February 2011
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Let’s send Tony ‘peacemaker’ Blair to Libya

Why don’t we send Tony “The Liar” Blair to Libya? (preferably with a one-way ticket). After all, Tony is the world’s Middle East Peace Envoy. Plus he’s a great mate of Gadaffi. So who better to negotiate a peaceful resolution to the bloody crisis in Libya? Come on Tony, we’ll give you a couple of […]

Will Harry wear his Nazi uniform to the wedding?

I haven’t received my invitation yet to The Wedding that I’m going to end up paying for. Perhaps the invitation is still in the post. But I noticed in the newspaper that “the dress code is uniform, morning dress or lounge suit”. That means Harry will be able to wear his favourite uniform – that […]

Which bunch of crooks will rule Ireland?

I’m reading Fintan O’Toole’s Ship Of Fools which describes the corruption, greed, stupidity and general venality of the small ruling elite of politicians, businessmen and bankers who ruined Ireland, but danced away from the wreckage with tens of millions in their own brimming bank accounts. When Charles Haughey died, he apparently had saved up about […]

Another monster lie from CapGemini?

According to an article in today’s Telegraph, an employee of French IT consulting firm CapGemini has photographed a monster in Lake Windemere – “It was taken on a camera phone by Tom Pickles, 24, while kayaking on the lake as part of a team building exercise with his IT company, CapGemini, last Friday.” I worked […]

Why only 24 of our 646 £200,000 a year MPs are honest

Laughably about 300 of our thieving MPs have just signed a complaint claiming that the way their expenses are being scrutinised “casts aspersions on their integrity”, What integrity, most people would probably ask. The huge majority of our MPs are lying, thieving, self-serving, arrogant scum. How do I know? Well, just before the expenses scandal […]

How the NHS kills 100 people a day

Looking at the newspapers recently, it seems that journalists are finally realising that New Labour doubling the NHS budget from £45bn to over £105bn a year hasn’t given us a better health service. I have a copy of a little-known NHS internal report which estimates that around 34,000 people a year die unnecessarily in NHS […]

Time to close the biased BBC? And give our money to C4?

Last night’s TV exposed how biased the BBC has become. There were two documentaries about Islam. The one on BBC2 was a hatchet job of Dutch politician Geert Wilders where the presenter did everything possible to discredit the programme’s target. The title was Geert Wilders – Europe’s most dangerous man? Had the programme been unbiased, […]

Big society rip-off by Cameron and his chums

Our lying PM David “we’re all in this together” Cameron is mouthing off again about his supposed ‘Big Society’ big idea. But it’s more like a big rip-off of society by Cameron and his mates. Firstly he stuffs the House of Lords with a bunch of his cronies so they can steal taxpayers’ money for […]

We’re winning in Afghanistan! Hooray!

Of course, we’re not. Yet every year for the last 10 years our lying political leaders claim we’re just about to defeat the Taliban. This war has now gone on for longer than the First and Second World Wars put together. And what progress has been made? None. So, some unpleasant truths. 1. Our soldiers […]

Wild celebrations in Iran as Mubarak goes

The politically-biased BBC and Egypt aren’t the only places they’ll be celebrating Mubarak’s departure. In Iran, the mad mullahs must be thinking it’s Christmas (or their equivalent). Now they have chance to replace Egypt’s peaceful Western orientated government with a hardline, intolerant religiously-fanatic regime dedicated to the destruction of Israel and the free West. And, […]