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Can we believe anything our ‘scientists’ and ‘experts’ claim nowadays?

(Friday/weekend blog)

As I’m sure you know, studies of the demographic profile of victims of Xi’s Wuhan lab-released Chinese plague have shown that people from Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) communities are more likely to have serious health complications and are more likely to die from the Wu-Flu than white ethnic Brits.

Cue – much howling and moaning from the politically-correct, West-hating, progressive, BLM, virtue-signalling libtards especially at the useless, biased mainstream media like the BBC and worthless C4 News.

Result – the Government was forced to do a study to find out why our wonderful, multi-culturally-enriching BAME communities suffered disproportionately from the Chinese plague.

Why Whites are always to blame?

Simplifying greatly, we can say that there are three main possible reasons why our BAME communities have been worse affected by Xi Pingpong’s biological weapon:

  1. genetic differences
  2. cultural and behavioural differences
  3. institutional racism by us awful white Brits

Before we go on to the findings of the Government’s report into why the BAME communities were hit worse by Xi’s plague, let’s quickly look at the possible implications of the three above reasons:

  1. Genetic differences – had the Government’s report found that the BAME community’s higher rates of serious complications and deaths were due to genetic differences between BAME people and Whites, that would have opened a truly Brobdingnagian can of worms. After all, once you suggest that there are genetic differences between coloured people and Whites, then you risk nasty racists wondering whether these genetic differences could also include things like intelligence levels and physical strength. So, there was no way that the Government report would dare suggest that genetic differences could possibly be responsible for the BAME community being more affected by Xi’s Chinese plague than Whites
  2. Cultural and behavioural differences – another frighteningly sensitive can of worms. Were the Government report to suggest that some of our BAME friends ignored advice about social distancing because they believed that all Whitey’s laws should be ignored because their religion put their laws above those of the country in which they lived and even that some BAME were so dumb that they believed their god and prophet would protect them from the new plague – well that wouldn’t be too good for inter-community relations. So, there was no way that the Government report would dare suggest that cultural  and behavioural differences could possibly be responsible for the BAME community being more affected by Xi’s Wuhan Chinese plague than white Brits
  3. Institutional racism by us awful white Brits – the Government report could have found that the real reason BAME communities were worse affected by the Chinese Communist Party’s biological weapon was that all white people in Britain were institutionally racist. This supposed ‘institutional racism’ resulted in BAME people working disproportionately in lower-paid jobs where they were more likely to come into contact with people with Covid-19 whereas us repulsive racist Whites were more likely to have higher paid jobs which allowed us to work from home and thus reduce our exposure to Xi’s virus

So, what do you think the Government report concluded? Yup, it concluded that the reason BAME communities were worse affected by Xi’s virus had absolutely nothing to do do with genetic differences between different races, absolutely nothing to do with cultural and behavioural differences and was absolutely one hundred million percent due to institutional racism by us awful white Brits which led to BAME people being in lower-paid jobs, being more exposed to potential Covid-19 spreaders and living in poorer multi-generational households.

I ain’t no doctor, but….

I ain’t no doctor, but let’s just test whether part of the reason BAME communities were worse hit by the Chinese disease could actually be due to genetic differences. We’ll look at two possible genetic differences

  1. vitamin D absorption
  2. prevalence of diabetes

For reasons that should be obvious, just like the Government’s report, I won’t venture anywhere near possible cultural and behavioural differences between the BAME community and white Brits.

Vitamin D absorption

We now know that people with vitamin D deficiency are much more likely to catch Covid-19 and much more likely to experience serious illness from Covid-19. There are articles in The Lancet, The British Medical Journal and other once reputable publications confirming this. One article even noted that “More than 80% of hospital patients with Covid-19 lack vitamin D, which is among vitamins linked to fewer respiratory complaints, studies have found.”

The reason people with darker skins living in a European or North American country are more likely to suffer from vitamin D deficiency is obvious – skin colour has developed as an evolutionary change to adapt humans to countries where there are lower levels of sunlight (which supplies most of our vitamin D). Hence, Northern Europeans have much lighter skins than Southern Europeans who have lighter skins than Indians/Pakistanis who mostly have much lighter skins than Black Africans.

Yet, astonishingly the Government report appears to have ruled out the genetic differences in skin colour (and thus levels of vitamin D absorption and deficiency) as a possible contributory factor in the BAME community being worse affected by the Wu-Flu.

Prevalence of diabetes

We know that comorbidities like diabetes are likely to result in people having a worse outcome from a Covid-19 infection. And we know that diabetes is more prevalent in non-White communities:

Part of this prevalence is due to lifestyle and part due to genetic differences.

Yet, astonishingly the Government report appears to have ruled out the genetic differences in diabetes levels as a possible contributory factor in the BAME community being worse affected by the Wu-Flu.

The politicisation of science?

What the above suggests is that what we used to think of as ‘science’ – establishing and understanding natural laws through objective experimentation and analysis – is no longer ‘science’. It is a political act designed to promote a particular political or social agenda.

We’ve seen how supposed ‘science’ has been manipulated in order to promote the crazed Man-Made Global Warming or Climate Emergency or Climate Disaster or Extinction (or whatever it’s called this week) cult.

And now we see the same manipulation of what used to be medical science in order to promote the BLM, all-Whites-are-racists fraud.

Can we believe anything supposed ‘scientists’ and ‘experts’ claim nowadays? No!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11 comments to Can we believe anything our ‘scientists’ and ‘experts’ claim nowadays?

  • Hardcastle

    We are only allowed full exposure to the right kind of science and scientists.These are the bought,corrupt scientists who are employed to push political agendas, in other words it is not science at all.There are plenty of real scientists out there who are willing to question and challenge but as we have seen,they are deplatformed,dismissed from their jobs and their views hardly ever seen in the controlled MSM.Without the internet it would have been impossible to challenge this criminal dismantling of our country and democratic way of life at all.I am afraid that the only escape from this dystopia is mass disobedience,regrettably backed by force.These people will not listen to reason or go quietly.Forget voting them out of power,you will not get the chance one way or another.Huge numbers are ensconced in powerful positions where voting does not apply.Think BBC,National Trust, British Library, just to name a few of our institutions that have been infiltrated over many years.The so called pandemic that kills fewer people than the annual flu is just a convenient excuse to implement their endgame.It is not a conspiracy,its all out there,they are telling us what they are planning for us.It does not make easy reading and terrifying if you have grandchildren with futures you care about.

  • Stillreading

    I’ve just been listening with utter incredulity to the questions being phoned in to R4 by members of the great unwashed, asking some “expert” what they may do or not do, where they may go, whom they may see or not see, whether or not they may travel shortly bring home offspring who are students in “Tier 3” areas, when the family home is in a “Tier 2” etc. etc. etc. Just what has happened to people’s independence of thought, their willingness to show a bit of the old British Bulldog spirit? Actually to defy ludicrous and ill considered instructions? Evidently it’s been totally bred out of most by half a century of left-wing ideology and the Nannie State. As I wrote some time ago, for a government wishing to know whether an entire allegedly free population could be easily controlled, right down to with whom the individual may or may not enjoy a night of passion, this has proved an astonishingly affirmative trial run. They know now. Like lemmings over a cliff, or – infinitely worse – emulating the mass suicide in the States some years ago of hundreds of members of a bogus religious sect, most are evidently more than willing to connive in the Nation’s mass social and economic suicide. World wide, so far just under 1,500,000 have died from the Chinese plague. That is appreciably fewer than died in the Asian ‘Flu pandemic of the late 1950s, which I well remember. I had it and it wasn’t pleasant, but being ill never is. It killed around 2,000,000 worldwide (figures vary) and around 30,000 in the UK which, given the world and the UK populations were smaller then than now, probably constituted relatively more than have succumbed to covid-19. As a nation, though, we didn’t lose our sense of proportion. We didn’t terminally destroy peoples’ livelihoods or plunge the nation into gigantic debt which my grandchildren will be taxed all their lives to pay off. We continued to go to work, we weren’t forced to wear suffocating masks which I believe Prof Carl Heneghan has stated are ineffective, shops remained open, people continued to get happily merry in the pub in the evening and crowd into the football stadia for their weekly Saturday afternoon fix. As someone said recently, this is the first killer pandemic in world history when you have to be tested to see if you have it!

  • William Boreham

    The age and death rate from the Covid ‘plague’ up to Nov 13th:
    I ask you, were you aged under 45, would you have a dodgy vaccine injected into you that could have considerably more side-effects and consequent sickness than the real thing?

    85 years plus – 11766 male – 13738 female
    75 to 84 – 11897 male – 8096 female
    65 to 74 – 5962 – 3239
    45 to 64 – 3780 – 1997
    15 to 45 – 395 – 260
    1 to 14 – 2 – 2
    under 1 – 2 – 0

    One doesn’t have to look very far to find a significant amount of scepticism about the new ‘miracle’ vaccines on the internet:

  • Paul A

    Overturn the Ofcom ban on free speech in broadcast media. Earlier in 2020 OFCOM
    issued a series of innocent sounding Notes to Broadcasters in relation to reporting
    on Coronavirus matters. These require broadcasters to adhere to certain lines
    consistent with government policy and these have had the effect of suppressing
    much by way of alternative viewpoints. As we are no longer in a public health
    emergency, the justification for quashing alternative scientific voices has gone and
    only by hearing all views can a valid scientific consensus be reached.

  • Loppoman

    Question – Can we believe anything our ‘scientists’ and ‘experts’ claim nowadays?
    Answer – Absolutely not.
    @stillreading – stop listening to R4. You won’t get any sense out of them. I regularly listen to interactive Talk Radio which atm is the source of sense and free speech. Try it.
    I have relations who are frightened to death of Covid. They’re stuck in the house and listen to Nicola each day and suck in all she says. No wonder they’re depressed and deprived of any hope.
    Time to ignore these authorities.

  • A Thorpe

    Excellent comments above. Hardcastle is right to say we can use the internet to obtain a lot of information, but we will only do that if we question what we are being told and have some ability to understand the reasoning used in scientific papers. This is not easy when the education systems are not designed to teach us how to think for ourselves.

    Eisenhower warned us in his farewell speech about research being “conducted for, by, or at the direction of government” … “The prospect of domination of the nation’s scholars by government, project allocations, and the power of money is ever present – and is gravely to be regarded.” … “We must also be alert to the danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific-technological elite.”

    Returning to climate change one site I refer to is Climate of Sophistry. This echoes Eisenhower. The UN, NGOs, academia, and government bureaucrats have become staffed with sophists who will promote any idea for money. I don’t believe there is a conspiracy, it has just been a steady change over the last 70 years or so, and it happens because nobody is concerned about small changes. When we need another Eisenhower we have a kakistocracy.

    We are about to have vaccines imposed on us without rigorous testing. Just like the study reported above, the government will impose the vaccines because their policies are based on having one. We have not seen any detailed reports on the studies. We should be asking, if masks and social distancing work, and the people on the trial were following these rules, how do we know it was the vaccine and not the masks that prevented infection. We don’t need to know any science to ask this question. The media will not ask it.

  • Stillreading

    I doubt the vaccine will be made compulsory in Law. We’ll all be told we are at liberty to refuse, but advised to accept “for the sake of the NHS and our ancient at-risk relatives.”. In practice of course, if you decline and can’t produce a vaccination certificate, it is likely you won’t be permitted to eat in a restaurant, stay in a hotel, visit the pub, attend a theatre or a cinema or a museum, go to watch football or cricket, or even travel on a train or bus. I believe Quantas, the Australian airline, has already said that vaccination will be a pre-requisite for flying with them. As someone who has the ‘flu vaccination each year with no systemic after effects and who would rather not get the Chinese plague, I’ll take the vaccine when it’s offered, but I certainly object, on principle, to coercion by threat of deprivation of normal social activities and interaction. On this latter point, I’ve just returned from a brisk 4-mile walk around the outskirts of my small town. I stopped once for a longish chat with someone I’d never met before and probably shan’t again, but it was pleasant to enjoy the verbal contact which followed after we’d both nodded and said, “Good morning” and, in typical courteous English fashion, stood aside for the other to pass along a narrow alleyway. We found we share views on the current covid situation! I passed several groups of 3, 4 or 5 people who evidently did know each other and had met by chance while out dog-walking or shopping and they too were having good chin-wags. They certainly weren’t “socially distancing” at 2 mtrs and there wasn’t a mask in sight! Cheered me up no end!

  • twi5ted

    Conscientious objection to vaccination has always been written into legislation and so making it possible to decline the states kind offer. Mostly that applies to the middle classes as i am aware doctors in poorer areas will threaten and bully even remove patients from their list who refuse to comply.

    It will be interesting to watch how this is handled and if that clause is removed to prevent mass rejection.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    It’s very instructive to see how the Left have so suddenly caught up with the Right in their respective views of the international pharmaceutical cartel. For the left, Big Pharma was always the ruthless capitalist exploiter of the poor and the sick. Now, magically, it’s become the selfless, entirely disinterested saviour of mankind, and we should instantly accept all their assurances of efficacy and safety on their say-so – the Grauniad and the Indy are chock full of articles blandly attempting to reassure us all. And mysteriously, anyone who still holds to the Left’s previous Big Pharma narrative suddenly gets transmogrified into a tinfoil-hat-wearing ‘Far-Right Conspiracy Theorist’. Fascinating…..

    But back in the real world of money and power – none of the bureaucracies charged with determining both efficacy and safety of any vaccine will be under any pressure at all from politicians to come up with the ‘correct’ affirmative results quickly. None whatsoever. Absolutely no chance of any Blairish ‘dodgy dossier’ situation…….

  • A.F Fanculo

    It is utterly appalling that Covid virus can be more devastating due to genetic differences. it is more likely to cause problems in those persons who have a particular blood group, group A. Oh dear! this group is more prevalent in noncoloured (pink)Europeans. This of course does not fit the agenda so we will not look for any other genetic links.

  • It looks as if blood type, which is a genetic factor, does play a part in protecting against Covid-19.

    The Link Between Blood Type and COVID-19 Risk, Explained

    The rule of egalitarianism demands that distortions
    and falsehoods take place across the board because equality across the board does not exist.

    As Nietzsche wrote: “Nobody is more inferior than those who insist on being equal.”

    Last night, Sky News had a piece on education that came to the conclusion that nothing but systemic racism is to blame for black students only maintaining parity with white students up to GCSE level.

    Apparently, from A Level up to university level, they fall behind white students.

    The piece ended with a black female student of philosophy saying that she was the only black person in the class and as such did not feel as if she belonged at the university.

    As far as I know, submitted exam papers do not have the name of the student on them in order to avoid sexism and racism being put into practice by the exam-paper markers. Therefore, I have to suppose that the piece was an unspoken plea by Sky News for the introduction of affirmative action in order to overcome the supposed systemic racism in education.

    Everyone should know by now that worshipping lies leads to very bad places.

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