July 2024

Lefties quickly change their tune on the burqa!

(Wednesday blog)

The Westminster car crash

I suppose I should mention what the BBC is still calling the “Westminster crash”. It’s wonderful how the BBC still maintains it was a “crash” in spite of the fact that the driver drove around London for over half an hour looking for a decent-sized crowd to drive into.

As for the crasher, he’s a Sudanese (Moozerlum?) gentleman living in a multi-cultural, diverse, colourful area of Birmingham – a UK city where white ethnic Brits (as I highlighted in my blog yesterday) are in a minority.

Here’s the crasher:

Quite clearly the crasher will be found to be suffering from psychological problems. I’m sure we all wish him well with his recovery.

And, by the way, Mr Crasher, if you want to kill lots of stinking, ungodly infidels, you’ll need a nice big “truck of peace” like your chums used in Nice and Berlin and not a tiny secondhand Ford Fiesta:


Burqa babes – the lefties’ hypocrisy

The Establishment is howling with manufactured outrage at Boris Johnson’s burqa comments. As for the lefties, they’re foaming at the mouth and screaming for supposedly “racist”, “Izlumophobic” Johnson to be sacked. So this might be a good time to remind ourselves what a few prominent, (IMHO) sickeningly hypocritical lefties have said about burqa babes in the past.

Let’s start with the (IMHO) blubbery botty-bothering lefty luvvie and national treasure Sir Stephen Fry. Here he is on Have I got News For You making fun of a burqa babe saying what sounds like “I just posted a letter in something like that”:

Ooops. Mr Fry is apparently saying that a babe in a burqa looks like a letter-box. But I don’t remember the howls of lefty outrage. I don’t remember the self-righteous, holier-than-thou libtards screaming for the blubbery botty-botherer to be banned from our TV screens.

Then the other members of the programme also make their supposedly ‘humorous’ comments about the burqa babe. Again no lefty protests about those either. But when Boris merely repeats what Lord Stephen Fry says, there is widespread outrage. Odd that, isn’t it?

Or we could take lefty opinion-leader and Guardian columnist Polly Toynbee. Here’s what she wrote about the burqa in 2001 “The top-to-toe burka, with its sinister, airless little grille, is more than an instrument of persecution, it is a public tarring and feathering of female sexuality. It transforms any woman into an object of defilement too untouchably disgusting to be seen. It is a garment of lurid sexual suggestiveness: what rampant desire and desirability lurks and leers beneath its dark mysteries? In its objectifying of women, it turns them into cowering creatures demanding and expecting violence and victimisation. Forget cultural sensibilities.”

Or even the lovely, fragrant Cherie Blair in 2007: “if you get to a stage where a woman is not able to express her personality because you can’t see her face, then you do start to have to ask whether this is something that is actually acknowledging the woman’s right to be a person in her own right.”

I could go on, but I imagine readers now get the picture – the lefties seem to have done a stunning reverse ferret on the burqa. Until Boris made his comments, the lefties ridiculed the burqa and claimed it was an instrument for the oppression of women. But since Boris spoke, the lefties now claim the burqa is “practcal”, a symbol of freedom and empowerment and liberation of women and something we should welcome in a liberal open society etc etc etc blah blah blah.

Here’s the inimitable Paul Joseph Watson from 2017 ridiculing a BBC programme which tried to show the lefties’ new position on the burqa – how wonderful the burqa is.

Lefties – don’t they make you sick!!!!!!!!

5 comments to Lefties quickly change their tune on the burqa!

  • Eddie John

    I see this guy drove all the way from Birmingham to London to find a parking space.
    Quite amazing that the dumb f*****r did it when parliament was on holiday, wouldnt want our precious elite upeset would we.

  • david brown

    Great research. Maybe people can plug this on comments Mirror on line. A high percentage of its readers now view it on line. You can use a facebook profile to post giving web address to read the facts.
    They have run several anti-Johnson articles over his letterbox joke. The left and Islam are in an alliance to take over England. Much as the Molotov-Ribbentop alliance to invade Poland.

  • Stillreading

    According to the mainstream news channels, it remains uncertain whether yesterday was a terrorist attack or was attributable to some other cause. The perpetrator, an asylum seeker from Libya, subsequently granted British citizenship, maybe he was not terrorist motivated but was merely upset about some exam results! If the latter, let us all be on our guard when the “A”Level results come out tomorrow!!! Well, I know what I and all my acquaintances think, we oldies whose grandfathers and fathers fought in two World Wars to protect and preserve our culture and our Green and Pleasant Land. As for Sweden, words (or at least publicly acceptable words) fail me. The fear I feel for the futures of my beautiful grandchildren are literally inexpressible. Traditionally Western-style nations – the UK, the rest of Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand – are all galloping inexorably towards ultimate annihilation of everything we have held precious throughout for almost a millennium.

  • David Craig

    It was actually Sudan, not Libya. But they’re both just Shit-holistans

  • Stillreading

    You are of course correct. He is Sudanese, but I think I heard that he visited Libya either en route to the UK or subsequently. Why he should have wished to quit either of those utterly delightful North African nations for our poor little country defies imagination. I assume it wasn’t the weather. Oh! Could it be because of our generous benefits system, our religious tolerance, the unimpeded freedom we grant newcomers to go around murdering and creating mayhem?

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