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Sky News says Global Warming is total bollox

(Tuesday blog)

Oh dear, nobody understands me

First I wanted to correct what seems to be a misunderstanding over yesterday’s blog. In the blog I featured what I thought was a brilliant piece from Sky News (Australia). This suggested our rulers would use the same tactics they have used to crush us into submission to their Covid-19 lockdowns when forcing us to obey their  inevitable Global Warming (Climate Change) restrictions on our freedoms.

Some readers seem to think I was suggesting some huge global conspiracy against us. For example, one wrote “I’m no longer sure that our rulers as you define them have a plan to make us obedient and give up our freedoms. It suggests a conspiracy and I cannot see how something as big as this could have been planned without it leaking out.”

That was not my intention. There’s no way I was suggesting some huge David-Icke-like conspiracy. That would be stupid. All I was trying to propose was that our rulers – international organisations like the UN and WHO, national politicians, bureaucrats, climate ‘experts’ and police – would naturally tend to enforce restrictions on our freedoms to supposedly “save the planet” using the same tactics and fake statistics they have used in the Chinese plague clampdown.

Hopefully that’s a bit clearer?

Talking of Global Warming or Climate Change or Climate Emergency…

And while we’re on the subject of Global Warming or Climate Change or Climate Emergency or Climate Extinction or whatever it’s called this month, here’s my second short video from the excellent Sky News (Australia).

If you Google something like ‘Arctic sea ice chart’, you’ll get graphs like this ‘proving’ all the Arctic sea ice will soon be gone:

Or like this proving there has been no change at all in Arctic sea ice:

But even if you believe Arctic sea ice is declining  due to supposed Global Warming, most scientists believe that Antarctic sea ice is actually increasing:

That may be why the infamous ‘ship of fools’ (Akademik Shokalskiy) – the boat of Warmies and attention-seeking luvvies, who went to Antarctica in January 2014 (the height of the Antarctic summer when ice should be at a minimum) to ‘prove’ the ice was melting – got stuck in thick ice and then the boat sent to rescue them also got stuck.

If the chart above is accurate, this suggests a shift in climate rather than a general global warming.

Anyway, the purpose of today’s blog is not to try to resolve the screaming rows between the Warmies and the realists. The only purpose of today’s blog is to give readers the pleasure of seeing a news channel dare to debunk and even mock the Global Warming hysteria.

There is no news channel in the UK which would allow anything like this to ever be broadcast as anyone (remember David Bellamy?) who dares cast doubt on the Global Warming cult immediately gets crushed by a twitterstorm and cancelled:

4 comments to Sky News says Global Warming is total bollox

  • Stillreading

    There are signs today that they are preparing us for another general lockdown. Caerphilly residents locked in (or out!) with effect from 6 p.m. today “except for essential business”. (Who is to decide what’s essential and what isn’t?) Some English towns still “under lockdown”, because “testing” indicates that there are more cases, mainly amongst the under 30s, who suffer minimally or not at all. First time around we were all told that we must obey dictats “to save the NHS” – whose remit, as this blog pointed out at the time, is actually to save us! So not long I reckon before we are all incarcerated again, forbidden to visit our families, forbidden to hug our grandchildren, those children’s education further disrupted, more businesses collapsing, the national debt increasing past its already astronomical level, no surgery or post-op treatment for cancer patients, Referrals already made indefinitely on hold, no face-to-face GP appointments, virtually no dental treatment. And absolutely nothing which is FUN! We tolerated it first time around, out of fear either of the plague itself or of the sanctions of the Law should we flout instructions. Shall we, as a population, tolerate it again? Interesting times ahead. Happy winter everyone!

  • Loppoman

    No, I don’t think we will tolerate another lockdown. I don’t think it has done any good so far and people know it. I do suspect we are being programmed for some future agenda which will take us away from the life we enjoyed to something totalitarian.

  • A Thorpe

    David, I apologise for any misunderstanding yesterday. You did not mention a conspiracy and I was trying to make sense of your paragraph about our “rulers”. What puzzled me was the number of organisations you included in the definition. You said they were surprised to find how easy it was to take away our freedoms. I can only see this as a conspiracy because they, and in particular our government, have not stated openly that their policy is to take away our freedoms. I did go on to say I thought they had no plan and it was utter chaos they have created because they have no idea what they are doing. Thomas Sowell who was a Marxist in his younger days says that Marxism has sensible ideas and he still believes that, but now he understands that it is impossible to implement those ideas and the consequences of doing so are there for everybody to see. It could well be that the environmental movement genuinely believe that the planet must be saved from us and their actions are essential, but just like Marxism, they cannot see the consequences of their proposals. The same can be said of the coronavirus policies and those supporting the policies believe saving lives is more important than the consequences of the policies, which they cannot see.

    I value the opportunity that your website gives to discuss views and also that nobody slings insults about, which happens on newspaper comments. But it is the same few people who have similar thoughts. Are we wrong? More importantly, if we are right, what can we do about it, because I do not know what that can be apart from discussing ideas with people who do not agree, and as I said yesterday, I find their minds are closed to ideas that challenge the accepted view of our “rulers”. There are YouTube channels, such as Tony Heller, challenging the view of human caused global warming and he has a large number of followers, and extensive comments. There is very little sign that he has any influence on people who accept human caused climate change. This applies to all internet activity on climate change, it just consists of polarised views and nobody is going to be influenced to change their minds. Science is not a matter of opinion, but this is what it has become in the hands of the IPCC and governments.

    I don’t have any family and don’t have any direct contract with younger people at school or university, and it concerns me how easy it seems to be to influence the younger generations. We see this with the school climate marches and the deplatforming of speakers at universities show how both the universities and their students are opposed to having the accepted view being challenged. Should it come as any surprise that there are huge numbers of people willing to accept the views of the “rulers”? I described this yesterday as a positive feedback system which just strengthens the views of “rulers and subjects“ into believing they are right. The west is leaving science behind and returning to the dark ages.

    You cannot blame the rulers for restricting our freedoms when a majority seem more than wiling to accept the restrictions.

    In my view the restrictions related to global warming are already in place and the covid restriction are following on. Climate control policies started under the Blair government with Ed Miliband and they have continued with every government since. Obama did the same and Trump has reversed some of his actions making America energy self-sufficient. Our government has forced up energy costs and imposed income tax increases on us to pay for climate change policies. These are closing down cheap and reliable coal and eventually gas power stations and replacing them with expensive and unreliable renewable energy. They now have more control over energy prices and policy than they did under nationalisation. The consequences of these actions can be seen in California where they have made more progress to zero-carbon policies and they now have blackouts as a result. The policies are also starting to influence motoring with electric and hybrid cars and the expansion of cycle lanes and other traffic measures to slow down motorised transport. The environmental issues of recycling all the batteries, solar panels and wind turbines have not been considered.

    Your graphs illustrate the problem with climate change. We are bombarded with endless claims about polar ice, mostly saying that it is melting. How can we know who is correct without extensive research? Tony Heller claims that NASA is manipulating temperature data to remove the 1920-30 higher temperatures in America. I have not attempted to check his claims. We saw Michael Mann remove the Medieval Warm Period with his hockey stick work and in spite of legal action in the USA he has still not published his data and computer code.

    All I know is that looking at the past proxy temperature records of ice ages is that we have had several and there is no reason to think that these will continue. This means we are approaching the peak of an interglacial and so I expect the climate to get warmer. This is obvious in the UK. There is no denying that winters have become warmer in my lifetime. The ice core data show the long term changes between ice ages and interglacials but they are not smooth curves. There are constant cycles of warmer and colder periods, hence the Roman and Medieval warm periods and Little Ice Age. We might have a cold period followed by more warming before the earth declines into another ice age. The problem is that research is being diverted into the nonsense of human caused climate change. I’m not impressed with the video. It contains no science and is just discussing observations of ice coverage. Science needs evidence to show the cause and the video does not give any.

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