June 2022
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Wild Bill for America and Canadistan’s fascist police

(Why oh why, does my website only attract the tight-fisted who absolutely refuse to buy my books to show any support for the work I do and the money I spend running the blog? I suppose all the normal people are reading Breitbart)

First, three pieces of good news from America.

  1. Most readers will know that the US Supreme Court has largely upheld Trump’s temporary travel restrictions on six countries where inbred, low-IQ, violent, West-loathing crazies are murdering other crazies and would murder loads of Americans if they could just get across the border. That Supreme Court decision will have the lefty ignoramuses choking on their eco-friendly yoghurts
  2. There was a local election for a vacant seat in the House of Representatives recently. Up till the election, the mainstream media were bombarding us with supposed polls showing that Trump was the most unpopular president in US history and claiming that the libtard, hug-a-rapefugee Clintonistas would easily win. But when the votes were counted, it turned out that the Republicans had won. Oooops, more libturds choking on their organic muesli
  3. Apparently three journalists from CNN (the Clinton News Network) ‘resigned’ a couple of days ago when it was revealed that they had been making up stories about supposed connections between democratically-elected President Trump’s associates and representatives of the Russian Government.

Oh dear, in the USA it hasn’t been a great week so far for lefty, democracy-hating, free-speech-loathing, mouth-frothing libtards.

But now on to today’s little story. Apparently there’s a guy in the US who posts short videos on YouTube under the title “Wild Bill in America”. I think he’s a former policeman with 20 years service. In his videos he tends to criticise the lefties’ attempts to destroy America through race replacement and outlawing free speech.

Anyway, a few days ago Wild Bill went to speak at an event in Canada. The subject of his talk was apparently about how Sharia Law oppresses women and the need for people to be able to criticise the Moozerlumification of the West.

In this video, Wild Bill describes how he was held by Canadian border guards for seven hours while being questioned and threatened. What he describes is more like a scene from a totalitarian sh*t-hole like North Korea or Saudi Arabia rather than from a supposed free democracy like Canada.

You don’t need to watch the whole video to get a sense for how Canada’s authorities have become increasingly fascist in their attempts to crush anyone daring to criticise their rulers’ betrayal of their own country.

As I was threatened by the British police a few months ago and warned of serious consequences unless I toned down my blog, I have a slight idea of how political correctness has corrupted our once free country in the same way that Wild Bill describes.

But perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised at Wild Bill’s story – after all, under ever-so-liberal Justin Trudeau Canada is turning into North America’s Sweden

Anyway, here’s Wild Bill, who is actually quite calm and not at all ‘wild’ in spite of how he was mistreated when trying to visit Canadistan:

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