January 2021
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Big society rip-off by Cameron and his chums

Our lying PM David “we’re all in this together” Cameron is mouthing off again about his supposed ‘Big Society’ big idea. But it’s more like a big rip-off of society by Cameron and his mates. Firstly he stuffs the House of Lords with a bunch of his cronies so they can steal taxpayers’ money for the rest of their lives, Then he allows a relaxation of the expenses rules in the Commons and the Lords so our leaders can steal even more of our money. Plus he attacks the organisation which is trying to reduce the amount of our money our MPs steal. Then he fails to prosecute Fred Goodwin and other bankers for fraud, obtaining money by deception, false accounting amongst other things. Then he allows record bonuses to be paid to Civil Service bosses. He also slips an extra £1.4m into the pension fund of that useless, sycophantic idiot Mervyn King. Plus he goes along with Boris ‘Bonkers’ Johnson’s £10bn billion Olympics catastrophe which should only have cost us £2.3bn.

In fact, while the rest of us face job losses and financial difficulties as prices shoot up and our savings are decimated, while our public services are cut and frontline workers lose their jobs, our rulers have never had it so good. But I assume Liar Cameron has learned from liar and war criminal  Blair how lying scumbags can get away with anything.

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