August 2013
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Buying or selling a home – can you trust your lawyer or surveyor?

Over the last 2 days, I’ve written about the most common ways estate agents fleece both sellers and buyers. It’s my understanding that most estate agents get a miserably low salary (about £12,000 a year?) and can only make a reasonable living from boosting their commission. That’s why they need to do things like signing […]

Corrupt communist Barroso finally gets his revenge on Britain

The utterly corrupt Portuguese communist Jose Manuel Barroso and the other unelected corrupt eurocrats who run the EU really loathe Britain. They need us in the EU, because we are stupid enough to pay around £20bn a year to the EU mainly to be handed out to French farmers and bankrupt, corrupt Club Med basket-case […]

Are the Muslim Brotherhood really jolly good chaps like the Islamophiliacs at the BBC suggest?

Most news reports from Egypt, especially those from the Islamophiliac BBC, seem to suggest that the Muslim Brotherhood are really quite nice, tolerant, innocent, democratic, peace-loving people who are being slaughtered by the villainous Egyptian police and army.

So, here are just a few stories the British press have chosen not to report as […]

There’s no financial crisis – for Britain’s bosses! But for the rest of us – things are grim

The Government and the Tory press are trumpeting their fairy tale that Britain’s economy is on the mend and we’re all going to be rich and happy.

That’s certainly true for Britain’s bosses. Even as the performance of the companies they head up has faltered, their remuneration has ballooned (click to see clearly)

But […]

If you try this “Immigration Quiz” – you might feel like leaving Britain

Our leaders tell us that we shouldn’t be worried about a rise in immigration from Romania and Bulgaria. They also say they can’t estimate how many Romanians and Bulgarians will come here. Perhaps today’s little quiz will help give some idea of the likely tsunami of East Europeans about to swamp our country.

A: In […]

Why you should never buy property in a bankrupt Club Med country

Last week, the Sunday Times reported that Brits were rushing to buy cheap properties around the Mediterranean to take advantage of plummeting property prices in Club Med countries. But is it really such a great idea to buy in a bankrupt Club Med country?

You’ve probably seen stories about Brits buying houses in corrupt, bankrupt […]

Test your knowledge with our ‘Global Warming Hoax’ quiz

Here it is – the ‘Global Warming Hoax’ quiz.

1. 16 years ago, we were told by the Warmists that the earth’s temperature would rise by 0.5 degrees by now. How much has it actually risen?

A: 1.25 degrees B: 0.5 degrees C: 0 degrees

2. In 1999, Al Gore U.S. Vice President and […]

Why do our leaders let the water companies rip us off again and again and again?

Here’s the latest scam by one of our predatory water companies. Thames Water wants to impose a “one-off” price rise of about 12% (£29) on its 14 million customers giving Thames another lovely £406m a year of our money. Why this special extra charge? Because Thames already charges so much, that many customers can’t afford […]

How would Nelson have fought at Trafalgar in today’s politically-correct world?

I’ll take a break from the serious stuff today. I found this floating around the Internet. It’s mildly amusing.

The Battle of Trafalgar (re-written for our politically-correct world)

Nelson: “Order the signal, Hardy”

Hardy: “Aye, aye sir”

Nelson: “Hold on, that’s not what I dictated to the signal officer. What’s the meaning of this?”


Perhaps lardy lefty “hypocritical, Islamophiliac” Stephen Fry should shut up for the first time in his life?

Britain’s favourite Mandelsonian, the corpulent know-it-all Stephen Fry has bravely struck a blow for the oppressed. Apparently Russia has passed a law which lardy Stephen Fry thinks is discriminatory against gay people. So, mustering all his rubbery courage, our national icon the great Stephen Fry has written to the PM and someone else demanding no […]