June 2024

The polls weren’t wrong! They just lied!

So much total bollox will now be written and spoken on the media about Trump’s win over the bleating, holier-than-thou, progressive, liberal lefties, Mandelsonians, Guardianistas, Sturgeonites, Corbynistas and transgender freaks, that it would be risky for me to believe that an ignorant pleb like myself could add to the discussion.

Nevertheless, I will try to make a few points that the mainstream media and pundits and experts and other parasitical elitist scum wouldn’t dare mention.

The polls weren’t wrong! They just lied!

With Brexit and Trump we had the same story. Right up till the results were finalised, all the main polls predicted things would go the way the establishment elites wanted. Coincidence? No! I believe that this was because the pollsters deliberately falsified their results to pressure us ignorant, unwashed plebs into voting the way they wanted us to vote.

Am I just a crazed conspiracy theorist? Or do I have any evidence? Here’s some evidence. In Britain, several hedge fund and big banks knew the polls were biased garbage and so ran their own private polls. These told them that Brexit would win. One hedge fund even made over £200m in one day just from having accurate, rather than biased, poll results.

In the USA, the Clinton campaign arranged with the US coastguard for a massive fireworks show over the Hudson River to celebrate Crooked Hillary’s victory. Two days before the election, the fireworks show was cancelled. Why? Because they couldn’t find a box of matches? Or because they actually knew from their private polling that the loathed Clinton probably wouldn’t win?

Trump’s win will save Western civilisation

This is the story nobody will dare talk or write about. Trump knows what all my readers know – Russia is our friend and the Religion of Peace is our enemy. And while Obama and Merkel and Hollande and all the other Western European leaders grovel to the invading Religion of Peace armies while desperately trying to demonise Putin, Trump will cut a deal with Putin. Then Trump and Putin will lead the fightback against the bearded, West-hating, freedom-hating, civilisation-hating, violent, medieval crazies.

Slandering of Trump voters will intensify

Just as with Brexit, the mainstream media will work itself into a mouth-foaming frenzy of abuse aimed at those who dared to defy our rulers’ instructions on how they should vote. We will be repeatedly told that Trump’s supporters were all ignorant, uneducated, older, working-class white men. But hold on a minute. About 45% of female voters supported Trump. And around 29% (almost one in three) Asian and Hispanic voters supported Trump. So, don’t believe the “it was just ignorant, older white men”  lies.

Project Fear will be ramped up

The mainstream media seem to be having multiple orgasms about the supposed ‘dangers’ of a Trump presidency. One article claimed “Trump’s win will cause global economic ruin”,  another wrote “Trump has destroyed democracy” and one  lying idiot even penned an article “Will Trump start World War III?” Um, I may be wrong, but I got the impression that Trump wants to rebuild America’s shattered economy, that Trump was democratically elected even though all the media and big money was rallied against him and that it was Obama, Kerry and Clinton who have been  frantically trying to provoke a totally unnecessary conflict with Russia while Trump wants a rapprochement with Russia. How do some journalists manage to sleep at night? It’s incredible how low they will sink and the lies they will tell to get their salaries to pay their mortgages and children’s private-school fees.

How does Lady Gina Miller feel today?

We all know that Guyanan-born former model (nudge nudge wink wink) who married multimillionaire financier Alan Miller felt physically sick when she heard the Brexit result. So, how will this (IMHO) arrogant, privileged, parasitical, UK-hating bitch be feeling about Trump’s triumph? Will she give very rich hubby Alan a mind-busting blow job so he forks out the cash for her to challenge the US election results in court? Come on Gina, get some more free PR for your manky investment company. Get onto TV and tell us how someone as important as yourself feels about ordinary Americans’ victory over the greedy, self-serving elites.

Don’t laugh

And finally, here are some rather disappointed, know-it-all, self-righteous lefties blubbing away at their beloved Crooked Hillary’s defeat. Please don’t laugh at their distress:

6 comments to The polls weren’t wrong! They just lied!

  • Andrew Eaves

    Excellent summary David and just shows reaction & comment from the establishments as the ordinary sensible people fight back at the social engineering model which clearly is well past its sell by date, and hopefully now some sensible actions will result to stabilise western culture and deal with the invading army of western loathing ROPers.
    Just wish we could have Farage as PM in the UK instead of turn coat May. And I wonder how the MP’s feel now on there ban on Trump visiting the UK!!!

  • NoMore

    I ought to have more of a sore head this morning after drinking long and deep of the Guardianista tears (and maybe a little wine.)

    Next big item to come up on the Deplorables 2016 calendar is the much delayed election of the Austrian President (electoral fraud by the establishment, dodgy glue and so on) on 4th Dec. Hofer v the Dhimmi fools. Please let it be a trifecta!

  • zx80

    No Mr C, you are not a crazed conspiracy theorist, youve eloquently put into words what many of us were thinking long ago.
    Youre 100% correct regarding the media lying and the polsters attemtpting to sway voters, just the way they all did during the Brexit “F*ck EU!” vote.
    Its subtle but the undercurrent is there, the leftist scum narrative seeps through in every report like diahorrea.
    For example sky news was reporting (I use the term in its broadest possible sense) how trump voters were largely white, older and ill educated! Oh yes folks everyone who voted for Trumpy was a Thick, racist decrepid Moron…
    Poorly disguised racism and jibes from they who know better and who are always right even when theyre wrong.
    The way they approach the news these days isnt to report it in full to the best of their abilities, quite the opposite, they want to MAKE the news and deliver it with that pious attitude displayed by the Pope when he called Trump unchristian for wanting to build a wall to keep out illegals whilst all the time having one of the biggest f*cking walls ever built surrounding himself in the pedophile club of rome, the vatican.

    I also wondered how Mizzzzzz Miller was feeling today.
    I do hope she hasnt been sicky poos again, thatd be unfortunate but would cheer me immensely.

    When I fell out the pit yesterday at 5am and saw the flanks of wailing, blubbing faces of the clinton visage-arse interface club, gurgling and bleating it made all the coverage of the whole election campaign worth it, theres nothing quite like a lefty who didnt get what they wanted for Christmas.
    And as with the Brexit vote, swathes of them have taken to the streets to clamour for a rerun, despite them accepting the terms of voting in the first place, fundamentally, acceptance of the F*cking Results!!!

    Personally, I look forward to many more lefty tears and stamping of ikkle leftist tootsies on the ground. Waaaaaah!
    Its a beautiful day.

  • zx80

    Just wondering why the left have such a distate for the idea of Trump building a wall to reinforce the border with Mexico and keep out illegals?

    Since theres already a fence there, built by Bazza, how come they never protested that action?
    Do these people have doors on their houses then?
    Why? To erm keep out undesirables perhaps?
    The answer is simple Hypocrisy.

    The other aspect to this is the fact that an illegal immigrant is selfishly taking up space, jobs and resources that could be taken up by legal immigrant, who could be of benefit to the country, yet the psychopathic, pollyanna progressives just dont seem to be able to grasp the unfairness of such a situation.

    Im firmly of the opinion that holding left wing views is a manifestation of mental illness, it certainly defies rational thinking and would defeat Mr Spocks logic even.

  • brian rodney harwood

    The choice of music on the video could not be bettered –


    by Aaron Copland

  • Roy Hartwell

    Most interesting interview I heard ?…….It was with a Hispanic who had voted Trump. The astonished (BBC) reporter obviously asked why and the reply…..He had entered the US legally, worked his butt off for eight years to get a roof over his and his families heads, paid taxes, spent five years gaining US citizenship and was mightily p***ed off with all the illegals coming in, undercutting him for his work and receiving handouts and probably easy citizenship. Says it all !!

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