friends in ISIL find someone they think might be gay, they take them up onto a high building and throw them off:

ISIL and gays

Then a mob is encouraged to kick, beat and stone the victim, whether they are dead or even still alive, and finally the remains are set on fire.

Now, that’s what I’d call “barbaric” and “fascist”. But strangely, Fatty Fry and the other leftie luvvies who so bravely suggested taking the Winter Olympics away from Russia, or at least a British boycott, have been curiously quiet. Not even a peep of criticism. Why ever not?

One reason is that lefties never criticise M*sl*ms and never dare suggest that *sl*m might be a violent, barbaric death cult rather than a religion. Lefties loathe Israel (the only democratic state in the Middle East) and they loathe America (which has twice made huge sacrifices to save Europe from a German takeover). But they love M*sl*ms and in their eyes our dear M*sl*m friends can do no wrong.

The other reason why lefties say nothing is that they’re afraid. They’re afraid of being accused of being “bigots” and “*sl*mophobes”  and thus losing their usually well-paid jobs. And they’re afraid of being killed by the very people they so eagerly support.

So, as Christians are slaughtered in the Middle East, the lefties say nothing. As gays are slaughtered in the Middle East, the lefties say nothing. But if Israel tries to defend itself against annihilation, the lefties are quickly up in arms.

It must be great to be a self-regarding, self-righteous, morally superior, hypocritical, condescending, bien pensant lefty where you always criticise those who would never fight back against you and you cower away from those who are actually doing evil.

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