September 2021
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If Indian Hindus can succeed, why can’t Blacks?

(Friday/weekend blog)

All Whites are racist scum

We all know that Britain and the USA are violent, dangerous, racist hell-holes in which all those from a BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) background are hideously oppressed and often murdered by white supremacists.

Any BLM protestor will tell you that. I mean it’s obvious innit? So […]

African Americans – some very inconvenient truths for BLM

Wednesday/Thursday blog

I’d like to start today’s blog with a chart I used a few days ago. It shows the percentage of African-American children born into single-parent households. I don’t use the word ‘family’ because having just a single parent isn’t really (in my humble prejudiced, prehistoric opinion) a ‘family’:

I used […]

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Adolf Eichmann and Nazi, slave-owning mass-murderers

(Sunday/Monday/Tuesday blog)

Thanks to a reader for alerting me to this story

Lewis Hamilton bravely speaks out against slavery

British motor-racing champion Lewis Hamilton has been outspoken in his support for Black Lives Matter and for the removal of any racist symbols: “I challenge government officials worldwide to make these changes and implement the peaceful […]

Is it our ‘racism’ or their culture to blame in the ‘BAME blame game’?

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

I almost threw up watching BBC Breakfast on Tuesday.

The first vomit-inducing story was a virtual beatification of the repulsive, dangerous, violent, druggie, criminal scumbag George Floyd. Interview after interview with his friends and family described him as a wonderful person, a ‘gentle giant’ who loved his mom, was a great father (to […]