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Mad Hillary still blames the Russians

(Monday blog)

You couldn’t make it up

This weekend we had the fervent Remoaner and (IMHO) lying war criminal, Tony Blair, criticising Boris Johnson’s government for supposedly ‘breaking international law”. They even had Blair’s sidekick, Alistair Campbell, being interviewed on TV also putting the boot in.

I seem to have a vague recollection of a Blair government enthusiastically participating in a military attack on Iraq, which cost hundreds of thousands of lives, using the manufactured and false excuse that Iraq could launch WMDs within 45 minutes.

Unfortunately, those supposed ‘WMDs’ were never found.

Breaking international law? Perhaps Mr Blair has a short memory?

The madness of President Hillary?

I don’t have a new story today. So I thought it might be mildly amusing to remind everyone of the madness of sore loser – unhinged Democrat Hillary Clinton.

If you go onto Youtube and search for something like “Hillary Clinton blames the Russians”, you’ll find loads and loads of video recordings of interviews with mad Hillary Clinton after her 2016 defeat to Donald Trump. In every interview she rants on about how the Russians and Putin helped Trump beat her and about how she was cheated out of the presidency by Putin and the Russians.

However, if you then apply a filter to the Youtube search results to only include videos uploaded in the last week or so, you’ll come across the very short video below.

Yup, it’s Hillary Clinton still blaming the Russians for her defeat. Moreover, she’s now claiming the Russians are interfering in the coming 2020 election to help Trump beat the wonderful, dynamic Joe Biden in the same way the Russians allegedly helped Trump defeat her.

It’s slightly amusing to look at Bill Clinton’s dismayed face as Hillary rants and raves still blaming her defeat on the Russians rather on the fact that she lost because she is distrusted and loathed by a huge number of Americans.

I suspect that Bill’s life with crazy, paranoid Hillary is not a bundle of laughs and that there’s very little boom boom for Bill’s formerly very active willy:

5 comments to Mad Hillary still blames the Russians

  • A Thorpe

    My story of today would be the Madness of the BBC after their cringemaking Extinction programme last night. Apparently, everything we do is bad. We should not extract anything else from the earth, including water, I assume. Globalism has to stop, and history tells us what happens to countries that isolate themselves from the rest of the world. Even the coronavirus is caused by our damage to mother Earth. The conclusion which they couldn’t bring themselves to say is that the human race must become extinct to save everything else. I assume there would be elite exceptions but how they think they will survive without the slaves to provide for them was not made clear.

  • Loppoman

    I knew exactly what that program would be so I did not watch. With Attenborough at the helm and the BBC production what else could it be? Let’s scare the hell out of the population!!

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    There seems to be some psychological quirk amongst many members of the human race which requires a Doomsday scenario, one that enables them to feel guilty about the simple fact of being alive.

    My reply to programmes such as that mentioned by A Thorpe, and to the news that our Gauleiters are to ban internal combustion-engined cars in 2030, is this piece that I posted elsewhere two years ago –

    I have been thinking today about the subject of the various kinds of pollution that sundry environmental lobby groups keep telling us are killing us off, such as car exhausts and power station/factory emissions, and which they claim are getting steadily worse and need to be tackled ‘urgently’.

    Now, even if you totally ignore the fact that the figures for average life expectancy are climbing relentlessly upwards in all developed countries, to the extent that other lobby groups are claiming that this is leading to an inevitable crisis in social care, just think on this –
    We are all the inheritors of immune systems from ancestors who were, by definition, the Survivors. Otherwise we wouldn’t be here.

    They were the survivors of epidemics of Bubonic plague, the Black Death, Typhus, Cholera, Dysentry, the great ‘flu epidemic of 1918 that killed more people than WW1, and countless other epidemics that occurred long before historical records began.

    They survived thousands of years of unpurified water supplies, total absence of sewage disposal facilities, un-pasteurised milk, meat that had never been cleared by inspectors because there weren’t any..

    They survived thousands of years of smoke from wood, oil, and coal fires. They survived infestations of lice, rats, mice, cockroaches. They survived winters with the most primitive of heating.

    They survived streets that were always coated with manure from thousands of horses, sheep, cattle, and stray dogs. They survived the germs brought into every household by the millions of flies that thrived on that manure.

    So, to be frank, the notion that a bit of car exhaust is about to kill us all off is very, very stupid. I myself and my London contemporaries all grew up in a town that was entirely heated, and largely supplied, by the burning of huge tonnages of coal, both in domestic fires, industrial factories, and railway locomotives. There were no catalytic converters on car or lorry exhausts. Yet we thrived, were fit and healthy, and passed our school exams. My mum lived her entire life in that environment, to the age of 103.

    Nobody that I knew then had an allergy of any kind, unlike today when children seem to acquire a multitude of them as a matter of course. Is it possible that children are being brought up nowadays in an environment that is actually too clean, so their immune systems aren’t getting the chance to develop?

    IMHO it’s high time we reminded these professional lobbyists of a few obvious facts like the ones above.

  • twi5ted

    The left around the world have turned against their blue collar conservative bases. Embracing extreme liberalism manifesting as internationalism, climate change, identity politics and neocon wars. All these policies fly in the face of reality and merely divide and attack their traditional supporters plus all are hugely wasteful linked to corruption and ever higher taxes. Foreign aid is a good example that few trust.

    The same policies have been defeated many times around the world in US, UK, Australia, Brazil etc.

    Hilary is typical blaming anything but the failed student union politics she has embraced. Trump is going to win big i feel and could take both houses unless the dems peddle backwards. And if they lose again will the left take stock and seek to reconnect with their base or continue to persecute and attack them.

  • Mark

    Ha ha ha, Bills face says it all.

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