November 2012
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Great entertainment from our beloved BBC

The BBC has been under a lot of criticism for wasting the license fee on rubbish such as pretty much everything broadcast by the pointless and expensive BBC3. But over the last few weeks the shenanigans at Newsnight have kept the country thoroughly entertained. First the BBC is shown to have covered up the antics […]

Don’t get ripped off by financial services insiders

I’m now in an Internet cafe surrounded by beautiful Thai girls and a couple of Thai boys all chatting online with their foreign “men-friends”. Most girls (and boys) will have several men-friends all sending them money because “you no send money, me hab work bar”. One girl has a book, which sells quite well here, […]

Is it only suckers and fools who put their money in shares, unit trusts and pensions?

On Tuesday I went to a talk by one of Britain’s leading economists John Kay, author of a book about investing – The long and short of it. Kay had recently completed a study for the Government on the working of stock markets. A key conclusion was that originally stock markets were one of the […]

Barclays are dishonest, corrupt, greedy thieves – do not give them your money

Last night I was at a talk in London given by one of Britain’s leading economists – but more of that tomorrow. Before the talk, I had the misfortune to meet and chat with two people who worked for Barclays Wealth. That’s the part of Barclays which “looks after” the money of customers with over […]

Only a fool would believe their pension projections

Personal finance journalists are all excited by the FSA’s decision to force pension companies to lower the projections they make for pension savers. Up till April 2014, pension companies will be able to use three growth rates for making projections about customers’ pension savings – Low 5%: Medium 7%: High 9%. Like all projections made […]

Two free lessons in basic economics for deficit-denying Edward Balls

As the repulsive Edward Balls prepares to take over as Chancellor in 30 months time, I’m happy to offer him two free lessons in basic economics as he doesn’t seem to have the slightest understanding of the subject. Though perhaps it’s not surprising Balls knows so little. The only “proper” job he’s had was as […]

Australians having a good laugh at Europe’s and Britain’s debt crisis

As our lying, incompetent political leaders blunder and bluster, pretending that they are in control of events, it’s maybe necessary to take a step back and view Europe’s and Britain’s totally hopeless situation from a new perspective.

Below is a link to a comedy sketch from Australian TV where the participants wonder how countries that […]

Buy-to-let investors – providing homes? Or profiteers and parasites? And beware Ed Balls.

As I’ve been blacklisted from ever working again as a consultant, I have plenty of time for the joys of daytime TV. One programme I watch while on my cross-trainer each morning is the BBC’s Homes Under The Hammer which features people buying homes at auction, usually to do up for the buy-to-let market. With […]

Who are the most repulsive men in Britain?

By far the most repulsive man in Britain must be Ed Balls. At no time has he ever accepted that he and the useless, financially-incontinent liar Brown were responsible for bankrupting Britain by wasting over £1.5trn of our money. Every PM’s Question Time, Balls sits smirking and grinning with self-satisfaction as he and his equally […]

Angela Knight and Baroness Ashton – two of the most repulsive women in Britain today?

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the repulsive (IMHO) Angela Knight, formerly of the British Bankers Association and now defending our rip-off energy companies. One of my (disappointingly few) readers contacted me with his opinion which I rather liked for its colourful language:

“I agree wholeheartedly with your comments about the odious Ms […]