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We all want more migration and more enrichment, don’t we?

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Multi-cultural enrichment reaches Ireland

As all the usual handwringers and their progressive, holier-than-thou UK-haters in the mainstream media howl and scream about the UK Government’s plan to screen illegal migrants in Rwanda, I thought I might bring you a short, heart-warming story of migration, diversity and multi-cultural enrichment from Ireland.

The story features a Mr. Yousef Palani. As you might have guessed, Mr Yousef Palani is not a native-born Irishman. He came to Ireland from some religiously-backward, Middle-East hell-hole and was, like so many migrants, given leave to remain in Ireland and lots of Irish taxpayers’ money so he could enjoy his stay in the former Celtic Tiger country.

Mr. Yousef Palani has become famous because he has just been charged for allegedly murdering two Irishmen and trying to murder a third. I believe that all three crimes took place in the week before Easter. All three men attacked by the multi-culturally enriching Yousef Palani were gay men who Palani met through dating websites for gay men:

Both murdered men suffered “significant” injuries, said An Garda Síochána, Ireland’s police force.

But what are “significant” injuries? The Irish media have been quite coy about this. But one media outlet reported that our friend, Yousef Palani, beheaded at least one and probably both murder victims. Moreover, I have been told (but have been unable to verify this) that Mr Palani also castrated both men. If this is true, we don’t know whether the castrations took place before the beheadings or after. And, although the Irish police will know, you can be sure that we’ll never be told. After all, such information may harm community relations.

It seems that for some strange and unfathomable reason – I can’t imagine what this could be – Mr Yousef Palani wasn’t particularly tolerant of people of the LGBT+++ persuasion

Mr Yousef Palani will, of course, get free legal aid in Ireland as he is (surprise, surprise) unemployed.

The usual progressive, virtue-signalling, migrant-hugging do-gooders obviously think it’s wonderful to bring as many people as possible from the world’s most primitive, horrendous hell-holes to Ireland:

After all, we all want more diversity and enrichment, don’t we? We all know that ‘diversity is our strength’:

But there may be some cynics who wonder if this really is such a great idea after all.

Thank heavens for GB News

Just in case you haven’t seen it, here’s a 10-minute video clip from the magnificent Neil Oliver from Saturday 16 April in which he dares to question many of the Shibboleths of our progressive, globalist, diversity- and inclusivity-obsessed superiors:

2 comments to We all want more migration and more enrichment, don’t we?

  • A Thorpe

    Should we be looking at these murders in isolation? What about the recent murders of four gay men by Steven Port in Barking, and what about Dennis Nilsen who is said to have murdered up to 12 gay men and did even worse things to their bodies? Are the murders in NI about immigration and different cultures or just attacks on gay men? The NI and Steven Port murders have something else in common. The murderers used gay dating sites to find the victims. The police thought the men murdered by Steven Port did not matter because they assumed that they were drug users and saw no other connection. A point that Oliver makes – today some events and people don’t seem to matter to the authorities. Before looking at this I watched a short clip of Jordan Peterson talking about the unlimited access that men have to pornography and that it does have an effect on their behaviour. Technology is influencing our behaviour and normalising what used to be unacceptable. Look at TV and the ridiculous Naked Attraction dating and the reality shows about dating. Technology has even bigger influences in forming opinion through social media where “likes“ turn nonsense into facts not to be questioned.

    Oliver talks about rights and freedoms, but when did we get these? Mostly from 1960 onwards and it was because the elites lost control. Now they want it back, but they are creating chaos in the process.

  • A Thorpe

    I’ve just read a reference to a song written in 1934 called Cambalache. There is a version on YouTube with subtitles. Here is a link
    There’s nothing really new, and perhaps the latter half of the 20th century was the period of delusions. Now we are going back to the reality of life as it was for 1000s of years.

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