June 2024

Those silly billies in America don’t understand the joys of multi-culturalism

(Tuesday blog)


I’m going to be busy for the next month as I have to send around 150 emails a day trying to push up sales of my latest book THE GREAT UNIVERSITY CON. (I expect to sell only about 2-3 books for every 100 emails sent, so it’s a bit of an uphill struggle).

So I was planning on stopping this blog.

But every time I decide to stop writing my blog because readers won’t show their support by buying copies of my latest book, a couple of readers make donations to my site and a couple of others tell me they’ve bought all my books and then I feel obliged to carry on with my daily drivelling in spite of the fact that 99.5% of readers refuse to show any support.

It’s not fair!

I don’t need your money. I only get £0.45 for every book sold. What I need is to sell just 5 or 6 copies a day as that would push my book up to being the top-seller in “Education” on Amazon and thus bring it to the attention of people interested in the subject.

Oh, by the way, I should be briefly on Radio Surrey/Sussex at around 10.10 this morning.

Sweden – going, going…….

There were organised riots in Sweden last night when apparently gangs of “dark-skinned” youths set fire to over 90 cars in eight different locations:

This rioting follows an attack on a police station that was being built in a heavily migrant area of the Swedish city of Gothenberg.

Perhaps they were just showing their gratitude to the Swedish people for providing them with homes, money and loads of lovely blondes to molest?

Silly billy Americans don’t understand the joys of multi-culturalism

Here’s a shortish video made by some very very stupid American people. They’re so stupid. Really really stupid. They simply don’t seem to understand all the benefits open borders and uncontrolled immigration and multi-culturalism and diversity have brought to once great Britain.

How can anyone be so very very silly?

Thankfully we have the libtard BBC and C4 News to tell us daily how fantastic open borders and uncontrolled immigration and multi-culturalism and diversity have been for our once great country. I believe the BBC is even running a series of programmes called something like “The Great Asian Summer”.

Well done, BBC. Thank you, BBC. Thank you for giving us real news, not like the biased fake news in the video below!

4 comments to Those silly billies in America don’t understand the joys of multi-culturalism

  • Daveh

    Them damned Yanks don’t know nuffink.
    Just bought the book, i hope it measures up to Forget The Foreplay.

    Keep smiling mate.

  • Stillreading

    Once again in London this morning around 7.40 the joys of multiculturalism were experienced when a car was driven at speed into a group of cyclists waiting at a red light. We are all delighted to know that there have been no fatalities. It is not yet confirmed that this was “an act of terrorism”. It’s possible that the perpetrator is mentally ill and therefore not responsible for his actions, in which case let us all extend him our deepest sympathy.

  • Brian Rodney

    The cultural-enricher who drove a vehicle into a group of cyclists in London, is reported to be an ‘ asylum – seeker ‘ from the Sudan, he lives in…….Birmingham.

  • NoMore

    He just wanted to express his thanks at being allowed to live in a great first world country instead of a sh!thole like the Sudan.

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