June 2024

Why are lefties so stupid, self-righteous, intolerant and loathsome?

One service the pundits and experts and commentators can very occasionally render, when they’re not too busy lying to us to influence how we think and vote, is to encapsulate in just a few words something many of us feel but haven’t been able to express clearly.

I found this at the weekend in these words: “the left has embraced identity politics rather than working class values”.

In Britain the Labour Party and in the US the Democrats have utterly lost touch with what should be their natural constituency: working class and lower-middle-class voters. The parties that once stood up for ordinary working families against the rich and powerful have become parties of fashionable fads and no longer represent the communities from which they once drew their traditional support:


The supposed ‘left’ doesn’t give a damn about the working classes any more. The progressive, liberal lefties are much more interested in “…isms” – racism, sexism, genderism, multiculturalism, transgenderism, ableism, ageism – and in supposed “issues” like the lie of Man-Made Global Warming, *sl*mophobia, gender equality, same-sex marriage and all that other self-regarding, me-me-me, infantile bollox.

Meanwhile the traditional Labour and Democrat voters want properly-protected borders, reduced crime, preservation of their communities and job security – all issues that are at odds with the lefties’ dream of a borderless, multicultural world.

Not only are Labour and the Democrats uninterested in their traditional supporters – the great mass of blue-collar workers and ‘white van man’ – but they actually view them with undisguised contempt. Crooked bribe-taking Hillary has famously described ordinary workers who supported Trump as a “basket of deplorables – “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic”; Gordon Brown inadvertently revealed his disgust at his own voters when he called a woman worried about immigration “bigoted” and Labour’s sweaty, fat-arsed fool Emily Thornberry ridiculed a home that dared display English flags above a parked white van:


Ordinary workers have found themselves with no one to speak for them at all. Established Left-wing politics have become an almost entirely bourgeois phenomenon – the preserve of the North London and the Washington supposedly progressive, liberal elites.

The repulsive crooked Hillary with her massive fortune and even more massive sense of entitlement imagined that Americans would vote for her because she was the embodiment all the fashionable “…isms” – the first female candidate (fighting sexism), the candidate who loved blacks and Hispanics (fighting racism), who believed in Global Warming (fighting climate scepticism), who hung out with shirtlifters (fighting homophobia) and supported same-sex marriages etc etc ad nauseam.

Fortunately for America, corrupt, multimillionaire Hillary was wrong.

It is this shift from representing class interests to representing fashionable issues which has made stupid lefties so intolerant. After all, with all the ‘important’ issues like sexism, climate change, single-sex marriage, discrimination, *sl*mophobia etc etc, when lefties believe that they and only they are right, then anyone who dares express a contrary opinion must be racist, sexist, homophobic, *sl*mophobic, xenophobic, bigoted, blah, blah ad nauseam.

And this is why lefties loathe freedom of speech and try to destroy the careers and lives of anyone who dares to disagree with them. They assume they are always right. Therefore anyone, who doesn’t bow down to their fashionable false new gods, must be wrong and therefore in some way evil.

In Britain and America today, disagreeing with a mouth-foaming, I’m-always-right, holier-than-thou, self-righteous lefty, their sycophantic mainstream media and their armies of Twittering a***holes can lead to career suicide. So the majority of people are careful with what they say.

And because lefties are “always right”, they are unable to accept the results of democratic elections when the results don’t go the way they expect and they start throwing their toys out of the pram – hence the attempts to block Brexit and the protests against Trump’s crushing electoral victory in America.

Hopefully, if the Brexit and Trump revolt against the lefty, progressive, self-serving, democracy-loathing, freedom-of-speech-hating elites spreads to other countries, we will once again be allowed to express our opinions and vote for people who actually represent our interests?

Oh happy day!

4 comments to Why are lefties so stupid, self-righteous, intolerant and loathsome?

  • NoMore

    Progressive indeed – they are really any and all of regressive/oppressive/suppressive/depressive/aggressive. These people should be hated and shunned.

    I noticed Hampstead’s pet Musl!m, the fragrant Tulip and Jack Droney (sic) are already piling on the melodrama about President Elect Trump’s proposed enhanced vetting of Musl!ms before they are allowed into the US. Dromey postulated a fictitious “proud Musl!m mum and dad” off to the US to their daughter’s wedding. Well Jack of course they should carefully vetted over and above other Brits – recent events have shown the followers of this pernicious ideology are not like us and do not think like us – who is to say they are not travelling to honour-kill their daughter as the groom is from the wrong sect or religion? Or to use the wedding as a front to carry out a terrorist atrocity?

  • zx80

    Leftists are by their nature bigoted, they have to be in order to ride roughshod over anyone elses opinions.
    Free speech isnt something they actually believe in despite their declarations to the contrary, why else squeal obsessively about being “offended” when someone disagrees with them?
    You have the right to think, say and do what we tell you, is the socialist/communist/trot/Marr-xist (pun intended) version of free speech, I just think they should go F*ck themselves with a garden fork for kicks….
    Even scammy scameron got in on the act by stating “We will not tolerate intolerance!”….eh? Isbt that erm, Intolerant then Loser Dave? Maybe he should have practiced being a bit more tolerant of intolerance amd tolerate the intolerable…where was I?
    Oh yeah, Free speech lefties.

    The thing about true free speech is that someone, somewhere, is always going to be offended by something and thats just too f*cking bad, deal with it instead of whining like one of your defective windmills.
    In a truly free society, not this parody version in the uk, itll always be the case that someone is offended by something you say or do and vice-versa but thats your and their right and should be defended at all costs.

    Now for something slightly the same, Enjoy!:

  • NoMore

    Speaking of Marr (if we really have to) he said of the Trump/Farage bling elevator shot: Farage was “gurning” at the camera – he hastily corrected it to “grinning” but I didn’t miss his nasty lefty sneer on his so-called impartial politics show.

  • pip

    oh a breath of fresh air …… at last

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