November 2016
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OMG! OMG!!! OMG!!!!!! I agree with Piers Morgan

I never thought I’d write this, but for once I agree with the (IMHO) smarmy, repulsive, creature that is Piers Morgan.

I imagine you’ll probably agree with him too.

For the BBC “Populist” is bad and “Elitist” is good

One of the most common insults the BBC and other mainstream media scum use to show their contempt for people like Nigel Farage, Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders is “populist”.

The ruling classes and their media lapdogs like to infer that “populist” is the same as “racist”.

But what […]

Awww, spoilt brat Hillary didn’t get the Christmas present O’Bummer promised her!

Why are lefties so stupid, self-righteous, intolerant and loathsome?

One service the pundits and experts and commentators can very occasionally render, when they’re not too busy lying to us to influence how we think and vote, is to encapsulate in just a few words something many of us feel but haven’t been able to express clearly.

I found this at the weekend in these […]

Have they left America yet?

Lying lefty luvvies

These are apparently well-known celebs who have all vowed to leave America if Donald Trump was elected:

I recognise the fat (sorry, I meant ‘gravitationally-challenged‘) ‘woman of colour’ in the middle of the top row. But I don’t know who most of them are. However, I rather suspect none […]

Will the revolution against the elites spread?

A tale of two countries?

First, just my personal experience of the Trump victory. I’d guess that about 90% to 95% of those interviewed on the TV news programmes have been negative about Trump’s wonderful victory over the parasitic, sneering, contemptuous, failing elites. Every single vacuous, desperate-to-get-media-attention, multi-millionaire celeb has quickly jumped on the oh-so-fashionable […]

The polls weren’t wrong! They just lied!

So much total bollox will now be written and spoken on the media about Trump’s win over the bleating, holier-than-thou, progressive, liberal lefties, Mandelsonians, Guardianistas, Sturgeonites, Corbynistas and transgender freaks, that it would be risky for me to believe that an ignorant pleb like myself could add to the discussion.

Nevertheless, I will try to […]

Americanistan? Or Independence Day?

Watching the BBC news this morning you’d have thought the Queen and all her corgis had died. The long, lugubrious faces. The shock and horror as their favourite candidate, Corrupt Hillary Clinton, fell further and further behind Donald Trump. Their utter horror as, once again (Brexit), the dirty, ignorant, racist, bigotted, narrow-minded people – the […]

Who in their right mind would want to visit Paris?

With just over 18 million visitors a year Paris is (sorry, I meant “was”) the third most visited capital city in the world. That’s not surprising given the city’s many attractions:

But the last 12 months haven’t been so kind to the Froggy, especially the Parisian, tourist industry. Visitor numbers are down by at […]

Hey Americans! Do you really want to turn your once great country into Merkel’s Eurapia?

Here’s a message from someone who actually understands how Europe is committing cultural and civilisational suicide and who doesn’t want America to follow Eurapia’s path to civil war and hell.

Brigitte Gabriel is a Lebanese Christian, now living in America. Unlike our *sl*mophiliac rulers – especially Merkel and Clinton – Brigitte Gabriel has seen at […]