May 2010
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Congratulations to Cameron and Clegg

While the cynics and the press bay with triumph each time they find that Cameron or Clegg has compromised on an election promise, perhaps we should be congratulating Cameron and Clegg for moving so fast to set up a government, publish its policies and get on with saving Britain from Gordon’s bankruptcy.

Of course the […]

The Golden Fleece

You used to have to travel to Greece to give your money to our Greek cousins. But now, thanks to Merkel’s and Sarkozy’s generosity with our taxes, hundreds of billions will pour into the pockets of corrupt Greek politicians and their businessmen friends, mostly ending up in Swiss bank accounts. As Greece is bankrupt and […]

Lady Mandelscum will be back

Probably one of the only bright spots of the recent election was Lady Mandelscum’s failure to put together a LibDem/Labour coalition that would have kept him in power as the country’s real PM.

Unfortunately, Lady Mandelscum will be plotting his return to power and within a few years (probably helped by creature Campbell) he will […]

Tories should stand back and watch the carnage

The Tories should take a deep breath, stand back and let Mandelson and Clegg do their dirty deal. The pound will go into freefall, our debt will spiral out of control and following a vote of no confidence in the Mandelson/Clegg/SNP/etc rabble, the Tories will sweep into power at the next (autumn 2010) election supported […]

Clegg gets into bed with Mandelson

Schoolboy Clegg shows what he’s made of – a spineless creature with the moral values of a turd – as he does exactly what Lady Mandelson and Alistair Campbell tell him.

I don’t remember anyone voting for Lady Mandelson and Bully-Boy Campbell yet they’re running the country once again. LibDems should hang their heads in […]

Squatter has agreed to leave Downing Street

The whole country will breathe a sigh of relief as the brooding, lying. bullying, incompetent sociopath who has been illegally occupying 10 Downing Street has agreed to leave.

Liar Brown was Britain’s worst ever Chancellor and before becoming Britain’s worst ever Prime Minister. The crowds will be cheering when this vile creature goes back to […]

Merkel is a liar, Sarkozy is a liar

Merkel and Sarkozy are brazenly fleecing Europe’s taxpayers to prop up their corrupt, wasteful EU empire. Do the simple maths and you’ll see that Greece can never pay back the massive ‘loan’ it’s been given. Merkel and Sarkozy call it a ‘loan’ so they can get the rescue package through their parliaments. They both know […]

Labour must be laughing

How they must be laughing at Labour HQ. Whatever happens, they can’t lose. If the Tory/LibDem pact goes ahead, Labour MPs can sit comfortably in opposition, cheating on their expenses and letting the Tory/LibDems take the blame for sorting out the financial catastrophe cause by Gordon Brown’s economic incompetence. Then next election, Labour can waltz […]

Congratulations to the Russians

Congratulations to the Russian special forces who freed a ship from Somali pirates. Unfortunately they only killed one of them, they should have shot them all on the spot.

As for our useless, politically-correct Royal Navy – they would never have risked such an operation. After all, they might have got their uniforms creased or […]

Get rid of Balls and Bercow

Whatever voters decide on May 6, there is one absolute priority – vote to get rid of the money-grabbing, self-interested, arrogant Ed Balls and John Bercow. The country would be a much better place if those two were given their P45s