Granny/Grandad, hurry up and die so we can pay for more M*sl*ms

Here’s an odd coincidence. There are probably around 4 million people in Britain over the age of 75 and about 4 million M*sl*ms.

Many of those over 75 will have worked and paid taxes most of their lives. Some will have fought against our German friends to preserve Britain as an independent country. But sadly, […]

“Feelings are the new truth and truth is the new blasphemy”

An interesting event in tiny Denmark. Just like in Britain, the opinion polls failed to predict an election victory by centrist parties who actually dare to be against mass immigration and the *sl*misation of Europe.

Why did the opinion polls fail yet again? Because we’ve all been so cowed by the politically correct in the […]

Britain richer, most Brits poorer

Yesterday Osborne was crowing over the fact that 43,000 more people found jobs last month as the economy continues to grow. And looking at the economic devastation crushing socialist Southern Europe, we should be very glad indeed that the British electorate stepped back from the brink of disaster last month and rejected mad Ed MiniBrand’s […]

Housing – giving to the ‘haves’, taking from the ‘have nots’

One underlying theme of my books like SQUANDERED, FLEECED, PILLAGED and GREED UNLIMITED is that, whatever our governments (of whichever party) say, what we’ve actually had in Britain over the last 30 years has been a massive redistribution of wealth away from from those on lower and middle-range earnings and into the bank accounts of […]

Are M*sl*ms always bad news?

Officially there are around 2.8 million M*sl*ms in Britain making up 4.4% of the population. So, taking account of illegal immigrants and the fact that several hundred thousand ‘Dutch’ Somalis may have moved here because benefits in the UK are much better than in the Netherlands, there are probably at least 3.5 million. But that’s […]

NSPCC charity bosses and bureaucrats need your money! So please be generous and give give give!

The charity NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) is running a TV campaign asking for money. I wasn’t paying attention yesterday evening, but as far as remember, they were requesting people send a text donating ‘just £3’ each to help the charity with all the wonderful things it does.

But before […]

Hey lefties! Here’s an idea: “You want them here, you pay for them!”

Here they come. The hordes from the worst hell-holes of Africa and the Middle East. They’ve destroyed their own countries through their stupidity, ignorance, laziness, tribalism and religious bigotry and now they’re heading for Europe so they can destroy our countries too:

How many will come? Maybe 500,000 this year? Maybe a […]

Message from your boss “You lot need to work harder, so us lot can get even more money!”

Just continuing yesterday’s theme about how the recession has led to probably the greatest shift in money from the poor to the rich in British history.

Figures have just come out showing that the ratio of the pay of the bosses of Britain’s top 100 companies to the pay of their average employee has reached […]

The rich have had a wonderful recession. How about you?

I don’t know how the recession has affected you. It could be negatively. You might have lost your job or else know people who have. You might have seen prices rise much faster than your earnings. You might have found you get little to no interest on your savings. You, or people you know, may […]

Are Cameron and Osborne laughing at our stupidity?

Here’s our great leader, multi-millionaire David Cameron, with his best chum, our great chancellor George Osborne, heir to the Osborne baronetcy of Ballentaylor in County Tipperary and Ballylemon in County Waterford:

They seem to be very happy men. Well, so would you and I be if we, like them, had been born […]