June 2024

Miguel’s retirement plan vs M’hammed’s retirement plan

(Thursday blog)

The lunacy of our lame-brained leaders

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) run by wrinkled French prune, Christine Lagarde, has just issued a new report on Spain’s economic future:

According to the wrinkled Froggy prune Lagarde’s great organisation, Spain must open its borders to more than five million migrants over the coming decades in order to fund its pension system due to Spain’s ageing population.

This claim comes despite data that shows 3.5 million Spaniards are presently unable to find work, and that the country’s youth unemployment rate is stuck at 34 per cent. Even though Spain already has that huge wealth of untapped human potential suffering from unemployment, the IMF insisted that mass migration is the solution, by “increas[ing] the number of contributors to the pension system”.

Why is this new report important?

Because our globalist rulers are making the same ludicrous claim about all Western European countries. Because it was this type of thinking which led Adolf Merkel to open Germany’s borders to over a million invaders. Because it shows the utter stupidity of our lame-brained leaders.

So, let’s briefly analyse just 3 reasons why the pro-migration elites are so totally misguided:

1. Artificial intelligence

At the same time as our rulers are lecturing us about the need to tear down our borders and let Africa and the Middle East in, we’re also being warned about how artificial intelligence will destroy many traditional jobs and lead to mass unemployment in the West.

It is clear that increasing mechanisation of tasks reduces the need for workers. So we’ll be hard-pressed to find jobs for our own citizens.

Thus, we have absolutely no need for migrant hordes from Third-World shit-holes

2. IQ, skills and employability

Here they are – the Europeans of the future:

Apparently these are the doctors, engineers and computer scientists who will save Western Europe’s ageing population from economic collapse.

At least that’s what Adolf Merkel and French prune Lagarde and George Soros and the libtard BBC and C4 News and others of their ilk claim we pig-ignorant plebs should see in these pictures:

However, a misanthropic cynic might see an invading army of low-IQ, illiterate, violent, uneducated, unemployable human detritus who have ruined their own countries through their own stupidity and are now coming to ruin our countries turning Europe from an advanced civilisation into just another Third-World shit-hole:


3. Miguel’s retirement plan vs M’hammed’s retirement plan

But the biggest flaw in the Froggy prune’s ‘brilliant’ report is that most of the Third-World invaders have absolutely no intention of spending their lives working to pay taxes to support the retirement of ageing Europeans.

Our lamebrained leaders envisage a golden future where Miguel and Fritz and Luigi and Costas and Soren will enjoy comfortable retirements paid for by the hard work and taxes of M’hammed and Abdul and Ali and Hamza.

However, M’hammed and Abdul and Ali and Hamza have quite different plans. They plan to get into Europe, have multiple wives, produce as many mini-Jihadis as possible and then live comfortably on benefits of up to €100,000 a year for the rest of their lives with free schooling for their mini-Jihadis, free housing, free healthcare, free everything while supplementing their income from crime and getting their entertainment from ….well… know what……..

So, there’s a more than slight problem here – Miguel and M’hammed both plan to live comfortably from the hard work and taxes of the other.

Oooops, it seems as if our rulers haven’t thought about how deal with this not inconsiderable contradiction.


Meanwhile, back in Britain – it’s A’Level results day

Today over 200,000 school-leavers will decide to waste £60,000 each on useless degrees that won’t lead to graduate jobs.

Today school-leavers get their A’level results. Around 500,000 of them will be celebrating and heading off to university in September.
But should so many really bother going to university? At around £60,000 in tuition fees and living costs a Uni degree will be the second most expensive thing these school-leavers and their families will ever buy. However for at least 200,000 of them, their degree will not lead to a graduate job and a graduate salary and yet will burden them with unrepayable debt for most of their working lives.
My latest book THE GREAT UNIVERSITY CON exposes how many universities have gone from being centres of academic excellence to becoming large corporate, profit-obsessed businesses with overpaid chief executives intent on cramming in as many tuition-fees-paying students as possible regardless of whether students will benefit from their degrees and be able to get graduate jobs. On many courses, less than one in ten graduates will get graduate jobs.

5 comments to Miguel’s retirement plan vs M’hammed’s retirement plan

  • Julia Green

    Shocking that no other news outlets are saying what David Craig is saying, it’s a massive cover up.

  • Stillreading

    Surely even the most extreme libtard lefties of the UK, including those juveniles who learn today that they have been awarded A* A Levels on the basis of 56% exam attainment, can see the flaws in Lagarde’s case for Third World immigration into Europe? Though maybe not, conditioned as they have been since infancy into condemning as non-PC and unacceptably racist any suggestion that traditional Western beliefs and culture are worth admiring, honouring and preserving. What’s happening in Spain now is inevitably going to happen in the rest of Europe before much longer including the UK, irrespective of whether or not the Government eventually implements the Brexit we voted for. How the UK’s young, all undoubtedly much cleverer than am I or anyone of the despised older generation, think uncontrolled third world unskilled immigration is reconcilable with falling employment, falling tax take and increasing benefit payouts, remains wonderful and mysterious. Perhaps an aspiring graduate – a youngster who will soon be off to “uni” on the basis of one of the aforesaid A* A Levels – would like to explain it all to me. I am but a simple soul, after all. The most I can manage is to balance my very restricted outgoings against my very limited income!

  • Poppa Bear

    So we have to import tens of thousands of low IQ immigrants in order to pay the pensions of the current generation. If that is the case then who is going to pay the pensions of those thousands of immigrants in 50 years or so. Oh I see we then have to import tens of thousands more immigrants to pay their pensions. And so ad infinitum until there is nowhere left on our tiny island to stand let alone build homes. Sounds like a good plan – NOT !

  • Alan Thorpe

    The bigger picture with all of your recent posts is that they relate to the slow march of socialism taking over every democracy. It is impossible to stop and as Hayek said – it is the road to serfdom.

    The IMF was created to stabilise economies and exchange rates but it has achieved nothing and is now just another world political organisation. It was the gold standard that created stability. However, politicians realised that getting rid of this enabled them to print all the worthless money they wanted, and mugs that we are, we vote to support them because this money makes many feel rich, for a few years at least. Better to live of the effort of others than to work for yourself.

    I don’t blame the immigrants. Wouldn’t you do the same in their position? Nor do I look down on them for their poor education and different cultures. They are here because of western socialism and government control over private investment strategy. Private money goes where governments direct because they control the tax policy and they control business by regulation.Governments do nothing to stabilise third world economies and stop civil wars and corruption. It suits them to take the high moral ground of handing out our money in the name of humanitarian aid, while they sell them arms or drop bombs on them. This stops private investment in third world countries because the risk is too great, but this is the only way to enable third world countries to develop. The socialist west does not want this because third world development will undercut our products and socialists have no idea how to adapt to change.

    Instead they encourage immigration with the ridiculous belief that they will bring skills and do jobs that we cannot do because our population is too low. The snowflake generation adore this because they have been brainwashed to ignore facts and base their opinions on compassion and the belief that sharing will solve world problems. It is why nothing is done about terrorism. The young let the governments off the hook with their cries of love not hate.

    The brainwashing takes place in our schools and universities. Socialism wants to control our minds. It is the new religion. The church did not want us to read the word of god and politicians do not want us to have a free mind. Free thinkers are difficult to control. Look at the poor quality of debates in universities. They are on YouTube. Billions of people must now believe that we can control the climate. It is the biggest scientific fraud ever created and is supported by socialists like Professor Brian Cox, who now has made science into a political issue to be distorted to make the masses accept utter nonsense as the truth. All of course supported by our brainless celebrities and the media.

    Margaret Thatcher was the only PM to see the dangers of socialism and since she was kicked out our PMs have all been socialists, from Major to May. Some Americans supported Trump to end the socialist policies of Obama. Socialism cannot be defeated because the masses always vote to control the keys to the treasury and no politician can get elected without making socialist promises. Trump has done this with jobs. He is making American steel more expensive and jobs will go somewhere else to compensate. Exports will become more expensive and there will be less money to pay for imports. Debt will increase. His supporters do not understand that these are socialist policies.

    I believe that our intelligence is now working against us. It has brought about great achievements and increased standards of living throughout the world but now we see that many people are being excluded from wealth generation in the developed world. It is because change is happening too rapidly. This is where Thatcher went wrong. She was right to stop public support of failing industries but she thought new jobs could be created. They cannot because people cannot adapt quickly to do other jobs and new industries cannot be created to replace those lost and be competitive with the developing world. Trump will find the same with his public support of American industries. The economy will suffer as it always does when politicians try to control it. I doubt they see themselves as socialist but that is exactly what they all are. All democracies are doomed to failure because the masses vote for the government to have unlimited access to private property and the ability to operate wealth redistribution systems. Politicians use this as the means to power and control over us. The Spectator today talks about buffocracy – control by people who have the ability to talk confidently but understand bugger all. And that sums up the prune in charge of the IMF.

    It will all have to collapse because change is completely impossible. Whether we can recover from a collapse is doubtful in my view. All this happened with the early settlers to America. They were sent off with the socialist belief that they should share the land and support each other. Some worked, some didn’t and the result was that most died. The next settlers were given private property to support themselves and they thrived.

  • David Craig

    Eeek! That’s a long comment.

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