June 2016
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British girl raped by 100 “Asian” men! Ah, the joys of multi-culturalism!

As we move into the last days before the EU In/Out referendum, here’s a delightful story of multi-culturalism from a local Bradford newspaper that you’re unlikely to see in the national mainstream media. It’s about how an underage British girl was repeatedly raped and sodomised by around 100 “Asian” men. I think we all know […]

Nobody is drunker than Juncker

Here’s a very short (1 minute) video from a recent EU conference. In it, Angela Merkel’s glove puppet, EU Commission President Jean Claude Juncker, is clearly pissed out of his tiny mind as he dances, bitch-slaps other EU leaders and fools around while also telling the Hungarian PM (the guy who doesn’t want his country […]

Why are English estate agents, surveyors and solicitors such useless, greedy, lying scum?

In England

When I returned to the UK about 10 years ago, I bought a home. Immediately after the purchase, I found that the surveyor, who was supposed to be working for me, had deliberately covered up some faults with the property. I threatened to sue him and he quickly handed over £2,500. Moreover, the […]

Lying establishment stooges’ lying pro-EU lies

Over the last couple of days, you probably received a leaflet from the Remainians campaign in which nine wealthy establishment stooges tell us why we pig-ignorant, servile plebs must vote to stay in the corrupt, undemocratic, German-run European Union which they all love so much.

Here are the nine with their lies and my brief […]

Bloody Ramadan!!!!

What’s the most important Christian festival? Probably Christmas, celebrating the birth of Christ. And what happens at Christmas? Christians get together with their families, shop a lot, eat a lot and pray for peace on Earth and goodwill to all men (and women and LBGT of course).

What’s the most important Religion of Peace (RoP) […]

What do you do for fun?

Here are some of the things I (and many other people in the civilised West) consider enjoyable:


And here are some of the things that our friends from the Religion of Tolerance and Peace seem to enjoy most:


Not only should we not be sharing the same […]

Orlando shooting “nothing to do with religion!” Pope “nothing to do with Catholicism!” Bears “nothing to do with woods!”

Here we go again. An American M*sl*m who openly declared sympathy with ISIL, regularly attended his local mosque and was twice interviewed by the FBI about his radical views shoots over 50 people at a gay nightclub.

The reaction of our rulers – “the man was mad, the man hated gays etc etc”. But the […]

Russia is our enemy! Islam is our friend!

(weekend blog) Readers are probably familiar with George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four in which the population was kept permanently cowed and under control by the constant wars between the three superstates – Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia.

As we move towards the 23 June EU In/Out referendum, one warning we are being given by the Remainians is […]

Europe will be one country. Here’s the plan

Here’s the EU’s plan for making the 19 Eurozone countries into one single state ruled by corrupt puppets in Brussels controlled by Germany:

As usual, the EU’s solution to any problem is “More Europe, more Europe and even more Europe”.

There are only 24 pages of utter tripe. But I stopped reading after this […]

Let them kill all the Christians! We don’t care!

In the 5-year period from 2009 to 2013, an astonishing 680,000 migrants from M*sl*m countries were given Green Cards to move to the USA.

Of course, we all know that Christians are brutally persecuted in M*sl*m countries:

So perhaps some of these migrants were Christians fleeing M*sl*m persecution. Um. Actually, not really.