January 2014
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Happy 30th birthday FTSE100! But is it happy for us savers?

The FTSE100 Index was launched in January 1984 at a base level of 1,000. It replaced the previous main measure of UK shares – the FTSE30. You may not hold shares directly, you may not even have any of your savings in things like unit trusts, investment trusts or ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds). But if […]

What really affects the Earth’s climate? The Sun? Or cars and cow farts?

My thanks to a reader for pointing out yet more obvious reasons why Global Warming or Climate Change or whatever it’s called his week is a scam – “If the Sun was a goldfish bowl and the Earth a marble, the Earth would fit inside the Sun 1.3 million times. So we are a stone’s […]

Management consultancy – how it really works

First you get a few junior management consultants with egos that are much greater than their knowledge or abilities:

Then you add in a consultancy partner/director who could sell sand in the Sahara:

Then you sell the client a reasonably-sized consulting project which might “only” cost the client say […]

The European Parliament is a joke – a very bad joke

After writing about the EU for two days, I was going to change the subject today. But then a reader kindly sent me these photos of the European Parliament “hard at work”.

Here are a few photos showing our busy MEPs (click on pictures to see more clearly)

And here are a […]

How our masters misuse words to deceive us. The EU is NOT a “club”.

When I worked selling management consultancy projects, we were very careful about the words we used with our clients. We would class key words into three main groups – power-selling words, neutral words and sales suffocators. For example, when flogging a million-pound project, we tended to avoid the neutral word “project” and would instead call […]

“Do you want Britain to continue to exist as an independent country?”

There has been much heat and noise about the supposed EU Referendum that honest, trustworthy, reliable David Cameron (shouldn’t that be “slippery, lying, vacuous?” Ed) has promised for 2017, two years after he loses the 2015 General Election.

I think most people know we won’t ever get an EU Referendum. Already the europhiliacs in the […]

Can anyone out there help me find a title for my next book?

I have a new book coming out in about 4 weeks. It exposes more than 100 tricks and traps that people like estate agents, car salespeople, financial services, marketers, on-liners, cold-callers and many others use to sell things to us and it also examines the psychological processes sellers use to convince us to buy what […]

This is how the “jet ski scam” works

I’ve written about this before, but yesterday I learnt a bit more about how the jet ski rental scam works

I was down at the main beach shooting the breeze with a couple of expats and in just a couple of hours we saw three groups of tourists lose a considerable amount of money […]

On the 9th day, God made a liberal

Here’s a quite amusing short (2 minutes) YouTube video from the USA called “God made a liberal”.

In the USA, the word “liberal” applies to anyone who believes in Global Warming, tax and spend, welfare for everyone, immigration is good for you, big government is good for you etc. So in Britain, that would […]

A theocracy cannot be a democracy, but will always become an oppressive kleptocracy

Today some pub-level political philosophising. But given that our leaders and the mainstream media seem unable to grasp what I’ll be discussing, it may still be worth writing this post.

About 500 years ago, most European countries were to some extent theocracies – they were governed by a monarch and the Catholic Church. When a […]