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How the Democrats will win every election in the future

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

I’ll keep it short and sweet today.

Joe Biden supposedly got around 79,658,000 votes

Donald Trump officially got around 73,675,000 votes.

I write “around” as the final tallies haven’t come in yet. But we can still use the numbers we have.

Using these numbers, it would appear that the Democrats got around 5,983,000 more votes than the Republicans.

This means the Democrats got about 52% of the votes cast for either of the two main parties and the Republicans got 48%.

Importing democrat voters?

This is a pretty close result and no guarantee of a Democrat victory in 2024, especially if the Republicans put up a strong candidate like Nikki Haley – former governor of South Carolina and 29th US ambassador to the United Nations – or even Donald Trump.

No problem. The Democrats have a plan. Within the first few days of Biden getting into the White House (if he remembers where it is) he plans to launch legislation to give US citizenship to 10 to 12 million illegal immigrants. And who do you think those illegal immigrants will vote for in 2024? The Republicans who blocked their citizenship? Or the Democrats who gave them an amnesty and full citizenship?

Another 10 to 12 million Democrat voters by 2024 should pretty much ensure Democrats will never lose another election ever again.

Don’t believe me? Think I’m a crazed conspiracy theorist?

Well, just watch the first half minute of this interview with Sleepy, Creepy Joe Biden.

Doing a Blair?

Looks like the Democrats are going to “do a Blair” – scatter citizenships like confetti over hordes of Third-World garbage to increase the number of Democrat voters.

Here’s a chart from my book SQUANDERED. Blair claimed his government was successfully reducing the number of asylum applications (the dotted line on the chart). What he was really doing was throwing citizenships at potential asylum seekers (the unbroken line on the chart below) before they even had time to ask for asylum thus hugely increasing the number of Labour voters.

Just watch the first 35 seconds of the video below and you’ll see Biden’s plans to “do a Blair” by creating another 10 to 12 million Democrat voters:


7 comments to How the Democrats will win every election in the future

  • twi5ted

    Would not worry too much as elections will be irrelevant by end of Harris first term. Biden will be quickly removed from history books.

    Like East Germany you had a choice who to vote for but had to pay consequences if you did not vote for the state’s preferred candidate.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    Here, the two main branches of the LibLabCon Uniparty are already competing for the votes of the ‘Illegals’ currently streaming in over our undefended borders.

    With Johnson offering them all instant amnesty, Starmer calling for the maintenance of Open Borders, and the institution which once used to be our main source of national pride, the Royal Navy, bringing them in by the thousands, it’s a bit presumptious for any of us to criticise the the US for conniving at it’s own destruction.

    Anyone who still believes that there isn’t a plan behind all of this, when they see what’s going on all over the West despite the opinions of its citizens, is an idiot.

  • A Thorpe

    In the past immigrants have gone to America for the opportunities but if millions do not have citizenship they will not have those opportunities. They won’t be voting for the Democrats for very long if they are prevented from advancing. I can only see the economy declining under Biden and that is not a vote winner. The advance of socialism ultimately results in declining living standards and voters will not accept that. China has accepted capitalism to solve the problems of socialist poverty. Unfortunately, it looks as if many in the west are now incapable of taking responsibility for themselves and are increasingly looking to the state for support. When real austerity finally arrives it will wake up the woke masses, but recovery will not be easy.

  • bad brian

    Just because he is going to make legal 12 million illegal gimmiegrats into US citizens who will vote Democrat forever does not make him a manipulative, scumbag traitor.

    Now, to more important things,

    The Big Bake Off was won by a 20 year old white boy and it occurred to me the British Army could use this in their next recruitment video.

    Picture the scene;

    A squad is making their way in half light over rough ground.
    The soldiers look Asian, but not very Chinese . More “Where’s the snakbar ” types due to very successful previous recruitment campaigns.

    Suddenly the corporal in charge raises his hand to signal his squad to respectfully halt.

    A big fairy white lad cracks some eggs into a bowl and mixes in some flour nuts and rasins. Half a pint of milk follows, and a pinch of salt & sugar follows.

    Mix, mix mix mix and soon the gooey mess is poured into a 25 man cake tin ready for the oven at gas mark 4.

    “Hey whitey! an Asiatic type says gently so not to spook him, “We’ve built a five speed oven for you with optional fan settings in a bit of turf over there.”

    The camera backs away and the poofter is surrounded by all his Asian army pals who are eating cake and wondering if they should defect to ISIS.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    bad brian – that will be around the time that Shamima Begum becomes LibLabCon party Home Secretary. So in about ten years, I should think.

  • Brenda Blessed

    In my opinion, it doesn’t matter any longer which party or coalition here is in power. They are all owned here (and in the USA) by the liberal establishment (multinationals, media and social media, Big Tech and the entertainment industry). Their politicians face each other off much as the wrestlers do in World Wrestling Entertainment.

    Trump warned about vote rigging on a gargantuan scale but failed to set up effective monitoring of the voting and the mail-in ballots. Mail-in ballots should have had unified conditions applying to them – a deadline of being received and counted a week before the election.

    He could have used his first two years when he had control of the Senate and the Congress to sort out as much of that as possible. The Republicans in Name Only (RINOs) did not vote with the Decadents.

    The red states will probably secede from the union if the Decadents implement cultural Marxism.

  • Biden doesn’t seem to have dementia in that video.

    Maybe he was putting on an act because he wasn’t keen on being the nominee due to all of the dirt there was circulating on him. Such as his proven corruption in cahoots with his son, Hunter, that only the New York Post reported on, with the social media banning any other reports.

    Also, he probably knew that he would have to run with a godawful woman (affirmative-action Harris), who said that she believed the women who had accused him of sexual assaults just before she bowed out of the Democrat primaries after the first round due to having very low support.

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