November 2012
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Message to the troops from their multimillionaire military chiefs “screw you, stupid suckers”

As our military bosses start giving their troops their marching orders (P45s), it might be worth comparing the prospects of ordinary service personnel and their multimillionaire leaders.

Over the last 20 or so years, as the number of ordinary troops has declined, the number of officers has increased. The ratio of officers to lower ranks […]

Why do our corrupt leaders want to get us stuck in yet another unwinnable war?

Hopefully, most people have realised that all our major institutions are thoroughly corrupt. Our MPs are just a bunch of lying, expenses-thieving scum. The Lords have recently changed their expenses system to SOSO (Sign On Sod Off) so they can steal our money without ‘breaking the rules’. The NHS is wasting over £1bn giving top […]

In 29 months, Balls will be back in Downing Street – and he’ll have to clean up his own sh-t

There are only about 29 months to go before a triumphant Ed Balls returns to Downing Street as our next Chancellor. Now you might say he’s not actually returning as he wasn’t Chancellor when Labour tried to bankrupt Britain. But remember, liar Brown was just physically and intellectually a one-eyed Scottish historian who has probably […]

The Zimbabwification of Britain: Could someone please buy my latest book?

Don’t try this at home, but they say that if you put a frog (the animal not a Frenchman) into a pan of cool water and then slowly heat the water, the warming will be so gradual that the frog will allow itself to be cooked to death. Similarly people don’t seem to notice gradual […]

When you rob Peter to pay Paul, Paul will always vote for you

As the Tories try to cut back on Britain’s benefits culture, the usual handwringing brigade are spouting off about the Government’s cruelty to the poor. Of course, we should feel sympathy for those who through no fault of their own lost their jobs since the 2007 crash. But the handwringers never mention what happened before […]

“Evil little runt” Bercow helps our corrupt MPs steal even more of our money

The (IMHO) evil, self-serving, amoral, greedy, little runt Speaker John Bercow seems to be doing his best to help our rapacious, corrupt MPs steal even more of our money with his attempts to neuter the body that is meant to oversee MPs’ expenses claims.

IPSA (Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority) was set up after the MPs’ […]

“Obedient” judges required for Britain’s increasing number of inquiries/cover-ups

Lord Hutton, where are you? As our corrupt government and corrupt, self-serving institutions set up ever more inquiries led by eminent judges to prove that our corrupt, wasteful, self-serving bureaucrats are as clean as fresh snow, our country urgently needs people with the skills of Lord Hutton.

Remember Hutton? It was he who (implausibly in […]

“Heart me empty, no hab you” and other messages of love from Thailand

Yesterday, I wrote about the need for Thai bargirls, barboys and ladyboys to keep a constant stream of money flowing from their farang menfriends. One way to ensure the money keeps coming is to send a stream of SMSs and emails professing undying love.

Unfortunately, many Thai sex workers will have limited command of foreign […]

“Buffalo he sick” and other Thai bargirl stories

A major industry in Thailand is extracting money from foreign (Farang) tourists. The main people involved in this sector of the Thai economy are, of course, bargirls, barboys and ladyboys. The process for making Farang considerably poorer seems to have three main stages.

First and most obviously money is made by providing sexual services for […]

It’s obvious – it’s time to scrap Corporation Tax

As the head of the Public Accounts Committee MP Margaret Hodge prepares to question Britain’s most prolific tax-avoiding companies, we find out that her family company doesn’t pay Corporation Tax either. You couldn’t make it up.

So, as our useless governments are exposed as having helped our largest companies avoid paying tax while squeezing the […]