September 2020
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Our increasingly diverse world is enriched every day

(Wednesday blog)

It’s always spiritually uplifting to celebrate the tremendous contributions diversity and the Religion of Peacefulness make to our world every day:

Those Lesbos lies

There has been great bleating and moaning and howling in the UK mainstream media for the last few days about the supposedly dreadful conditions being endured by the poor […]

Poor Cressida, she ticks all the right boxes – yet the lefties still hate her

(Tuesday blog)

Poor Cressida, she ticks all the right boxes

You could be forgiven for feeling ever so slightly sorry for the head of the Met Police – Dame Cressida ‘Dickless’ Dick.

She ticks almost all the required diversity boxes – woman, lesbian, incompetent, woke, ugly. And yet the radical left is still unhappy with […]

Mad Hillary still blames the Russians

(Monday blog)

You couldn’t make it up

This weekend we had the fervent Remoaner and (IMHO) lying war criminal, Tony Blair, criticising Boris Johnson’s government for supposedly ‘breaking international law”. They even had Blair’s sidekick, Alistair Campbell, being interviewed on TV also putting the boot in.

I seem to have a vague recollection of a […]

Was Friday evening’s “Millionaire” a fix?

(weekend blog – this weekend, a less serious subject than usual)

Like probably many millions of others, I watched Friday evening’s “WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE?”. And like probably many millions of others I saw the contestant, Donald Fear, win one million pounds. After all, there had been loads of stories in the mainstream […]

“No one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it” George Orwell

(Friday blog)

First let’s start with something slightly less serious.

Latest news from the US elections

Joe Biden emerges from his basement:

Russia first with Covid-19 vaccine?

Meanwhile, as the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine trials are temporarily halted, Russia seems to be rushing ahead in the race to be the first country to […]

Douglas Murray at his best?

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

I normally never watch any Youtube videos longer than about five minutes. I believe that if someone has something important to say, five minutes should be enough. Therefore there’s no need to go blethering on and on and on…..

But even though this recent Douglas Murray video is over 45 minutes long, I […]

Sky News says Global Warming is total bollox

(Tuesday blog)

Oh dear, nobody understands me

First I wanted to correct what seems to be a misunderstanding over yesterday’s blog. In the blog I featured what I thought was a brilliant piece from Sky News (Australia). This suggested our rulers would use the same tactics they have used to crush us into submission to […]

Will our rulers reimpose Covid-19 restrictions to fight supposed ‘Climate Change’?

(Monday blog)

Wonderful, wonderful Sky News

On each of the next three days, I propose to feature short videos from possibly the best TV news station in the world – Sky News.

No! Not Sky News UK! Sky News UK is just the same EU-loving, Greta-adoring, West-hating, Trump-loathing, rapemigrant-pandering, BLM-knee-taking, UK-despising leftist propaganda we get […]

How low will the lying, progressive, libtard, Trump-hating media go?

(weekend blog)

Australia’s fascist biased BLM-loving police?

Yesterday I wrote a blog about how the Australian state of Victoria sent its police to arrest a pregnant woman for supposed “incitement”. Her ‘crime’ was to write something on Facebook encouraging people to take part in a protest about Victoria premier Daniel ‘China’ Andrews’s draconian State of […]

Are Australia’s fascist police out of control?

(Friday blog)

Australia’s fascist police crack down on dissent?

I apologise if you’ve already seen the short video below. I wrote this blog on Wednesday, but since then this story has gone round the world. However, the video is so shocking, that I believe it’s important to highlight it to anyone who hasn’t yet seen […]